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From the “Why Didn’t I Think of That” File: Thanksgiving Joy

This via the REAL Francis of our day, Francis Porretto,

I give you…



Cooking spray

1 (15-oz.) can pumpkin puree

1 c. heavy cream

3/4 c. packed brown sugar

3 large eggs

1 tsp. pure vanilla extract

1 tsp. cinnamon

1/2 tsp. kosher salt

1/2 tsp. cloves

1/2 tsp. ground ginger

1/4 tsp. nutmeg




Preheat oven to 325°. Grease a 9” pie plate with cooking spray. In a large bowl, whisk ingredients together. Pour into pie plate and smooth top with an offset.

Bake pie until center only slightly jiggles, 1 hour. Turn off oven and prop door open with a wooden spoon and let cool in oven, 1 hour.

Refrigerate until set, at least 4 hours and up to overnight. Serves 8.

Thanksgiving for material blessings should be subordinated to gratitude for Christ’s forgiveness of our sins in the Confessional, through His Passion, Death and Resurrection. ESPECIALLY this year.

Dear Ann,

I first came across your blog in 2012. My husband had abandoned me for another woman. I was very naïve during my marriage and had no idea I was married to a narcissist, until he walked out of my life. I was a wife of a decorated military officer. He commanded a squadron and personified all the public qualities of being an officer and a “gentleman.” Privately, in the confines of our home, he was a completely different man.

When he wanted “out” of our marriage, something came over him that is difficult to describe in words. For me, it was unadulterated evil flowing through his eyes. By the pure mercy of God, in which I deserved not His benevolence, He saved me from a premature death. In all likelihood, I would have left the marriage in a body bag if my husband had his way…(details redacted…)

Five years later, my ex-husband is still full of rage and hate towards me. It defies understanding.

However, the destruction he wrought upon me has taken me many years to overcome. I am still in the process of rebuilding and reclaiming my lost life. The devaluing and discarding for me was the most painful of the treatment for it wasn’t always so obvious. He was a master charlatan and con artist.

It wasn’t until I heard your diabolical narcissism talks last year that I finally understood with clarity what I was up against in my marriage and divorce. I am very grateful for everything you said in those talks. For the first few years post divorce, I was like exactly like Lot’s wife – wistfully looking back to what I now know is a false reality.

The sins of my ex-husband I choose not to elaborate; however, after many years of marriage, I know the tragic state of my own sinfulness and culpability — the bitter fruits of a godless Catholic marriage. My soul was spiritually dead and I lived in the dark abyss of hell. I look back on those days and wonder how I even survived….

This brings me to the reason why I write. I listened to your podcast about St Mary Magdalene. It was beautifully done. I, though, also wanted to share with you some very beautiful imagery of this fascinating and repentant woman. You may already be familiar with these images.

I have a deep affection for St Mary Magdalene and ask for her intercession daily. The imagery I wanted to share with you comes from the visions of Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s Life of Jesus. I know these are private revelations, but after reading this book, one cannot help but be changed interiorly and for the better.

Bl. Anne Catherine’s visions of Mary Magdalene are riveting. She was the youngest sister of Lazarus and Martha. Their family was incredibly wealthy and Mary was given an estate in Magdalum when she was very young. She had servants and “entertained” men since she was in her pre-teens. Bl Anne said she was exquisitely beautiful. Her hair was long, dark and thick, which she often would adorn with jewels and pearls woven in her plaited hair. She wore beautiful refined clothes and was embarrassed by her older sister who wore plain, modest and unattractive clothing. When Jesus began his public ministry, Mary Magdalene was in her early 20s and purposely separated herself from Lazarus and Martha to maintain her current lifestyle.

Mary’s conversion was not immediate. Her conversion is a testament to Jesus’ great love for her and a hope for all of us penitents. Jesus was particularly close to Lazarus. It was Lazarus who financially funded Jesus’ ministry paying for food, Sabbaths, accommodations, etc. Mary refused to be part of her siblings’ ventures and often refused to attend any of Jesus’ teachings when Martha and the other holy women would invite her. One evening during a Sabbath, the holy women were playing a game with shells and a pearl and were outwardly discussing Mary’s lifestyle and their concern for her. During the game the pearl fell off the table and was lost. It was at this point, Jesus came to the women while they were looking for the pearl and told them that they must continue to pray for Mary; but He assured them that she will be converted and when she was, she would be the greatest of all penitents. He then told them that Mary was like the pearl – the pearl of great price and offered for the first time this similitude, which he attributed to Mary Magdalene. He also said to Martha in order to console her in her concerns for Mary:

“If even one germ of penance, of contrition, of love, of faith has, in consequence of My words, fallen upon some poor erring heart, it will bear fruit, it will be set down in favor of that poor sinner, it will live and increase. I Myself shall nourish it, shall cultivate it, shall present it to My Father.”

