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Here’s another letter-perfect description of Antipope Bergoglio as False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, from ARSH 1955

“This false prophet possibly at the behest of Antichrist usurps the papal supremacy…His assumed spiritual authority and supremacy over the Church would make him resemble the Bishop of Rome…He would be Pontifex Maximus, a title of the pagan Roman emperors, having supreme spiritual and temporal authority. Assuming authority without possessing it makes him the False Prophet. Does this allude to what our Lord said?

Though he poses as a lamb, a Christian, his doctrines betray him, for he preaches the doctrines of the dragon. His principles and dogmas to be accepted, his moral and civil law will be of diabolical inspiration. It may be communism, or plain idolatrous paganism; it will comprise emperor-worship and devil-worship coupled with persecution of the true believers. They will know him at once as an imposter and will not be misled. He will be in league with the antichristian world-powers and adopt their principles of government and civil law.”

—Rev. Herman Bernard Kramer, “The Book of Destiny” (Belleville, IL: Buechler Publishing Company, 1955), 319. (Commenting on the “Beast out of the Earth” in Revelation)

UPDATED: George Neumayr dead suddenly, but forewarned by the man himself, in Côte d’Ivoire. Foul play possible, even probable.


But not, I think, of THAT “Suddenly”.

I’ll let Neumayr speak for himself.

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine.
Et lux perpetua luceat eis.
Fidelium animae, per misericordiam Dei,
requiescant in pace.

Yes, God is Infinite Love. Don’t EVER let anyone poison your mind and heart to doubt this.

As has been foreseen for many, many years now, certain (now-ex) Trad Inc. partisans are kamikaze-diving into the death of atheism, deism, luciferianism, apostasy and/or schism – driven to this not only by a pre-existing cancer of atheism/agnosticism which was openly discussed behind closed doors for YEARS, but sent into their suicide-dive by the intransigent and prideful insistence that FWANCISS IS DEFINITELY POPE, STOOPID!  Holding a wildly irrational and completely objectively self-contradictory position is going to result in an eventual species of insanity – which apostasy is. Just ask Lucifer and the demons. To attempt to hold positions that are obvious violations of the Law of Non-contradiction will only result in a descent into the epitome of total madness – freely choosing to reject God, choosing to reject Infinite Love Himself, exactly as satan and the demons did.

God cannot be both Truth Itself, and a liar.  God cannot be both perfectly faithful to His promises, and an oath-breaker.  A man cannot be both the Principle of Unity and the vector of schism.  Reality cannot be X today, and declared ex post facto to be the opposite of X today at some point in the future – i.e. “Bergoglio is the Pope today, but a future Pope might declare that he wasn’t.”

When such drooling irrationality and detachment from the Real is not only engaged but enthusiastically embraced, one ends up emoting such scandalous bilge as: “God’s a jerk! I was brainwashed!  I was guilt-tripped! The Catholic Church is an abuse cult that operates on gaslighting and Stockholm syndrome! Lucifer was right to rebel against God! Humanity has had the good-evil labels backwards all along: Lucifer is the good one, and God is the evil monster! I stopped going to Mass years ago! The Roman Church went into schism from the True Church in 1054! Anyone who doesn’t join me in my schism and apostasy is a psychopath cult-zombie who worships the Pope!”

Let’s talk about the selfsame God that these souls-in-powerdive have no problem insulting, and in one case categorically refuse to worship publicly.

I want you to watch this video of a father and son being reunited at the airport, after being apart for the first time in the son’s life for one week.  You’ve probably seen this, but even so, go ahead and watch it again. The son is 53, with Down’s syndrome, and appears to be mostly sub-verbal. The father is 88.  This is one of the best allegories of the Love of God the Father for us that I have ever seen. Watch:

Look at the love of the father for his son – you can almost feel it radiating out and enfolding the son as a tangible thing. Look at the two of them as they stare at each other and take each other in.  Does it matter that the son is so far below the father in terms of intellectual prowess? Not at all.  The father loves the son with his whole being. And OBVIOUSLY so.  And the son, arguably with the decided advantage of Down’s syndrome and thus almost incapable of pride or indifference, recognizes his father as loving him, and loves him in return.

