Wherein Ace of Spades types words for me…

As Thomas Aquinas reminds us, ALL TRUTH is of the Holy Ghost.

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I am telling you, I am guaranteeing you, that for every hour you spend on Twitter per day, on average, your testosterone level drops by 100 units.*

I am absolutely guranteeing you that if you ran that test, you would find the testosterone levels of the “Very Online” “men” to be somewhere in the range of 200-300, whereas normal healthy men who do not get their exercise in Boxing on Twitter have testosterone from 800-1000.

I’m not kidding. I mean, come on. They all begin adopting the girliest, womanliest traits of light flirtation, constantly talking about “My Shows” like they’re 1960s housewives talking about soap operas (which they pretty much are), constant social ostracism games and general b****iness.

Low testosterone has an interesting effect in men, by the way:

It makes you a poorer thinker. And men find it more difficult to focus, which results in these “men” seeking out low-attention-span diversions like… More Twitter.

It’s a vicious cycle. Or should I say: a vicious soycle.

Pretty sure I can make this diagnosis from the vantage of 100 miles away.

* I don’t know what these units actually are. Okay, I looked it up: nanograms per deciliter.

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