After this incident, Martha often invited Mary to listen to Jesus preach, but Mary would turn her down; yet her soul was growing more and more troubled.  Her troubled soul became somewhat of an obsession and she secretly sought ways to look for Jesus without being noticed. During one of the times Jesus was set to preach, Martha invited Mary and she accepted the invitation to listen to Jesus. It was at this time Mary’s first deliverance from a demon occurred and she wept at Jesus’ feet. Yet, she was not fully free. After that event, she returned home to Magdalum and continued in her sexual sinful ways. In doing so, seven demons took possession of her causing her to fall into more grievous sins.

Mary was a tortured and afflicted soul. When Jesus delivered Mary from the seven demons, Mary had come to a place where she wanted and desired repentance and reformation. She was consumed with longing to cease her sinful ways and showed Jesus deep sorrow for her sinful life. It was then that Jesus freed her from all of her afflictions and demons. A sorrowful and contrite demeanor and countenance replaced her exquisite beauty. She no longer adorned herself with jewels and refined clothing. She wept continually out of reparation for her sins and for the HOLY GRATITUDE and love she had for Jesus.

The most telling thing about Mary’s final conversion was that after Jesus delivered her from the seven demons, he instructed Mary to go to His Mother and never leave her side for she is heavenly purity. Jesus told Mary that His Mother would teach her how to be pure and remain pure.

I relate to St Mary Magdalene because I know what it is like to be tortured in soul and heart, as well as my conversion has not been swift or painless. But, through it all, I contemplate how Mary Magdalene suffered and how her desire to cease sinning and accept Jesus’ mercy and love allowed her to be so deeply in love with Him. It gives me great hope that my struggle is not in vain and that Jesus hopefully is nourishing, cultivating the germ He planted in my heart, in which one day He too will present me to His Father.

Thank you for all that you do to inspire us to greater faith.

In Corde Jesus,


PS: I apologize for the length of this email. I really only wanted to thank you for making such an impact on my life.

The Mourning Magdalene, detail, Colijn de Coter, ARSH 1550

Take up My yoke upon you, and learn of Me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls. For My yoke is sweet and My burden light.”

Indeed.  Truer words never spoken.

You have no idea.  NO IDEA.

Come to Me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Take up My yoke upon you, and learn of Me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls. For My yoke is sweet and My burden light.

Matthew 11: 28-30



Over the transom: LA Herald Examiner, Extra Edition, November 22, ARSH 1963

Dear Miss Barnhardt,

Enclosed are two photos I took from a newspaper my parents saved from the Los Angeles Herald Examiner and one from the LA Times that may interest you in what happened Nov. 22nd, 1963 on the other side of the globe at that time.

#1 is the cover for that day. JFK assassinated.

#2 is what was on the 3rd page of the same newspaper. (Change of Liturgy)

#3 is from the LA Times on Nov. 26th, 1963

The LA Times piece almost reads as satire. “Ritualistic garble.” “Jungle drums, nose flutes, and the like.”

AGAIN, IN HOPES THAT IT HELPS: They are ALL blackmailable, and many of them HATE GOD.

(This piece was originally penned and posted just over two years ago in November of ARSH 2018.  Given that the Mass is banned in many places, the Third Commandment “abrogated”, Masonic submission veils demanded in all public and most private places, and even the private celebration of Christian Holidays has been declared illegal, all with the gleeful and enthusiastic cooperation of Antipope Bergoglio and the Antichurch, this piece is even more relevant than when it was written.  Fast and pray for Pope Benedict, the one and only living Vicar of Christ, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.)

