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On the eve of the 8th anniversary of the announcement of the invalid resignation…

…NonVeni Mark primes the pump for tomorrow’s special edition 8th Anniversary of Pope Benedict saying things devoid of canonical validity Podcast. Do click over and read the whole thing at Mark’s place.

The manifold heresies of Antipope Bergoglio are a proofset of his not being the Vicar of Christ, not the cause of it. 

The reason that Bergoglio the Heretic is not the pope has nothing to do with his heresy. His heresy is simply a visible sign, really a gift, so that all with eyes to see can plainly observe that this man does not enjoy any of the supernatural protection afforded by the Petrine Promises, and he never did. This is because Pope Benedict’s resignation was invalid in several points of Canon Law, and so Benedict remains the Vicar of Christ, and has been since April 2005.


The true Vicar of Christ is the Standard of Unity to the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church. The Standard of Unity cannot also be the vector of schism. A true Vicar of Christ cannot schism the Church from himself. Which is a really good reason we ought to cling to the true Vicar at all costs, to remain in the Barque.

So the folks who maintain that Bergoglio is definitely the one true Vicar of Christ, yet spend all day resisting him, taunting him, saying and writing the most awful disobedient things about him… those folks have a real problem on their hands. Worse still are those who recognize the danger to souls Bergoglio represents, yet remain silent, or think there is nothing they can do. Many of them cannot be bothered to investigate what the hell is going on here, even those whose job it is to do so.

Remember Antipope Bergoglio’s creepy pectoral Cross? Well, it’s EXACTLY the same Cross worn by the Satanist pedophile rapist, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

Okay. Bernardin was the American satanist who was shot straight to the top of the American church and decided who was elevated to the episcopacy in the US from the late 1960s until his death in ARSH 1996.

Bernardin was the man depicted in the opening chapter of Malachi Martin’s “Windswept House” who co-presided with Bishop John Russell over the black Mass in South Carolina that was performed concurrently with a black Mass in the Pauline Chapel inside the Vatican to “enthrone satan” in the late 1950s. The child who was raped in the South Carolina black Mass, “Agnes”, corresponded with me in ARSH 2014 and confirmed that Bernardin co-presided over the South Carolina black Mass and raped her at the “consecration” equivalent. Agnes’ father was a satanist in South Carolina and provided her to the coven and was present when she was ritually raped.

Bernardin has been recruited by satanists out of the gay bar scene in Charleston when he was a pre-med undergrad at USC. The satanists placed him into seminary and saw to it that he shot straight to the top of the American church. Bernardin was made a bishop at age 38, and at age 40 was the head of the US bishops’ conference, a position of power which he retained until his death, and his coven of protégées still control to this day.

Bernardin was a key supporter of Saul Alinsky, and Bernardin paid for Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) to be brought to Chicago and be trained in Alinskyism.

Read my piece from ARSH 2012, “The Bernardin-Alinsky-Obama Nexus” here.

Antipope Bergoglio has worn a creepy pectoral Cross with Christ (?) depicted with arms crossed since his elevation in Buenos Aires. On the left is Bergoglio before usurping the Petrine See, and on the right is after the usurpation, with a new silver version of the same Cross:

It is thought that this is actually a satanic icon, rooted in “Osiris”, and that the odd “dove” at the top is actually a goat head with horns, stylized so as to be claimed to be “a dove”. The face of the man looks like an evil death mask.

Not coincidentally, in December of ARSH 2019, a Pachamama worship ritual was performed at a televised Vatican “Christmas concert”, led by an Amazonian witch. These were the last days before the global putsch of the Covid political religion and the global interdict of the Catholic Church. This screen cap is literally of the Pachamama worship ritual inside the Paul VI hall inside the Vatican:

But here’s the new info, sent in by an eagle-eyed reader. This pectoral cross that Antipope Bergoglio wears is EXACTLY the same as that worn by the Satanist Cardinal Bernardin:

