A Bittersweet #TOLDYA Email

[The #TOLDYA in this email is now that people are seeing and hearing the truth about the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church being infiltrated by Freemasons, Communists and especially Sodomites (who were recruited, placed and promoted by the aforementioned infiltrators for the specific purpose of destroying the Church from the inside), they are realizing PRECISELY BECAUSE OF THE HORROR of the satanic attack on the Body and Bride of Christ that, YES, the Catholic Church, the last institution standing – even if seemingly feebly right now – against divorce and remarriage, contraception, abortion, sodomy and all the rest – is the One True Church.  It is now, when the sodomite infiltration is FINALLY being exposed and PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED instead of being effeminately denied and turned a blind eye to, it is NOW that MEN are looking to enter The Church.  I have said for years now that one of the main things that drove men out of the Catholic Church in the first place was the EFFEMINATE REFUSAL TO EVEN ACKNOWLEDGE THE FACT THAT MOST PRIESTS AND ALMOST ALL BISHOPS WERE HOMOSEXUALS.  Acknowledge the truth, hold it up in all its horror and ugliness for all the world to see, FIGHT BACK, and the men will come back. -AB]

Dear Ann,

I need to read your latest post (why you are still Catholic) more carefully because I’m finding myself silently fading away from the Church. My children are at a faithful Catholic school and I need to be their primary example, but I’m struggling mightily. Now, my husband is Lutheran,  and he is a fantastic man. He has supported raising the children Catholic and is happy to pay tuition. I’ve prayed many times for his conversion, but of the four people I’ve prayed very hard for, he is the one hold out. Until now. It’s crazy to me as I’m losing faith in the Church, he quietly inquired about RCIA that’s starting later this month. What timing. I mean, who in their right mind would choose to enter the Catholic Church now?? Clearly, God is not done with our Church because this man I married is a Lutheran from a long line of extremely stubborn Scandinavians, and he told me he’d never leave his Lutheran faith, and now he is doing so right as I’m quietly fading away. Obviously, I can’t very well leave it now and I must reaffirm my faith in the Church. What a gift I was just given in him, but also in your article because, I need that help to find my way back. My very faithful friends tell me that clearly God has decided it’s time to start calling the strong men into the Church because they are surprised my husband would choose now as well. Of course, God’s timing is never our own.

I’ll admit that I thought you were a little off-the-wall hard-core when I first stumbled upon you, but I’m beginning to see you were right all along. What a gift you have been given to be able to see so clearly.

So, thank you Ann. I will add you to my prayers more often.

God bless you.
Mrs. X

[Be assured of our prayers for your husband, but especially you, Mrs. X.  Might I also suggest trying to find a Latin Mass parish as your husband will be much, much better off receiving convert instruction from a Traditional priest in a Traditional parish, and I dare say your husband, being a manly man, will probably fall in love with the Traditional Mass, whose beauty is masculine, strong and transcendant.  Look for a parish run by either the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, or the Institute of Christ the King.]

Do manfully and be of good heart: fear not, nor be ye dismayed at their sight: for the Lord thy God He Himself is thy leader, and will not leave thee nor forsake thee.

Viriliter agite, et confortamini : nolite timere, nec paveatis ad conspectum eorum : quia Dominus Deus tuus ipse est ductor tuus, et non dimittet, nec derelinquet te.
Deuteronomy 31: 6

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