Now.  Let’s pretend that it isn’t the Down’s syndrome son in this clip, but it is instead that it is your typical human being today.  It might go something like this:

Instead of bounding down the escalator and running to embrace the father, the typical ingrate human today might roll his eyes at the sight of the father and mumble to himself, “Oh here we go.  It always has to be about him, doesn’t it? He always has to be the center of everything. Now he’s set me up so that I have to pretend that I’m happy to see him in front of all of these people, or else I’m the bad guy. He’s SO manipulative. What a jerk.”

Then our loveless ingrate gets off the escalator and with the father there looking at him with overflowing love, instead of even greeting his father, the ingrate says, “Let’s GO.  I want to get home.  You just HAD to put me on the early flight, didn’t you? You just had to put me in business class, not first class. All you care about is saving a buck. You don’t give a crap about me and never have.” 

Then our ingrate might lay into the father with something along the lines of, “You know, if you REALLY loved me you would have paid for me to go on trips like this before, and instead of a week it would have been two weeks. And why couldn’t you put me up at the Ritz Carlton instead? And why didn’t you give me more spending money?”

Then, maybe something along the lines of, “And the check-in counter people were rude to me, the security people treated me like crap, the pilots intentionally flew through turbulence just because they knew it would trigger my anxiety, and the flight attendant was ugly and a total witch. And here you stand, not doing anything about it.  Why aren’t you defending me? I know why: BECAUSE YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT ME. You’re just an indifferent jerk.  And spare me the sad looks.  I KNOW it’s all an act. I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE. And I know all of those people who abuse me are YOUR HENCHMEN.”

“You treat me like crap and then act like I’m supposed to ignore it just because you’re my father? Just because you say, ‘I love you?’ I’ve never had any actual experience of your love for me. It’s all a mind game. You’re like a cult leader.  And you know what?  I’m on to you.  I’m not falling for any more of your brainwashing and power games.  I’m done with you.  Guess what: YOU’RE NOT MY FATHER ANYMORE, AND I’M NOT YOUR SON.  For once in my life, I’m going to put ME first. I’m done with you and your abuse. GET AWAY FROM ME.”

And then maybe one last parting shot: “You know what? At least I’m not the total failure as a father that you are.  I would NEVER treat my kids the way you treat yours.  I’d never treat a DOG the way you treat yours.”

Now put into your mind’s eye the father from the clip above – that man so filled with love for his son – and imagine not the Down’s Son, but your average person, your average ex-Trad Inc. apostate, yourself, me, thus treating the father.  Because that’s pretty much what we all do, to one degree or another.

Imagine raging into that face.  Imagine ostentatiously refusing and walking away from the open arms of the father.

This is what happens when we don’t have a personal relationship with God.  This is what happens when God and His Church are a mere philosophy, a mere social club, a mere legalistic contract, or worst of all, and it must be said, a racketeering front for running a grifting scheme or a sex ring.

This is what happens when we categorically refuse to believe that God loves us personally and infinitely, because the realization that we have spat in the face of Love – allegorized in the video above – is too much for our pride to bear.  So, the prideful answer is to turn on God, to turn on Love, exactly like satan and the demons did.  

And then, like satan and the demons, the soul that has spat in the face of Love wants to drag as many other souls into his suicidal vortex as he can, to convince as many others as he can that God is the “jerk”, and that he is the real victim, and that the “jerk” God will victimize you too, unless you heed the Great Victim’s deep wisdom and join him in his… enlightenment.

Run, folks. RUN to the Father. Slide down the escalator rail and then sprint into His arms with the focus and determination of the son in thee clip above. Do that every day.  Do it in prayer, do it by visiting Our Lord reposed in the Tabernacle, do it in the Confessional, and do it most especially at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. RUN to Him. Because Infinite Love is standing there at the proverbial base of the escalator in the arrivals hall waiting for you, and always has been.

I hope this helps.

This has to be corrected: Cardinal Pell did NOT celebrate the Tridentine Mass daily. In fact, he had only celebrated the TLM a few times in his entire life.

This story and pull quote from Our Sunday Visitor News is making the rounds, and it is flatly untrue:

This is the penultimate paragraph:

Cardinal Pell told OSV News he was himself “completely devoted” to Tridentine Mass, which he said he “celebrated each day.”

I don’t know if this is a case of people getting their terminology crossed, or somebody lying. But here is what I have been told by eyewitness sources in Rome, who frequently visited ++Pell’s home:

“Cardinal Pell celebrated the TLM fewer than ten times in his life, probably.”