Interestingly, Wilton Gregory, the black sodomite hand-picked by the faggot Cardinal Donald Wuerl, himself a protégée of Uncle Ted McCarrick, to replace Wuerl in Washington DC, was Bernardin’s protégée (and assumed sodomy partner.) Here is a picture of the known satanist and child rapist Bernardin consecrating Wilton Gregory a Bishop at age 36, on Halloween ARSH 1983, and a picture of Gregory serving Bernardin’s Mass. You can see the edge of Bernardin’s pectoral Cross. Given Wilton Gregory’s flaming homosexuality and intimate connection with Bernardin, it is not at all unreasonable to suspect Wilton Gregory of being connected to Satanism. Which makes him just perfect to be the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington DC.

Peak ARSH 2021: A Still Life Composition by Ann Barnhardt

Ivermectin livestock injectable, syringe ONLY for extraction and measuring from the bottle, and a little somethin’ to wash it down with. Because you drink it. Preferably from a Patsy Cline Historic House souvenir shot glass.

Gobble, gobble, Y’all!

(Feel free to use water, juice, pop, anything to wash it down with. It’s bitter. But, hey, it’s medicine. Not Kool-Aid.)

(1.25 cc’s for an average man of 185 pounds, every 2-3 months as a prophylactic. Adjust dosage up per body weight. If a person is sick, three stout doses 72 hours apart. It won’t cure cancer or raise the dead, but it is one heckuva antiviral drug. I am sitting on 1300 doses, in my possession, for a total cost of $400. And no, I’d rather DIE than sell it. It’s all for free to anyone who wants it in my physical sphere, exactly as any sane government SHOULD have done a year ago. You can get it online or at most agricultural supply stores. Remember this when you hear “Catholic Thought L€ad€r$” whining about how “Th€r€’$ nothing w€ can doooooooooo….”)

Log out of social media, put down the phone and video game controller, and pick up the Rosary and you can change the world. One soul at a time, beginning with your own.

My God, my God, what a time to be alive. 🙏🏻

Early TV Sitcoms: The Contraceptive Inculcation Project Began Before The Pill Was Approved

I’ll start a list. If you think of any other examples of television families in which one or both parents were “inexplicably sterile” in the ’50s and ’60s, let me know.

Leave It to Beaver: Cleavers, 2. Rutherfords, 2. Haskells, 1. Mondellos, 4 (miserable/abusive household).

Dick Van Dyke Show, Petries, 1. Helpers, 1.

Ozzie and Harriet, 2.

Andy Griffith Show, 1 *father a widower.

Donna Reed, 2.

I Love Lucy, 1.

My Three Sons, 3 *father a widower.

Happy Days, 3.

Beverly Hillbillies, Clampetts, 1 *father a widower. Bodines, 2 (Twins) *mother a widow

Father Knows Best, 3.

Make Room For Daddy, 3 (blended).

The Brady Bunch, 6 (blended), remarried widow and widower produce no children together

Dennis the Menace, 1.

The Munsters, 1.

The Addams Family, 2.

The Patty Duke Show, 2, plus 1 identical cousin.

Bewitched, 2.

The Flintstones, 1 Flintstones, 1 Rubbles.

Jetsons, 2.

Honeymooners, 0. (Dr. Mazza says Jackie Gleason set it up thusly because parents arguing in front of their children wasn’t acceptable back then.)

“Don’t forget to take your pill, Laura.”

Mailbag: A terrifyingly typical look at an average American familial implosion

Dear Ann,

Love your blog!

This is a comment on your recent posting about married couples and children from the angle of societal fertility rates.

A couple having two children (exact replacement rate of 1.0 per person) would need four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren to maintain a replacement rate of 1.0 per person to the fourth generation.

I recently went through this analysis on my own extended family’s fertility rates. Feel free to share this on your blog (anonymizing my name please!).

My paternal grandparents (Catholic, Slavic) had eight children who lived to adulthood. They had in total 16 children (mostly lapsed Catholics) – an exact replacement rate of 1.0 per person. Those 16 grandchildren (me included) had a total of 24 children – a negative replacement rate of 0.75 per person as to that generation. There may be another one or two coming, but the majority of us are now out of, or nearing the end of, childbearing age. Outcome: 3.0 per great-grandparent, but negative replacement rate at the last generation.

