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The Satanic Bernardin-Bergoglio Pectoral Cross: “Why are the feet facing different directions?” Because the figure isn’t Christ… it is the ANTICHRIST

Now THIS is extremely creepy.

An eagle-eyed reader sent a very short email regarding the posts on the Bernardin-Bergoglio super-creepy pectoral cross. “Why are the feet facing different directions?”

I made the Scooby-Doo inquisitive noise and pulled up my picture and zoomed in on the legs and feet of the figure, and sure enough, absolutely no mistake, the leg on our left is facing backward – you can clearly see the musculature of the calf shows that the view is from the rear, you can see the anatomy of the knee is from the rear, and the foot itself is the view of the Achilles’ tendon and heel. The leg and foot on our right is clearly front-facing, as it should be.

So I start looking up “backward leg or foot” and… guys, it’s NEVER good. It is a UNIVERSAL motif of the demonic. As in, inversion, mirror images, the sowing of confusion, deception, leading people astray, especially children, oftentimes to ritual death. Just a few of the demonic “backwards leg/foot” entries include:

Tata Duende (Mayan demon, child kidnapper)

Churel (South Asian demon, vampiric, hunts young men especially)

Pichal Peri (Himalayan demon)

Curupira (Brazilian demon)

Bhoots (Indian demon-ghosts)

Ciguapa (Dominican Republic demon)

Again, the common linkage with the motif of one or both legs/feet being reversed is that of DECEPTION and leading victims astray by confusion. Is the demon coming or going? Which way is it facing? The demon has a superficial initial appearance of normalcy, but is actually an inversion or MIRROR IMAGE.

If this isn’t apropos of the Bergoglian Antipapacy and the Antichurch of which he is the public face, I don’t know what is.

So now we not only see why the Bernardin-Bergoglio “pectoral cross” has a figure with a reversed leg and foot, but we also see the significance to the Luciferian cabal of usurpers at war with Jesus Christ and His Holy Church.

The figure on the Bernardin-Bergoglio pectoral cross isn’t Christ. It is the ANTICHRIST.

Barnhardt Podcast #138: Horseshoes and Hand Grenades

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LANGUAGE ALERT: Ann gets real a bit in this one…

In this episode, in which we mark the anniversary of the self-slaughter of some German monk, we discuss the math of Ivermectin dosage measurements, Xanax as a replacement for masculinity and fighting, and that children are both a spiritual AND a financial gift from God, something many Boomers are discovering a bit too late.

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Guys, seriously. Tony Fauci only frequented gay bars and bathhouses all throughout the ‘80s FOR THE SCIENCE, y’all. He had to personally experience how AIDS was transmitted. Over and over and over and over again….

Wow. Evil, psychopathic, genocidal mass murdering criminal… is also a sodomite sex pervert? With the most laughably bad cover story EVER?

I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

Read and share the whole thing HERE.

On the February 4 episode of National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air” program, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has led the NIAID since 1984, admitted to frequenting gay bars and bath houses in the 1980s, so he could gain a better scientific understanding of how HIV and AIDS spread among the homosexual population.

#TOLDYA Mailbag: Rolling blackouts? SLEEPING BAGS.

UPDATE: A reader sent in this link to a company in Colorado that makes -60F rated sleeping bags.

Thanks to you I am prepared for 18 below zero temps with rolling blackouts, which are coming tonight. When you suggested we get sleeping bags, I immediately bought one from Mountain Hardware. Never thought I’d need it, as I don’t go camping. But I got it anyway. Now I am ready for cold nights all this week.
P.S. Also got my Ivomec; just waiting on the syringes

Okay, guys. this is Ann talking now.

YES, get SLEEPING BAGS.  I have peeps in Kansas telling me of “Incomprehensible lack of power” rolling blackouts. “We’ll be utilizing wood and sleeping bags.  WHAT THE ****????”
Pro tip: you crawl into these bad-boy sleeping bags as close to naked as you can. Big Agnes is a very good brand.
Yup.  I did it on Mt. Elbert just before I bugged out.  Just to know.  If you “bundle up”, you’ll be begging for pneumonia. Let body heat DO BODY HEAT; Let the bag wick the wet nasty sweat away.  If you wear jammies, you’re soaked, and then you’re done. Sleep almost naked.  Buy a bag for every individual, and then you sleep in minimal cotton underwear. It saves on laundry too!