++Pell’s secretary celebrated his daily Mass in the Tridentine Rite, and ++Pell had done at least one priestly ordination, a couple of Pontifical Masses in Italy, and a Mass in Australia in the Tridentine Rite, but that’s it. “…Fewer than ten times in his life...”

He simply did not celebrate the TLM “each day”. To say that he did is objectively false. His daily Mass was the Novus Ordo to the end of his life, and he had only celebrated the TLM a few times in his entire life.

I hope Our Sunday Visitor will confirm this fact with ++Pell’s secretary and correct their piece.

Barnhardt Podcast #185: Crooks, Cardinals, and Conclaves

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this episode Ann, Mark, and Dr. Mazza deconstruct the fourteen days since the Petrine See became vacant, plus a dramatic reading by Dr. Mazza of +Ganswëin’s 2016 Gregorianum speech that would have brought Lawrence Olivier to tears. Don’t squander the gift of being alive in these days, friends. Persevere in Faith and Joy.

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Mailbag: Q: If Al Michaels calls a game as an “emeritus” play-by-play caller, what is Al Michaels? A: A play-by-play caller.

Dear Ann:

Why can the rest of the secular world understand what “emeritus” means but the normies in the Catholic Church continue to insist that 2+2=5? Al Michaels calls a game for NBC as an “emeritus” play-by-play caller. So, guess what Al Michaels still is?

Answer: A play-by-play caller.

Everyone in the world understands this, even if he works for NBC in a “new way.”


Best presentation to date on excess deaths caused by the poison injections – it’s worse than even I thought.

This guy is an engineer who decided to go to law school in his 50s. He was thrown out of the program for refusing the poison injection, so he sued the university and The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and got access to Massachusetts death certificates and injury reports. The statistics clearly show massive upticks in cardiac arrests, clotting, leukemia, “anything to do with blood” across ALL age cohorts exactly coincident with the roll-out of the poison injections to each age group. And the really scary part is the the excess deaths are ACCELERATING – exactly what the ARSH 2016 article on Moderna stated: the toxicity of the poison is CUMULATIVE.

Delivery — actually getting RNA into cells — has long bedeviled the whole field. On their own, RNA molecules have a hard time reaching their targets. They work better if they’re wrapped up in a delivery mechanism, such as nanoparticles made of lipids. But those nanoparticles can lead to dangerous side effects, especially if a patient has to take repeated doses over months or years.

Novartis abandoned the related realm of RNA interference over concerns about toxicity, as did Merck and Roche.

Moderna’s most advanced competitors, CureVac and BioNTech, have acknowledged the same challenge with mRNA. Each is principally focused on vaccines for infectious disease and cancer, which the companies believe can be attacked with just a few doses of mRNA. And each has already tested its technology on hundreds of patients.

“I would say that mRNA is better suited for diseases where treatment for short duration is sufficiently curative, so the toxicities caused by delivery materials are less likely to occur,”said Katalin Karikó, a pioneer in the field who serves as a vice president at BioNTech.

So given the fact that mRNA injections were poisonous, and that the toxicity was cumulative was well-known and openly discussed, plus the confirmation of the excess deaths that are accelerating, it requires a total suspension of disbelief to not acknowledge that we are in the midst of a meticulously planned operation to rapidly reduce the human population. Most of the oligarchs bandy about the figure 1 billion as a goal. The chimpanzee witch Jane Goodall has declared that the human population “must” be returned to ARSH 1500 numbers – 500 million. A NINETY-FIVE PERCENT CULL.

And governments continue to buy the poison by the tens-of-millions of doses, and mRNA poison production factories are popping up like weeds. The next project they are ramping up is demanding that food animals be injected with the mRNA poison.

Hopefully the war starts before then.

**Honorable mention also goes to the poison Remdesevir, a failed chemotherapy drug which was inexplicably rolled-out in ARSH 2020 as suddenly the ONLY p€rmi$$ibl€ treatment for pneumonia, which the excellent presentation above proves is responsible for a massive uptick in acute kidney failure.

Shun and flee all pain at your own peril. The ability to bear, process, and become better from pain defines the man. In this fallen world, pain is often the very making, the spark to salvation, of the man. I wouldn’t be here talking to you now without it.

“Pain insists upon being attended to. God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”

― C.S. Lewis

We are saved through infinite pain, proceeding directly from Infinite Love. To experience pain is to be invited to enter into the Passion of your Savior.