#TOLDYA Mailbag: Rolling blackouts? SLEEPING BAGS.

UPDATE: A reader sent in this link to a company in Colorado that makes -60F rated sleeping bags.

Thanks to you I am prepared for 18 below zero temps with rolling blackouts, which are coming tonight. When you suggested we get sleeping bags, I immediately bought one from Mountain Hardware. Never thought I’d need it, as I don’t go camping. But I got it anyway. Now I am ready for cold nights all this week.
P.S. Also got my Ivomec; just waiting on the syringes

Okay, guys. this is Ann talking now.

YES, get SLEEPING BAGS.  I have peeps in Kansas telling me of “Incomprehensible lack of power” rolling blackouts. “We’ll be utilizing wood and sleeping bags.  WHAT THE ****????”
Pro tip: you crawl into these bad-boy sleeping bags as close to naked as you can. Big Agnes is a very good brand.
Yup.  I did it on Mt. Elbert just before I bugged out.  Just to know.  If you “bundle up”, you’ll be begging for pneumonia. Let body heat DO BODY HEAT; Let the bag wick the wet nasty sweat away.  If you wear jammies, you’re soaked, and then you’re done. Sleep almost naked.  Buy a bag for every individual, and then you sleep in minimal cotton underwear. It saves on laundry too!


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