Lent must be close! Antipope Bergoglio re-farts his “God contaminated Himself by becoming sin” and is enchanted by his own… brand.

Wind? Angels? Holy Ghost Himself?

Remember, VISIBILITY, VISIBILITY, VISIBILITY.  It’s a hallmark of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. Deny that, and you’re a Protestant. Of the mostly LUTHERAN variety.  Ew.  And remember, the date of Luther’s SUICIDE (YES, he hung himself from his bedpost) is either today or coming up: 15 or 18 February.

Hey, anyone who would like for Frank Walker at the INDISPENSABLE to do a “Who is the Pope?” poll, just for giggles, email Frank at [email protected] and put “DO THE POLL” in the subject header. At this point, absolutely no one would accuse Frank of “promoting an agenda” or of being a “sedevacantist” if he did such a poll. Seriously.  Remnant Trad Catholics, AND THE BISHOPS AND CARDINALS THAT READ DAILY, need to know what the tactical situation on the ground is.

“Entire nations will be annihilated.” It is very possible that these words of the Blessed Virgin Mary refer to a mass suicide/auto-genocide event… such as happily being injected with a mystery concoction that makes a common cold lethal.

Read every word of Denninger’s post.

It is OBVIOUS that this entire CoronaScam war and its frantic, relentless drive toward getting “the entire planet” injected with a concoction that is not only completely unnecessary, but of a completely new “technology” with ZERO actual testing, is clearly evil and driven by a cabal of billionaire oligarchs whose common obsession for decades has been the reduction of the human population by 90% or more in a span of a few decades, or even years.

If what Denninger postulates is right, the the prophecy and warning of the Blessed Virgin Mary that “entire nations will be annihilated” is unfolding right now as people enthusiastically line up to be jabbed with a substance designed to kill them. By the tens, hundreds and thousands of millions.

The Noahic promise holds. God isn’t doing this. God has sent neither flood nor plague nor pestilence. This is a suicide operation. This is auto-genocide. And one of the key players and mouthpieces in this operation is Antipope Bergoglio, who is probably the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist. As if the Antipapacy couldn’t be any more VISIBLE.



Right now the Chinese are furiously working in their biolabs, as are a whole host of other nefarious nations, such as North Korea and likely Iran.

What are they working on?


I suspected from the start that due to the way these mRNA shots work — they are not actually a vaccine at all in that they do not “mimic” natural infection but rather cause your cells to produce the spike protein that the virus has and that elicits an immune response — that the antibodies produced by those jabs would be distinct and distinguishable from natural infection.

All of the so-called “experts” who worked to develop these and the firms involved knew damn well this was the case when they started developing them — and did it anyway.

Now we have hard, scientific confirmation of that and it’s very bad.

In fact it’s potentially nation-ending bad.

An adversary that develops a virus (e.g. another modified/mutated bat virus, for example) that selectively targets ADE in people with the specific antibodies from vaccination, which are distinct from natural infection, could easily kill every single person who was vaccinated and not harm or only make mildly sick those who either had Covid-19 naturally or who were uninfected and unvaccinated.

The nightmare scenario that has always driven bioweapons research is the push to discover some genetically distinct means of targeting a bioweapon such that it only kills your adversary and leaves everyone else alone.  It’s even worse for your adversary if your side gets and transmits it but doesn’t get sick.  This has never been found despite diligent effort in the past; all attempts to find such a distinct vulnerability have failed, showing reactivity across the board and thus strongly suggesting that if that “thing” was completed and got out it would kill indiscriminately.  That you cannot stop a virus from circulating (even isolated islands eventually got hit by the 1918 pandemic flu!) means that releasing a virus or bacteria that nobody on “your” side has been sensitized to yet doesn’t help because when (not if) the sensitizing agent gets into your population all your people die too.

This has now, for the first time in human history, been changed by the idiotic actions of our governments and pharmaceutical companies in that we are now tagging people for death by the literal millions and they will die if an adversary is able to develop a virus that targets those specific antibodies. 

Of course, said adversary will not deploy the tagging via said shots in their population and thus their people will not be attacked and killed.  Since it takes an actual jab of a needle to be sensitized absent intentional action there is no risk to the adversary’s population or troops.

