UPDATES: Expanded Notes from Argentina on the Natacha Jaitt TV Interview on Gustavo Vera and Antipope Bergoglio’s Pedophile Ring

[Folks, this is for AGGRESSIVE DISTRIBUTION, expansion, whatever.  And there is more to come.  All notes below are from an Argentine reader and source.  How sick is it that Antipope Bergoglio’s intimate involvement with a pedophile trafficking ring is openly discussed on television in Argentina, but it is ONLY being reported in the Anglosphere, as far as I can tell, HERE.  Let’s change that, shall we?  This now explains why Antipope Bergoglio in five years has not once returned to his native land, doesn’t it?  Continue to watch this space.  More to come soon. I have a whole ‘nother document of notes in queue.  Please also remember this Argentine source in your prayers.  May God reward them for their work here. -Ann]

Jaitt’s main points:
Gustavo Vera is the first man she was tasked to investigate, she followed him for a year and has ample video evidence (both of him and interviews of prostitutes) that prove his pedophilia, rape of prostitutes, and management of brothels. She speaks about a time where she definitely saw him with a 17 year old boy. He uses his organization to target the weak, poor children who no one will listen to or care about. These children are made to perform sex acts for others in exchange for money. The clients of this network include journalists, celebrities, and politicians. Those who have spoken out against Vera end up retracting their statements, due to being intimidated (probably by Francis’ “security guards” see my other document). I’m also pretty sure she said that Gustavo Vera films people secretly that use his brothels but it was at one of the (many) moments where everyone was screaming over each other. She also says that Francis saves Vera, but then went on to talk about other priests Francis has helped out, which I detail in the other doc. I’m still looking into the Vera + Bergoglio stuff, there is so much to sift through!

Similarly, the soccer leagues in Argentina are essentially pedophilia + prostitution networks. The poorer boys are forced to perform sex acts in order to make the team (instead of normal try outs) and then they must continue to prostitute themselves in order to remain on the team. The handlers charge clients 200 pence for oral “sex”, and 1000 for anal (ew!). Many of these boys end up getting HIV. Boys as young as 12 years old are being forced into this.

Other people she refers to as pedos/abusers: Julio Grassi (priest aided by Bergolio), Raul Pardo (priest aided by Bergoglio), Leonardo Cohen Arazi (PR officer of the Independent soccer league), Francisco Delgado (reality TV star), Brian Lanzelotta (celebrity/musician), Martin Bustos (referee), Carlos Pagni , Oscar González Oro, Alejandro Fantino (all journalists), and comedian Enrique Pinti. Also a producer named Liliana, the only female mentioned directly.
She seemed to connect the soccer network to what Vera was doing but I’m not sure if she meant to or how exactly they’re related.

She spent her time speaking directly with adult prostitutes, young children forced into sex slavery, that are part of the soccer network. And she also gleaned a lot by working as a prostitute herself, she knows first hand how afraid and hopeless the poor sex workers/slaves feel. She brought lots of notes with her but was prevented from reading everything. She says she has more and video recordings too.

Everyone else was arguing with her and trying their hardest to prevent her from saying these things. They cut her off repeatedly, interjected countless times to defend Vera and Bergoglio, downplayed the charges against Vera, and made Jaitt out to be an extremist with an agenda. Nothing they said was of any importance. Mercedes Ninci (blonde, botoxed guest) is called an accomplice to pedophiles to her face; I’ve written a bit more on her in the other doc. She is pretty much a shill for Bergoglio.

Following Jaitt’s appearance on the show, Federal Police raided her house on April 11 2018, searching for the evidence she claimed to have. I’m not sure what they were able to get, if anything. This raid was authorized by Judge Sebastian Ramos.


Apparently Jaitt clarified to her lawyer who she was talking about re: the 17 year old boy, amidst the chaos of the dinner it wasn’t clear that she was talking about Carlos Perez. There are a slew of articles explaining this, just discovered them, seems like everyone watching had a different idea of who she was referring to at the time. I was trying to find out more info on that particular story and thank goodness I found these articles!

I’ve collected a list of mainstream Argentinian news outlets and blogs so I have a lot of places to cross reference information and this won’t happen again. To be clear: she explicitly states multiple times that Vera himself is a pedophile, abuses prostitutes, and uses his organization to shut down the competition + get more slaves for his network. She followed both him and Carlos Perez for a year – one source of confusion and then others thought she was referring to Carlos Pagni…she kind of made a mess for herself with this gaffe. The media is using this to discredit her, but she has been upfront the entire time and must be filled with stress and fear. She’s not a professional spy, politician, or journalist so it isn’t fair to expect her to handle everything perfectly. I’m grateful she’s speaking out and holding her ground.

Hope this all makes sense and it isn’t too much of a hassle to update the other post.

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