It is more and more heartbreaking with each passing day to watch people try to process what is happening in The Church, with so many losing faith day by day, bit by bit.  And it is all unnecessary, caused by the fact that people are operating from a false premise – actually two.  The first is the false premise that Jorge Bergoglio is the Pope.  He is not.  Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, is the one and only living Pope.  Ratzinger’s attempted resignation was made in the substantially erroneous belief by Ratzinger that he could “expand” the papacy and resign the administrative aspect of the Petrine munus (office), whilst retaining the contemplative portion of the office.  He did this in an attempt to appease the Freemasonic-Sodomite mafia that was pressuring, and almost certainly threatening or blackmailing him to quit.  Also, Ratzinger is a notorious quitter.  One of his close Bavarian friends, upon learning of his attempted resignation declared, “He haz quit everyzing he haz eva dun!”

Here is a quote from Pope Benedict’s personal secretary, and a character that I find to be more and more nefarious and troubling with each passing day, Archbishop Georg Ganswein from his speech at the Gregorianum in Rome in May of ARSH 2016:

“The key word in that [resignation] statement is munus petrinum, translated — as happens most of the time — with “Petrine ministry.” And yet, munus, in Latin, has a multiplicity of meanings: it can mean service, duty, guide or gift, even prodigy. Before and after his resignation, Benedict understood and understands his task as participation in such a “Petrine ministry.” He has left the papal throne and yet, with the step made on February 11, 2013, he has not at all abandoned this ministry.”

I would also point out that the fear of blackmail truly is universal among them because, yes, the vast, vast, vast majority of clerics, prelates and especially cardinals today are sodomites (the higher the rank, the more sexual perversion is considered a necessary prerequisite, a feature, not a bug), but EVEN FOR THE VERY FEW MEN LEFT IN THE CURIA AND COLLEGE OF BISHOPS WHO ARE NOT SEX PERVERTS, THEY TOO LIVE IN FEAR BECAUSE THE SODOMITE MAFIA, ESPECIALLY IN ROME, IS READY, WILLING AND ABLE TO DEPLOY FALSE WITNESSES, OFTEN TIMES MALE PROSTITUTES, WHO WILL FALSELY ACCUSE ANYONE OF SODOMY IN EXCHANGE FOR PAYMENT.

Additionally, the infiltration of sodomites into the priesthood is so massive that EVERY bishop and every cleric that has had ANY authority whatsoever has had sodomite priests within their sphere of influence.  EVERY SINGLE ONE.  Therefore, EVERY priest and certainly every bishop can be accused at this point of “not doing anything about Fr. X” or “turning a blind eye to Fr. Y”.

A heterosexual bishop can NEVER say to himself, “I have nothing to worry about.” They ALL live in terror of the sodomite mafia. Every single one of them.

So that is false premise number one, that Bergoglio is the Pope, which he is not. He is an Antipope.

The second false premise that people simply refuse to grasp (and yes, I use the words “REFUSE to grasp” very intentionally) is the fact that Antipope Bergoglio, and a terrifyingly high percentage of churchmen today very simply HATE GOD AND HIS HOLY CHURCH.

Why do they hate God? For many it is because God is perfect good and thus condemns sodomy and all forms of sexual perversion.  Most of these men are sodomites – ACTIVE sodomites – and they hate God because they know that God will never, ever condone or ratify their evil, monstrous, narcissistic, hateful sodomitical acts which they all relish and luxuriate in.  Beyond that, THEY HATE GOD precisely because He loves them.  Yes, Diabolical Narcissists HATE people who love them.  They hate people who love them first because they hate people who are capable of love, something the DNs have freely chosen to never, ever do.  God IS love. Are we seeing the problem? Second, the DNs know deep down that when someone loves you, and in this case we are talking about God Himself, there is a responsibility to receive that love, and return it.  As Christ said at least four times in John chapter 14, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.”  To DNs, being loved is viewed as an attack, an attempt to control or “emotionally manipulate” them, or even worse, an attempt to reduce their singular elite status and superiority by “tricking” them into a relationship that will ultimately require them to submit or make themselves subject to another being – even if that being is God Himself.  (See Ephesians 5 and St. Paul’s discourse on marriage as an image of Christ’s love for His Bride, The Church.)

Finally, it must be said that relatively small number of them are, in fact, satanists.  The Vatican is the nexus of the practice of satanism in the world today, and has been for decades.  As I wrote not long ago, I strongly suspect that the “Gay Orgy” that was raided last year that Cardinal Coccopalmerio was “presiding over” was, in fact, a satanic liturgy of some kind.  A few weeks ago, Voris and ChurchMilitant claimed to have intel from inside the Vatican that the 300 page dossier that was prepared and delivered to Pope Benedict in December of ARSH 2012 not only outlined the saturation of sodomites inside the Vatican, but also – and this is new info – reported on the presence and practice of satanism inside the Vatican, which is completely intertwined with sodomy by definition.

