Yup. Antipope Jorge Bergoglio is the new Harvey Weinstein

LOVE this analogy. Everyone knows what Antipope Bergoglio is, but no one will say anything because “he is the most powerful guy in the business, and he would end my career. And if I play nice with him in public, I could hit the big time!! I could get the gullible rubes to give me $20,000 per month, and live in a million dollar house… and play video games all day. “Pope Francis” is good for business!”

Yup. Exactly. And still. They all know.

Here is the source of the meme.

And on the off-chance you haven’t read them yet, here is Archbishop Viganò’s letter to Pres. Trump, and here is +Viganò’s latest letter FINALLY saying what everyone knows deep down: the “Second Vatican Council” was a failed council and should be trashed. We did a Barnhardt Podcast on said dumpster fire HERE years ago.

Link here to Barnhardt Podcast #026.

It was a real barn burner.

“In this episode we discuss Flammantem Receptaculum Repleti Jentaculum Canis (the flaming dumpster filled with a dog’s breakfast) more commonly referred to as the Second Vatican Council (or Vatican 2 for short). The documents which were discussed and voted on at the Council weren’t based on the original schemata assembled by Cardinal Ottaviani and his preparatory team; rather, they were a substituted agenda put in place after the council was hijacked during its first week! We look at part of one of the documents from this original schema which deals with marriage and the family and contrast it to Amoris Laetitia which is almost an exact, point for point, contradiction.”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.