Argentine Pedo-Bishop Caught on Tape Being Sodomized by a Taxi Driver? No Worries – “Tio Jorge” Will Take Care of Everything

Sometimes there IS videographic evidence.

The key point here is Bergoglio’s deployment of accusations of “political vendetta” and “conspiracy by intelligence agencies” EVEN WHEN THE BISHOP IN QUESTION WAS CAUGHT ON VIDEO HAVING HIMSELF ANALLY SODOMIZED BY HIS 23 YEAR OLD DRIVER, and that the episode was purely in the domain of the “private life” of Maccarone.

Just sit in stillness with that.

Let’s go to an Argentinian sleuth/translator for the truly sordid details of Antipope Bergoglio’s aggressive defense of Bishop Juan Carlos Maccarone:

Juan Carlos Maccarone

Summary: Bishop and Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the UCA, Pontifical University of Buenos Aires (Grand Chancellor at the time was Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio). Maccarone was a homosexual and a pedophile, and a 23 year old Alfredo Serrano filmed them in the act. Serrano published the video because Maccarone did not give him the job he’d promised (the reason for the faggotry in the first place). Maccarone died in 2015 and was given a Catholic Funeral.

More info, quotes, and sources:

  • “Serrano maintained that he assumed that attitude in ‘revenge’ because the prelate had promised him that he would take steps to get him a job in the provincial public administration, the main labor source of the district of 500,000 inhabitants.” (from archived Univision article, in Spanish)
  • The Episcopal Conference, released a declaration of solidarity with Maccarone. In this declaration they also express gratitude for Maccarone’s work on behalf of the poor and those under threat. This message was signed by Bergoglio, the president of the Conference Eduardo Mirás, Domingo Castagna, and Sergio Fenoy. (Spanish source)
  • “Guillermo Marcó, spokesman for the archbishopric of Buenos Aires, considered that the resignation of Maccarone could be the result of  “political revenge for his fight for the needy in a province with impunity and a level of corruption that kept people in the more extreme poverty’.” (similar to Bergoglio’s stance on Grassi)
  • Even though he resigned in 2005 after admitting a homosexual relationship, he was allowed by Bergoglio to celebrate the sacraments and officiate Masses. Including performing Confirmation Masses for teenagers. (originally reported in Clarin, in Spanish)
  • “The homosexual pedophile Maccarone is an icon honored by the heretical “Priests for the Third World”, the leftist priests the ‘option for the poor’ of Argentina.”
  • The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Association, through its president Hebe de Bonafini, sent a letter to Maccarone to express her “solidarity” and emphasize that “the Church of Jesus” is what he represents”
  • “One of his successors is Bokalic, auxiliary Bishop under Bergoglio who was responsible for allowing homosexual sacrilege in the Church of Santiago del Estero Argentina.”

He Coulda Been a Contendah!

(excerpt from Spanish language blog announcing Maccarone’s death in ARSH 2015)

“In fact, when the scandal broke, the permanent commission of the CEA, chaired by Bergoglio at the time, produced a declaration of solidarity that produced an additional scandal. From Catholic Panorama ironically with an article that was published in various media .

Years after the scandal, he tried to wash the figure of Maccarone by making him discreetly reenter the ecclesiastical life during a ceremony in the Diocese of Venado Tuerto , Santa Fe, about which we also published an article that was published in international media.

Today La Nación dedicates an apology to him , as if his “inclinations” were not reprehensible even when those affected were minors, as in the case of Chascomús.

This intellectual, a great figure of the gay lobby, could not overcome the scandals, but under a more permissive pontificate with homosexuals, he could have become, as was the project of his close friends, Archbishop of Buenos Aires.”

Maccarone conferring the Sacrament of Confirmation for teenagers in ARSH 2010, fully five years after a video of him being sodomized by his young driver was made public. At the same time, he was “professor emeritus” at UCA, of which Bergoglio was the Grand Chancellor.

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