My maternal grandparents (Catholic, Slavic) had three children who had six children. Those six (mostly lapsed Catholics) had a total of seven great-grandchildren (five of whom are mine – happily all still Catholic!) – a negative replacement rate of just about 50%. There may be one or two more coming, but the other grandkids are in their 30s and some are unmarried. Outcome: 0.88 per great-grandparent, and negative replacement rate at last generation.

My wife’s paternal grandparents (lapsed Catholic/agnostic, British) had four children (all agnostics), of whom there were nine grandchildren – slightly above replacement rate. Those grandchildren (mostly agnostics) had a total of 14 children (again, five of them mine and my wife’s). There may be one or two more, but they are mostly done. Outcome: 1.75 per great-grandparent, but negative replacement rate at last generation.

My wife’s maternal grandparents (agnostic, British) had one child (50% replacement rate) who had one biological child (my wife – 25% replacement rate visa-vis her grandparents) and adopted another (as much as he is loved by us, for these purposes counting him as a biological descendant would be double-counting demographically). My wife had our five children and has passed her child-bearing years. Outcome: 0.625 per great-grandparent, but positive replacement rate of 2.5 at last generation.



Hey, Investigative Journalists: The North American College’s notorious gay scene included Cardinals McCarrick and Wuerl

The North American College in Rome has a notorious gay scene, and heterosexual men there are in the minority numerically, and CERTAINLY power-wise.  Not only are roughly half of the students sodomites, the NAC is run and controlled by sodomite priests, and the social scene surrounding the North American College is a magnet for gay laymen and fag hags in Rome.  Gay male tour guides in Rome (led by their mafiosa chalice-snatching queen, the odious fraud Liz Lev) hang around the NAC and covet any invitation they get to the NAC to cruise the student body.  Some NACcers even end up getting “liturgy tutoring” from sodomite layman liturgy experts in Rome, which is, of course, a euphemism for sodomitical hook ups, not uncommonly inside of churches, or even St. Peter’s Basilica itself.  These wretched people think the Anglo Gay culture in Rome is some sort of an “elite” caste.  And, like most narcissists, they lack the self-awareness to realize that they are gutter trash who are politely tolerated (barely) by their societal betters, which includes trash collectors, taxi drivers and the people who stand in front of restaurants barking in customers.

But that isn’t the worst of it.

Ted McCarrick and Donald Wuerl, among others, were just some of the American Cardinals and Bishops who used the NAC as a cruising spot, with PLENTY OF AMBITIOUS SODOMITE SEMINARIANS AND PRIESTS in residence at the NAC who were VERY willing to engage in sodomy with with elderly bishops and Cardinals in order to secure plum posts and get on the career fast-track to elevation to the episcopacy.

This is just ONE reason that EVERYONE knew about McCarrick and the whole “Come sit on Uncle Teddy’s lap” crap.  EVERYONE in Rome knows what goes on at the NAC.  Anyone who feigns shock and ignorance is lying through their teeth.  EVERYONE understands that sodomites control the institutional US Church, and that they recruit, ordain and promote THEIR OWN.  Blackmailability is a FEATURE, not a bug, and in fact, blackmailability is a REQUIREMENT – after all, how can they “trust” you with any future position of power if you aren’t guilty of exactly the same capital crimes against nature and sacrilege that they are?  Why do you think Donald Wuerl felt so comfortable acting like a queeny bitch to everyone every time he stayed at the NAC?  Why did Donald Wuerl feel free to demand chocolates on his pillow and valet turn-down service in his guest suite at the NAC, and demand that his morning newspaper be ironed and folded in EXACTLY the right way or else throw an hysterical fag fit?  Why was Donald Wuerl so confident and at ease acting like the world’s biggest fag while at the NAC?

The question answers itself.

