Early TV Sitcoms: The Contraceptive Inculcation Project Began Before The Pill Was Approved

I’ll start a list. If you think of any other examples of television families in which one or both parents were “inexplicably sterile” in the ’50s and ’60s, let me know.

Leave It to Beaver: Cleavers, 2. Rutherfords, 2. Haskells, 1. Mondellos, 4 (miserable/abusive household).

Dick Van Dyke Show, Petries, 1. Helpers, 1.

Ozzie and Harriet, 2.

Andy Griffith Show, 1 *father a widower.

Donna Reed, 2.

I Love Lucy, 1.

My Three Sons, 3 *father a widower.

Happy Days, 3.

Beverly Hillbillies, Clampetts, 1 *father a widower. Bodines, 2 (Twins) *mother a widow

Father Knows Best, 3.

Make Room For Daddy, 3 (blended).

The Brady Bunch, 6 (blended), remarried widow and widower produce no children together

Dennis the Menace, 1.

The Munsters, 1.

The Addams Family, 2.

The Patty Duke Show, 2, plus 1 identical cousin.

Bewitched, 2.

The Flintstones, 1 Flintstones, 1 Rubbles.

Jetsons, 2.

Honeymooners, 0. (Dr. Mazza says Jackie Gleason set it up thusly because parents arguing in front of their children wasn’t acceptable back then.)

“Don’t forget to take your pill, Laura.”

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