Must read: woman goes to hospital having a heart issue, they start yelling “Covid”. When her Covid (seasonal cold) test comes back negative they ignore her. Now she’s terrified to go back.

Yup. There’s no way in hell I’d go anywhere near a hospital. And I’m 43 and healthy. Imagine how the older folks feel – even in the midst of a cardiac spell. Isolated from family. No advocate. Surrounded by people who want to shove a tube down their snorkel and murder them by ventilator for a $39,000 FEDGOV windfall.

Never, ever, ever forget the screeching panic-mongers who bullied and browbeat anyone who DARED so much as express the DESIRE to go to Mass.

Over a seasonal cold. An obvious totalitarian plot from day one. OBVIOUS.

Someone walks into a hospital complaining of chest pains and no one will do anything until said person has been tested to see if they have … THIS YEAR’S SEASONAL COLD.

Chest pains.

Seasonal cold.

Now, how many have died, are dying, and will die because of undiagnosed and untreated non-lethal maladies and events that become lethal unnecessarily?

Mark D. has a chilling post that came into his combox. A must read and share.

I went to the hospital with breathlessness due to having a coronary, but the first thing I heard was “we have a Covid.”


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