Antipope Bergoglio Used Physical Violence Against People Whistleblowing On His Pedophile Comrades: Fear For Pope Benedict XVI’s Physical Safety No Longer “Crazy”

[More from an Argentine source.  I can report that Argentinians residing in Argentina that I am now in contact with have told me that they fear for their personal safety in even talking about this stuff.  Apparently, surveillance and physical violence are taken for granted in Argentina, and it is widely known in Argentina that Bergoglio used physical violence, and was almost certainly involved in murders.

Serious concern for Pope Benedict XVI’s physical safety is now required. Archbishop Viganò has gone into hiding for fear of physical attack from Antipope Bergoglio (understood that it would be through the Italian mafia), and journalists in Rome have similar fears.  -AB]


Julio Grassi


  • Argentinian priest currently doing 15 years in jail after being convicted of abusing teenage boys. To this day he denies the accusations against him. Also charged with embezzling funds from the Happy Children  foundation for his personal benefit.
  • Originally a priest at Don Bosco, he was moved by Bergoglio as people were catching on to his abusing ways and were outraged. Bergoglio installed Grassi in a Buenos Aires parish where he had unfettered access to young, poor boys who didn’t have the resources to challenge him. (Jaitt spoke about this on the show, really emphasizing Bergolio’s pattern of enabling pedos)
  • Ran a foundation known as “Happy Children” (giving him and others access to 6,400 children and teens) which received state funding and private donations to help house/clothe/feed poor children and orphans. Referred to himself as “Father of the fatherless”. While running the foundation he appeared a lot in the media, soaking up the attention, raising millions, and befriending celebrities.
  • Accusations against him first came out in 1991 and they grew in volume each year. Countless people writing letters, trying to alert the media, the authorities, and the church – all ignored. The most public victims all 15 – 17 year old boys. Defended by the media and celebrities, as well as Church authorities, especially Bergoglio.
  • Throughout the actual trial, witnesses and others making accusations were on the receiving end of beatings, and physical and verbal aggressions. Many witnesses are of the belief that Bergoglio himself directed the thugs to intimidate everyone.
  • Years ago the Bishops said they’ll launch a canonical trial but this has yet to happen. Throughout the accusations and trials he is defended by his celebrity friends especially Raul Portal. He is still a priest because the Church has “doubts about the culpability of Grassi”


Bergolio’s Involvement


  • Grassi claimed to be supported by numerous bishops, especially Cardinal Bergoglio, who, he said, “never let go of my hand [and] is always at my side.” 
  • In a 2006 interview with Veintitres magazine, Bergoglio said that “justice will determine” Grassi’s innocence, although “there is a media campaign against him, a condemnation in the media.” 
  • “After Grassi was found guilty in June 2009, Bergoglio secretly authorized an extensive critical examination of Grassi’s prosecution and of the three original plaintiffs. In his capacity as president of the Argentine Bishops’ conference, Bergoglio approved the hiring of a leading criminal defense lawyer and legal scholar, Marcelo Sancinetti, to do the private investigation.”
  • The PI produced a 4 volume report, 1000+ pages, attempting to exonerate Grassi and downplay/deny the sexual abuse. This report was sent to judges who had yet to make a decision on the case, in an attempt to sway their opinion.
  • Attorney Juan Pablo Gallego discovered this was happening and called the study a “scandalous instance of lobbying and exerting pressure on the Court” and accused the bishops of “further hindering a process that has outrageously granted the condemned priest a situation of almost unthinkable freedom.”


This is all on Wikipedia (except for the Francis stuff) in addition to Spanish outlets, BBC, etc. when you google Grassi.

Source for lack of canonical trial:

Another source that details the same info as Wikipedia and the random Spanish blogs, with even more resources (both on Grassi and seemingly all bishops accused of abuse):

Rueben Pardo


  • Another Argentinian priest accused of abusing teenage boys. He is now dead (from AIDs) but did not receive any punishment from the government or Church. The diocese was charged with negligence with regards to how they handled the case and had to pay Gabriel and his mother 155,000.00 in pesos plus 10 years interest.
  • The case that got him in trouble: convincing a mom (Beatriz) to let her son take classes at the rectory and sleep over, where he then raped her son. The son (Gabriel) immediately told his mom about what happened and she was then given the run around by the Church, including being told by Bishop Louis Stocker that she must, “be merciful with persons who chose celibacy as a vocation because they have moments of weakness.
  • She was able to get the case brought before the Church Tribunal, and Pardo admitted what he did. But in her words she was subject to: “humiliating interrogation with lascivious and tendentious questions, as if I were the one who had induced the abuse, when they knew for sure that the abuser had admitted the fact 96 hours after the episode before the Bishop, who reprimanded him.”
  • Her son attempted suicide and the Church paid for his psychiatric expenses.
  • Journalist Marco Tossati was intimidated by Bergoglio’s “security guards” after trying to keep this case in the public eye years later.
  • When Beatriz wanted to file criminal charges, the diocese said they had no idea where Pardo was and did nothing to help. Later that year it came out that Pardo had been living in Flores, a neighborhood of Buenos Aires. He was staying (hiding out in) at a home for retired priests that was under the jurisdiction of Bergoglio. He was teaching primary school and hearing the confessions of children. There was no way he could have stayed there, with that job, without Bergoglio’s help.



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