Barnhardt Axiom #2 Reminder for the “Little Guys”

Barnhardt Axiom #2:

If you can’t stand in front of it and defend it with long guns, it isn’t “yours”, and probably never was.

“But…but…but… I have a VAULT CERTIFICATE!! I have a BROKERAGE STATEMENT!!”

Aren’t you adorable.

Yeah, you have a “vault certificate” and Xiao Jiden got 81 million votes. The MF Global customers had “brokerage statements” too. Yooooou betcha. I’ve also heard that Bruce Jenner and that tranny madman in Pennsylvania have spiffy new drivers licenses that say “female”, too. Because “official documents” are the arbiter of reality. Speaking of official documents, Barry Soetoro’s photoshopped birth certificate with the element layers left ungrouped was totally “official” too. The faces on the television said so.

Futures and ETFs are NOT NOT NOT physical or anything close to it, no matter how many fraudulent vault certificates with serial numbers are waved in your face. IF the bullion even exists, you’re “sharing” serial numbers with at least ten other people, if not more.

Let the Nerds do this. Don’t mess with paper. If you have physical metals, great. Just hold them. Volatility can’t hurt you if you own and personally possess a physical asset outright. That is the power of a strong equity position. If you don’t have physical in your personal possession by now, and you had YEARS of pleading warnings to buy physical and a suppressed market to buy in, well, then this is just a spectator sport. “Too late” is a real thing that happens in real life. Windows close. C’est la vie.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.