At This Point, One Has To Ask, “Does Antipope Bergoglio Associate With Anyone Who ISN’T Into Sodomizing Lads?”

Here is an excerpt of a 2017 French documentary, which I have been told is available free on Amazon Prime, called “Sex Abuse in the Church: The Code of Silence.”  But this eleven minute excerpt is packed with information, and Antipope Bergoglio LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH on camera in St. Peter’s Square as he is arriving for a Wednesday Audience.

If you haven’t read the previous post from an Argentinian sleuth/translator about the boy-raping Argentine “celebrity priest” Julio Grassi and Antipope Bergoglio’s enabling and protecting of Grassi for YEARS, including knowingly placing him in a parish with a ministry to young, impoverished boys, and Bergoglio almost certainly giving orders for physical beatings and menacing harassment of witnesses against Grassi, READ THAT HERE.

The key part of this excerpt (although I recommend watching the whole clip) comes at the 9:18 timestamp.  The producers, in St. Peter’s Square in the front row for the Wednesday Audience, have a letter detailing the Grassi case and specifically inquiring about Bergoglio’s role and actions.  They are able to hand the letter to a plainclothes Swiss Guard as Antipope Bergoglio passes by.  Then, Antipope Bergoglio having exited the AntipopeMobile walks past and the woman asks him directly with him fully paying attention to her TWICE, “…in the Grassi case, did you try to influence Argentinian justice?”  That is at the 10:26 timestamp.  Look at the malevolence on his face.

His reply, “No…”

She follows up: “No? Then why did you commission a counterinquiry?”

Antipope Bergoglio then says, “I never did.”

Now, by this point, the fact that these evil, evil people lie with utter facility should be of zero surprise to anyone.  BUT, alas, people still…still…at long last STILL assume that Diabolical Narcissist Psychopath sex perverts like Antipope Bergoglio would NEVER lie.  So, it is good for irrefutable videographic evidence to get out into the world, so that maybe one or two people will finally realize that these people, like their father satan, are remorseless, inveterate liars.

Boy rapists, believe it or not, consider themselves to be ELITE.  They consider sodomitical rape of boys and lads to be the highest form of “sexuality”.  Look at the entire islamic political system and its explicit repeated preference and adulation of sodomy with “pearl boys” in the koran.  Look at the founding base of the Nazi Party – all sodomites, with Ernst Rohm, head of the S.A. whom Hitler finally had killed in the Night of the Long Knives, being an OPEN pederast, publicly declaring pederasty as a superior and intrinsic quality of the neo-pagan cult of the Third Reich – “real men, real warriors, shun copulation with females, and instead service each other, preferably by “mentoring” boys and lads.”  Look at the Legionaries of Christ, who to this day market themselves as a movement of “Catholic Elites” and a “New Catholic Aristocracy”, that was founded by a bisexual incestuous pedophile, and whose schools and seminaries have been nothing more than sex and sodomy cruising grounds for high-ranking Legion of Christ priests.

These people are so far gone, so deeply descended into their own self-excavated pits of sin, that they literally believe that their homosexuality and taste for boyflesh is a proofset that they are SUPERIOR BEINGS.  I have had seminarians tell me that the sodomite clique in their seminary house would sit around and hold forth on how “low class” it is for a man to be attracted to women – that they, as Sodomites, are so superior in intellect, culture and refinement that it is simply impossible to be so “trashy” as to NOT be repulsed by women, most especially physically.  Heterosexuality is for the peasant class, for the simpletons.  And yes, these monsters are still VERY MUCH in the seminaries and being ordained.

Remember well the axiom I was told years ago which applies to all women: “Ann, if the faggots DON’T hate your guts, then you need to examine your conscience.”

So if you are slowly starting to get the feeling that these men like Bergoglio, Donna Wuerl, the Hollywood fags, the fags in the press and media, that these men hold you in contempt, and seem to be rubbing all of this in your faces, and laughing while they do it, you are absolutely right.


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