I give the odds of an adversary (remember, we’re talking nations here with nearly unlimited resources and plenty of smart people) figuring out how to selectively target Covid-19 vaccination antibodies at 50% or better within the next five years.

If they succeed every single person who took one of the vaccines that produces a distinguishable antibody titer dies.

You can bet your last nickel they’re working on it right now.

What happens if they succeed and we forcibly vaccinated our children and anyone who wishes to have a “normal” life back?  The entire procreation-capable stock of people in the United States will die and so will America.

That risk is wildly beyond the boundaries of sanity to have ever been accepted and it was deliberately concealed from the people — not just here, but throughout the Western World.

It’s clearly not enough for certain ghouls to have destroyed a full year of most school-age children’s education; now they propose to risk literally extinguishing all of their lives and thus the future generations they would be able to create down the road.

I pray I’m wrong.

Mailbag: The problem with Barbie wasn’t her bodily proportions, it was her life of decadent perpetual adolescence as a fag hag.


Yup. Looking back at pics of “Ken” from the late-70s and early-80s, I’m sorry, but it HAD to have been obvious to parents that Ken was a homosexual. Yet another reason to jump on the anti-Boomer bandwagon. As if their cooperation with the promulgation of the Novus Ordo Mass wasn’t quite enough.

Hi Ann,

Riffing off your article today, I note that Barbie was introduced in 1959, which itself was fashioned after a German doll, Lilli, which was introduced in 1955.

The message for young girls entailed a paradigm shift from an adulthood spent as a wife and mother to an adulthood spent dating – but never marrying – and a lifestyle of consuming fashion. It, in a way, was the first step in the inexorable march towards “Sex and the City”, the series in which the homosexual writers layered their lifestyle of promiscuity, emotional drama, and luxurious consumerism on women.

Barbie may seem innocent, but it’s not.

Cheers, N

The point about “Sex and the City” is spot on. What that show was, was sodomite men projecting themselves upon female characters. The main female character had an ongoing “casual sex thing” with a man that she NEVER referred to by his name. I’m not sure, but I don’t think the man’s name was ever revealed. This was a total projection of the male sodomite psychosis of radical indifference – aka lovelessness, aka Diabolical Narcissism. Man. Someone should make a three hour video presentation about that. You know, as a warning.

Another aspect of that satanic show was that one of the main female characters had a baby … and felt no love or attachment to her own child, and even revulsion. This was celebrated as “not abnormal” and “totally okay”. Not surprisingly, the actress who played this psychopathic mother shortly abandoned her husband in real life and “married” a female sodomite who was the ugly, masculine dead-ringer of the actress herself. And drug her children into this hot mess. Of course. Because there is pretty much nothing a woman can do to NOT get custody of the child victims.


Today. Not even trying to be coy about Ken’s homosexuality.

Barnhardt Podcast Episode 137: Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this episode, Ann is joined by Mark “Lenny” Docherty and Dr. Edmund “Squiggy” Mazza, where they explore the latest letter from Archbishop Vigano, highlighting therein various examples of his stunning departure from logic and reason. The pesky problem of holding a false base premise, exposition on the law of non-contradiction, the obedience due a true pope, and the dangers of a downright Protestant mindset are all explored. We then turn to current events, the January 6th Capital “riot”, faux-inauguration, the coming uber cancel culture purge, Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes (11 February, the date Pope Benedict chose to read out his quasi-renunciation), the Immaculate Conception, the Reichstag fire and subsequent abrogation of God-given rights, and the suspension of law/state of exception/state of necessity. So pour yourself a milk and Pepsi. Nothing’s gonna turn us back now, straight ahead and on the track now!

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NonVeni Mark taste tested the horse paste version of Ivermectin

“It opens on the palate with overtones of drywall and caulking. It then opens up on the palate into wall spackling and ‘licking a terra cotta flowerpot filled with your grandmother’s marigolds.’ Finally, the perfume finds its way into your sinuses and throat with an explosion of ‘street sweepers cleaning up after the big parade’.

Okay. I might have made all of that up.

Read up on NonVeni Mark’s adventures in clandestine pharmacology HERE.

And, because you know I had to…