The Cappa Magna is the Trail of Blood Shed for Holy Mother Church, Not “Drag Queenery”

Blood red, not white, is the proper papal colour, it symbolises the martyrs, most especially Ss Peter and Paul. The fact you need an attendant or minder to hold the other end of the cappa indicates the dependency of a Cardinal on others, it symbolises the burden of office, the stream of blood behind a Prince of the Church. It is actually street dress, or at least processional dress. It is supposed to make a spectacle, a witness,  of the Cardinal. Blood red silk flowing from his shoulders, is supposed to be a statement signifying ‘that you are ready to act with fortitude, even to the point of spilling your blood for the increase of the Christian faith, for peace and harmony among the people of God, for freedom and the spread of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.’ which is what Pope says at the imposition of the red hat.

The problem isn’t that the Cappa Magna isn’t manly enough, the problem is that it is supremely masculine, but no one is living up to it. We don’t need less Cappa Magna, we need more, but only when worn by men willing to live up to it – men willing to shed their blood and die for the Bride of Christ.

LITERALLY shed their blood and die.

Pray that Cardinal Burke lives up to the Cappa.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.