Peak ARSH 2021: A Still Life Composition by Ann Barnhardt

Ivermectin livestock injectable, syringe ONLY for extraction and measuring from the bottle, and a little somethin’ to wash it down with. Because you drink it. Preferably from a Patsy Cline Historic House souvenir shot glass.

Gobble, gobble, Y’all!

(Feel free to use water, juice, pop, anything to wash it down with. It’s bitter. But, hey, it’s medicine. Not Kool-Aid.)

(1.25 cc’s for an average man of 185 pounds, every 2-3 months as a prophylactic. Adjust dosage up per body weight. If a person is sick, three stout doses 72 hours apart. It won’t cure cancer or raise the dead, but it is one heckuva antiviral drug. I am sitting on 1300 doses, in my possession, for a total cost of $400. And no, I’d rather DIE than sell it. It’s all for free to anyone who wants it in my physical sphere, exactly as any sane government SHOULD have done a year ago. You can get it online or at most agricultural supply stores. Remember this when you hear “Catholic Thought L€ad€r$” whining about how “Th€r€’$ nothing w€ can doooooooooo….”)

Log out of social media, put down the phone and video game controller, and pick up the Rosary and you can change the world. One soul at a time, beginning with your own.

My God, my God, what a time to be alive. 🙏🏻

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.