It was pointed out to me that if one inverts the Divine Praises, it is a perfect explanation of the mindset of Bergoglio and his Freemasonic-faggot cabal.

These are the Divine Praises, which are said at Benediction, that is, when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed in a monstrance, adored, and then the priest blesses the people with the monstrance containing Our Lord. After the blessing, the Divine Praises are recited.  The priest says each form of praise, and the people repeat after him.

Blessed be God.
Blessed be His Holy Name.
Blessed be Jesus Christ, true God and true Man.
Blessed be the Name of Jesus.
Blessed be His Most Sacred Heart.
Blessed be His Most Precious Blood.
Blessed be Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.
Blessed be the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.
Blessed be the great Mother of God, Mary most Holy.
Blessed be her Holy and Immaculate Conception.
Blessed be her Glorious Assumption.
Blessed be the Name of Mary, Virgin and Mother.
Blessed be St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse.
Blessed be God in His Angels and in His Saints.

If you want to understand Antipope Jorge Bergoglio and all of these execrable faggot heretics who are trying to utterly destroy The Church and drag as many people into hell as they can, all you need do is replace the words “Blessed be…” with “They hate…” in the Divine Praises, and all will become crystal, crystal clear.

They hate God.

(We know this because they hate His Law, His Church and the right worship of Him in every form.)

They hate His Holy Name.

(Antipope Bergoglio has gone out of his way to deliver entire speeches in which the Name of Jesus Christ is never once uttered.  Also, Bergoglio goes out of his way to cover his pectoral cross in all of his monthly prayer intention videos, as another example, and has numerous times REFUSED to bless a group because to bless in the Name of The Father, and of The Son, and of The Holy Ghost “might be offensive to some”.)

They hate Jesus Christ, true God and true Man.

(Antipope Bergoglio has denied the Divinity of Christ multiple times, for example denying the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes several times.)

They hate the Name of Jesus.

(Again, repeating the importance of the Name of Jesus. I once had the intense misfortune of being acquainted with a sacriligious sodomite whose favorite expression of disgust and contempt was, “Oh sweet Jesus!”  It was a dead giveaway.  Using someone’s name as an expression of disgust is an act of profound hatred. Antipope Bergoglio is notorious inside the Vatican for his stunningly vile language, often using shockingly blasphemous expressions.)

They hate His Most Sacred Heart.

(They hate His Most Sacred Heart because it is pure love – and love for them personally, which as we discussed above, enrages them.)

They hate His Most Precious Blood.

(They hate His Most Precious Blood because He shed it for them and their sins.  They refuse to acknowledge that their sins are sins.  In fact, many of them believe that their sins are a sign of their superior nature and elite status, or that they will be judged by anyone or anything, including Christ Himself.)

They hate Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

(Of course they do, because the Eucharist is The Sacrament of Love. THIS IS WHY BERGOGLIO AND THE REST WILL NOT GENUFLECT NOR KNEEL BEFORE THE BLESSED SACRAMENT. This is why they hate The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass and are seeking to eliminate it from the face of the earth.  This is why they are trying to get as many people as possible to receive the Eucharist in a state of mortal sin, because that is a desecration of the Eucharist, and act of supreme sacrilege. They are, like Judas Iscariot in John 6, embarrassed by The Eucharist, and hate The Eucharist for what it is – pure Love.)

Total contempt. Abject hatred.

They hate The Holy Spirit, the Paraclete.

(The Holy Spirit is The Spirit of Truth, and Bergoglio and his cabal are servants of the lie, and of Satan, who is a liar and a murderer. The Holy Spirit also guides and protects The Church.  Since Antipope Bergoglio and his cabal of Freemasonic faggots want to destroy The Church, The Holy Spirit is, by definition, their enemy.)

They hate the great Mother of God, Mary Most Holy.

(They hate her for the same reasons satan and the demons hate her: her humility, her goodness, her beauty, her purity, and because she is the Mother of the Church which they are seeking to destroy, the Mediatrix of all graces, and the Co-redemptrix. This is why Bergoglio uttered the blasphemy that Mary, at the foot of the Cross, doubted, and accused God of being a liar.)

They hate her Holy and Immaculate Conception.

