A Lament for Van der Leun: I’ll be searching everywhere, just to find someone who cares.

Van der Leun of AmericanDigest.org – the bloggers’ blog – died yesterday from TurboCancer. He posted a month ago today, in fact through December 30th, in normality. He died yesterday of TurboCancer. He said publicly that he got the two first clot shots. I’ll leave it at that. But remember, one month ago today Gerard Van der Leun was doodling and toodling along like everything was fine, and today he is dead from cancer so aggressive that it took him from diagnosis to slab in DAYS. That’s what happens when you have no functioning immune system. For… whatever reason.

As a lament to VdL, I’ll post Joan Osborne in front of the Funk Brothers live cover of “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted”, which his blog alerted me to – and ALERTED is the right word. Also, the keyboardist at 1:27 is totally wearing my hat. Those who know, confirm.

No need to send any emails about Joan Osborne’s politics. I know. Tchaikovsky was a pedophile. I still watch the Nutcracker every Christmas, and when a friend offered me tickets to the third cast Cinderella a few years ago, I went. And Nat King Cole was a Freemason. And… and… and. All I know is that the Joan Osborne and the Funk Brothers cover of “What Becomes…” is DEFINITIVE. I dunno. What do we do? Deny beauty? Do we become iconoclasts and go burning and tearing down everything? I can’t believe that is right. Shouldn’t we PRAY for Joan Osborne and everyone else mired in sin? I mean, we pray for all of the bishops every day, don’t we? Aren’t we all ONE mortal sin away from….

Tell. me.



Rest in peace, Gerard. And may justice rain down upon those bastards who tricked you into those injections which… well. Dammit.

“I’ll be searching everywhere, just to find someone who cares.”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.