Diabolical Narcissists: People of the Lie (and sexual perversion)

They lie without conscience, and many lack the self-awareness to realize that most morally sane people can immediately tell that they are lying. Not only did professional sodomite Smollett lie about the INSTANTLY OBVIOUS staged “attack”, he sent the original “hate letter” with aspirin powder to himself via his TV show, in a bid for narcissistic gratification…and a raise. They’re also money-grubbers, too.

Zero shame. Zero acknowledgement of the humanity of anyone. Only spite, victimhood, and lower-than-bestial lust for narcissistic gratification.

Now, watch the “beta” narcissists virtue signal by “supporting” Smollett, and affirming his “victimhood”, after he is caught, guilty as sin. Hmmm. Reminds me of something in Professional Catholic Racketeering Land…. And remember, Diabolical Narcissists get their biggest rush from watching people turn a blind eye, and even positively defend them.

In related news, for the first time in recorded history, flipping the script, Nigerians scammed by middle class American in confidence game.

(People of the Lie is an interesting read, but is written from an atheistic modern psychological perspective which denies the entire notion of sin, so caveat lector.)

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