(The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin points directly toward the reality of Original Sin, a dogma which Antipope Bergoglio and his cabal of Freemasonic faggots deny and are desperate to purge from the minds of men.)

They hate her Glorious Assumption.

(They hate her Assumption into heaven because it testifies to her sinlessness, and to the promise of the resurrection of the body and the true end of man, the Beatific Vision. Antipope Bergoglio and his Freemason-faggot cabal want to keep men completely focused on the world, sensuousness and materialism, and that the only “heaven” is the “heaven” men create on earth, and that the worst that can happen at death is soul annihilation.)

They hate the Name of Mary, Virgin and Mother.

(They hate her perpetual virginity, not only because it testifies directly to the Divinity of Christ, but also to her purity, which they hate.)

They hate St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse.

(They hate St. Joseph for his purity and for his masculinity, specifically his wondrous fulfillment of fatherhood – Antipope Bergoglio and his cabal of Freemasonic faggots are anti-fathers to Christ’s flock, not loving protectors and guardians as St. Joseph was, but rather murderous wolves – and they know it.)

They hate God in His Angels and in His Saints.

(They hate the Angels and Saints because the Angels and Saints love God, enjoy the Beatific Vision, and thus love all men, and intercede for and protect men and The Church Militant.  Since Antipope Bergoglio and his Freemasonic faggot cabal hate God, they also, by definition, hate God’s friends.)

I don’t know what I can do to explain this more clearly.  I hope this helps at least one person understand what is going on, and thus REDUCE the confusion and scandal being caused by the Bergoglian antipapacy and events in The Church today.  Reality only makes sense when addressed from a foundation of THE TRUTH.  If you keep trying to process this situation from the false premise of these people being lovers of God and His Church and men of good will, which they clearly are not, and from the false premise of Bergoglio being the Pope, you will, eventually, either go bonkers, or apostasize, and that apostasy will either be following Bergoglio into the apostate church that he is preparing and setting up, OR you will have to deny that Christ and His Holy Church ever existed in the first place, because if the man who truly is the Vicar of Christ sets up an apostate church, then Christ’s promises were empty lies, which would then directly indicate that Christ was not Divine, which would then mean that His death on the Cross was meaningless, which would then mean that we are not saved, and have no hope of being saved. Q.E.D.

Except NOT Q.E.D. Because the base premise is false.

Do you see why this matters SO VERY, VERY MUCH and why I keep screaming no matter what?

Again, I hope this helps.

For those of us who showed up fashionably late, a lesson in how fast culture tanked concurrent with Vatican II and the attack on the Mass

Our window here is ARSH 1958-1968, just to make it an even decade.

The first video is from the 19 part serial “Annette” which aired every afternoon as a segment of the Mickey Mouse Club. Each installment was ten minutes long, and thus the whole serial ran over four weeks in February and March of ARSH 1958. Other such serials on the Mickey Mouse Club were “The Adventures of Spin and Marty” and “The Hardy Boys”. In watching the entire serial, what is most fascinating are the comments on YouTube by people who were kids and lived through the 1950s. They all agree that YES, LIFE REALLY WAS LIKE THIS. This isn’t an idealized Disney fantasy world. Kids really did comport themselves like this, address each other and adults like this, engage in social and recreational activities like this, sing and dance together like this, dress in suits and semi-formal dresses to visit a friend’s home in the evening, etc.

But what is even more stunning is that the people living through that era as kids report that to a certain extent they KNEW that they were living through a remarkable time, and that they could appreciate, even as children and in the moment, that they were dwelling inside a bubble of civility that was special and likely wouldn’t last.

The next video is from only ten years later – stop and think of ARSH 2010 and how “close” it seems, and then consider the sheer violence of going from “Annette” to… shrieking drug-addled lesbians. And the truth is, this is a fairly mild example. At least Joplin was wearing clothes. Note also the hellish, demonic-sounding dissonance of the electric guitar in the opening bars, later recalled in Joplin’s vocals. Also for reference, Annette Funicello was 89 days older than Janis Joplin. They were almost exactly the same age.

It is no coincidence whatsoever that this broad spectrum societal nosedive occurred at exactly the same time as the failed Second Vatican Council and the advent of the Novus Ordo Mass. There is a direct cause and effect dynamic. The one-two punch of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo was a shot of nitrous oxide into the intake manifold of satan’s war machine.

“Nuclear Scientists” indeed. What sub-70 average IQ looks like.