Journalists?  Anyone want to look into the “casting couch” culture at the North American College? Because Anthony Gorgia is just one of many, many, many men who have been harassed and scandalized by the gay cabal at the NAC.  Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

And please keep Mr. Anthony Gorgia and his legal team in your prayers.  They are going up against a billion-dollar mafia that is murderously ruthless and devoid of any semblance of conscience or shame. Gorgia is suing the unctuous predator Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the NAC, including several faggot priests that run the NAC by name, for CLEARLY discriminating against him for being heterosexual and not “an ally” of the sodomite cabal.

That fat boy’s so gay he could change a $12 bill for three $4’s or two $6’s. He is also a successor to the Apostles, and deserves to be laicized and spend the rest of his life in prison – AT MINIMUM.


Q&A: “We are in our 50s and have no real retirement savings. What do we do now?”

There is MUCH wailing and gnashing of teeth as people realize that they are in DEEP DEEP trouble with regards to retirement. No real savings, career/business destroyed, Social Security and Medicare a pipe dream Ponzi scheme that they will never benefit from, and a totalitarian Luciferian government backed by half the population that genuinely wants them dead ASAP.

What do we do? How did anyone retire before? Without retirement accounts or Social Security what did people DO when they got old?

They. Had. Children.


And not one or two, but eight, ten, twelve, fourteen children. As many as God Almighty saw fit to bless them with.

That’s right, Boomers and Gen X’ers, Those children that you “just simply couldn’t afford” and thus contracepted and whose existence YOU FREELY AND WILLFULLY CHOSE TO THWART… THEY were your retirement.


A couple with ten kids could expect eight of those children (two enter the Church?) to grow up and become independent households, and thus be able to chip in a small monthly contribution to their parents. So Mom and Dad live in their home debt-free, eight children pitching in, say, $500 per month, give Mom and Dad $4000 per month income. Easily. No one even breaks a sweat. It’s absolutely no burden on the children to pool funds like this. And when Mom and Dad need health care, in home care, even palliative care, it isn’t a burden when split among many children.

This is called COMMON SENSE. This is called MORAL SANITY. This is called “not being a selfish, materialist, perpetual narcissistic brat train wreck.”

THAT IS HOW THINGS WORKED UNTIL the advent of The Pill and the satanic lie that NOT having children will make you RICHER in the mid-20th century, exactly concurrent with… the failed Vatican II council and the promulgation of the Novus Ordo. Funny, that…

The MORTAL SIN of contraception is why Boomers and Gen X’ers who have worked their entire adult lives will now die in destitution in “the wealthiest, largest, most powerful economy in human history.”

You chose debt, and you chose DEATH with every little pill you diligently took, or had your wife take, every day. Chemical sterilization was your daily “prayer”.

There is no one to take care of you because you STRIDENTLY insisted upon it. And now thy will shall be done.

And as if all of this isn’t bad enough, as if your own suicidal mindset wasn’t enough of a sin, you indoctrinated YOUR CHILDREN to be even more narcissistic and sterile than you. That’s why your TWO children have given you ZERO grandchildren. Because YOU taught them your sinful lifestyle well. Very, very well.

Welp. Your prayers are answered. Own it, and repent, while you still can. Go to confession. That is, of course, if you can find a Catholic priest. Because, you know, priests have to actually be born in the first place.

If only someone had loved us enough to be as “mean” to us as Barnhardt.

Barnhardt Podcast #136: Office of the 136th Podcast

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In this episode we go long on discussing the Reddit Revolt against short-sellers, recap Ann’s “Going Galt” letter from what seems like forever ago, theorize a bit on what a JUST economic system might look like, and generally agree that this is another incremental step toward the chastisement for which America and the western world is generally overdue.

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Evil always tells you what it is up to: Bill Gates “predicting” forthcoming plague 10x worse than CoronaScam. Clearly this is the intended result of the Quaccine – boosting lethality of the common cold

Bill Gates is priming the propaganda pump for a soon-to-arrive any-minute-now mega-plague “ten times worse” than Corona Scam.

