The Remnant Newspaper picks up the Humanized Mice story with a fine piece by USAF Reserve chaplain Fr. John Echert

Fr. Echert’s piece at The Remnant is HERE.

Kudos to Fr. Echert, and to Mike Matt for publishing this. The seeming brick wall of resistance to talking about the Molochian cannibalism of the “humanized mice” pharmaceutical production machine among the big-money Pro-Life organizations that Julie Collorafi and Nurse Claire have been hitting has served as a huge wake-up call and/or reminder of the smarmy corruption of the “Pro-Life” bu$ine$$.

Barnhardt Podcast #163 on this topic is HERE.

They’re all “pro-life” until Boomer Karen gets the Coof, and then March For Life Karen (who you just KNOW is a “Eucharistic minister”) will throw babies in a wood chipper without hesitation in order to get her Monoclonal Antibody treatment.

NonVeni Mark and Nurse Claire are assembling data along with Mrs. Collorafi on exactly how big the childflesh-sucking maw of this “humanized mice” Soylent Green movement is inside BigPharma, and their preliminary data is terrifying.

If their data holds, what we very well may be looking at is a luciferian attempt through BigPharma to leverage and entrap humanity into believing that the ONLY way to be “healthy” is to consume the flesh of children through pharmaceuticals. Like, ALL pharmaceuticals, eventually.

Is anyone really surprised, now that it is before us? We shouldn’t be. All the signs were there.

BREAKING: the FDA has banned all Monoclonal Antibody treatments for Coof, including Regeneron. Watch VERY carefully who gets up-in-arms about this. Watch and see if “pro-life” organizations demand mABS treatments for Coof be allowed, even though they have all been made aware of the humanized mice source.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.