Now… if CoronaScam really were a once-per-century event like the Spanish Flu, how could Bill Gates know that ANOTHER event is about to happen?

How did Gates know in MINUTE DETAIL everything about the CoronaScam on October 18, ARSH 2019 at Event 201? Because Event 201 was a FINAL PREPARATORY BRIEFING for the media and government before launching the CoronaScam war on humanity.

He “knows” because the Quaccine is intended to do what all previous attempts at a CoronaVirus vaccine have done: cause enhanced viral uptake of Corona Viridae when encountered in the wild subsequently. Yes, that’s right. Gates and company are fulfilling their Luciferian (and I strongly suspect erotic) fantasies to inject people with a concoction that will, with full malice aforethought, make the common cold a lethal proposition for healthy adults.

That’s how he “knows” a plague “ten times worse” is just around the corner.

Because it’s the plan and has been all along.

Evil ALWAYS announces itself and its plans.

Antipope Bergoglio has banned Communion on the tongue globally. Tell me more about how he is TOTALLY the Pope and anyone who dares even ask questions about Pope Benedict’s resignation are “insane conspiracy theorists who can’t handle reality”

This is essentially a form letter that apparently has gone out all over the world. This version is to the Diocese of Knoxville, TN, and I also saw just yesterday essentially the same letter in Italian sent to a TLM parish in Italy.

The word is that this is Antipope Bergoglio’s PERSONAL project, to ban the non-sacrilegious reception of Holy Communion everywhere on Earth, permanently.

Because… all together now… Bergoglio is not and never has been the Vicar of Christ because Pope Benedict NEVER VALIDLY RESIGNED, and Antipope Bergoglio gives EVERY INDICATION of being the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist.

Antipope Bergoglio hates and despises God, most ESPECIALLY in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, and His Holy Church, and is attempting to destroy the Church Militant.

Antipope Bergoglio staring down his enemy. The look on Antipope Bergoglio ‘s face is pure, unadulterated hatred.

The solution to this for the faithful is to NOT RECEIVE HOLY COMMUNION in any aberrant method. Make a spiritual Communion at public Mass.

Also, let it be said that the SSPX is a very viable option.

The fact that Antipope Bergoglio is an arch-heretic IS A VISIBLE SIGN that Pope Benedict’s attempt to partially resign was invalid, and thus the faux-conclave of ARSH 2013 did nothing but vomit forth an Antipope usurper. Again, Antipope Bergoglio’s heresy and apostasy isn’t the reason why he is an Antipope. It’s just a massive VISIBLE SIGN that Pope Benedict never stopped being the Vicar of Christ.

Bergoglio CAN NOT be “deposed for heresy” because he does not and never has OCCUPIED THE SEE. The entire “depose him for heresy” tack is a total non-starter, based on a false base premise that will yield even more chaos.

Of course Bergoglio is a heretic. No serious person questions this. But that isn’t the ROOT issue. The root issue is that Pope Benedict never validly resigned.

If we don’t get this right and acknowledge the whole problem at its root, namely that Bergoglio has never had any part in the Papacy, then when Antipope Bergoglio “goes away”, IF Pope Benedict is still alive, any conclave that is called will be totally invalid as well, and then we will have ANOTHER Antipope, who will be decades younger. The Chinese Communist Party, who is already bankrolling the Vatican to the tune of $2 billion per year, has tapped the Filipino arch-heretic imbecile and high-stakes gambling addict (and thus already under the coercion of the Chinese mafia in Macau) Chito Tagle as the next Antipope.

Isn’t it interesting how people who are financially dependent upon the Church, even tangentially, will discuss 1958 sedevacantism, and are openly publicly enamored with the schismatic Eastern Orthodox all of a sudden, but categorically refuse even the mere discussion of the canonical validity of the most patently bizarre thing to happen in the Papacy in 2000 years – an attempt by a Pope, now known to be under coercion, to only half-resign.

Diabolical disorientation.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

St. Michael the Archangel, guardian of the Pope, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.