Many people are incredulous at statistics as shown below that indicate that many countries have a population with AVERAGE IQ’s under 70 – which is mild retardation. People simply do not believe that it is possible for entire nations to be operating on such a level.

The fascinating RadioSavana feed shows examples of these sub-70 “nuclear scientists” because Italy is being intentionally flooded with such people, with Antipope Bergoglio leading the effort. This isn’t akin to the emigration of Italians to the Americas, or the Irish, or any other historical movement of people. This is something totally different, which has as its end goal the total destruction of human civilization, most especially of Christian Europe.

The New World Order wants these people around because they make good mercenaries. They will do ANYTHING they are told in exchange for a very small salary and permission to rape.

The text says:

“Nuclear Scientist tries to travel clandestinely by hiding himself in the engine of a plane within the blades of the turbine. Brilliant.”

Guest Post: ”The Wild Imagination of Roberto De Mattei” by Michael Linden*

Roberto De Mattei recently published an article on The Secret Forces That Operate in History [1], wherein he agrees with G. Malgieri in maintaining that “those who contest the only protective system we have [i.e., wearing masks and practicing social distancing]  […] are frankly ridiculous”. He goes on to say that the government officials (“the ones who decide the “states of exception” “) must be obeyed lest we ignite “permanent chaos”. In De Mattei’s view, “the emergency situation humanity finds itself in [is] certainly willed by God”.

There are many mistakes in De Mattei’s account.

First, he admits that conspiracies do exist,[2] but we should use reason and not imagination in finding out what counts as a genuine conspiracy. Nothing would be wrong with this common sense assumption, if it weren’t for the implicit gaslighting of whomever happens to disagree with De Mattei on the analysis of the current situation and for the sloppy references to Saint Thomas. De Mattei maintains that whoever has doubts that we are facing an health-care crisis is led by restless imagination and not by reason. Such a disorder, De Mattei implies, is the result of not living in the state of grace. Aquinas certainly maintained that the intellect and the imagination are different powers of the soul, but he never said that the imagination can make conceptual connections between events, as De Mattei is implying, nor did Saint Thomas refer to imagination as a “form of thought which doesn’t follow fixed rules nor logical connections”. The imagination is not a form of thought but a power that we share with (some) non-rational animals. Aquinas would have never said that “it isn’t possible to maintain logic without the help of grace” – whatever that means. Rather, Saint Thomas wrote that after the fall “in so far as the reason is deprived of its order to the true, there is the wound of ignorance” (I-II, q. 85, a.3c): human beings are no longer oriented towards truth, as it would have been before the fall, but do not cease to be rational, i.e. logical: “sin cannot entirely take away from man the fact that he is a rational being” (I-II, q. 85, a.2c). De Mattei’s gaslighting is subtle in that it implies that whoever does not go along with mainstream depictions of events is not only crazy (i.e., unable to reason and carried away by restless imagination), but is also in the state of mortal sin, because it is only grace that make us reason. One can only hope that De Mattei’s academic publications are not as lousy as this article.

Next, De Mattei criticizes the Italian philosopher Diego Fusaro, who happens to be among those who criticize the current handling of the coronavirus situation. De Mattei stresses that Fusaro is a “Neo-communist”. Fusaro’s first books were certainly inspired by K. Marx, but people can change over time. But even if Fusaro were still a Marxist to this day, it is worth noting that De Mattei’s tactic seems to consist in attributing an opinion to an untrusted source in order to disqualify the opinion itself. Saint Thomas, on the contrary, would have said that “every truth, no matter by whom it is spoken, comes from the Holy Spirit” (Super ev. S. Joannis lectura, c. 1, l. 3). Even if Fusaro were to be a Marxist (I don’t know whether this is still the case), if he were to say something true about the current world events (and I again don’t know if this is the case), Saint Thomas would say that Fusaro is right. De Mattei would say that Fusaro must be wrong because in the past he wrote bad books.

Finally, De Mattei argues that the epidemic is willed by God and we must conform to government dictates. He quotes Saint Alphonsus as saying that whatever happens to us is willed by God. The quotation, however, is out of context. Saint Alphonsus makes clear that God does not want anybody’s sin, even though He wants the humiliations that other people’s sins can cause on us because He wants us to do penance. By cherry-picking his quotations, De Mattei wrongly implies that God may want lockdowns, mask-wearing and other impositions that are crippling in the West.

De Mattei seems to believe that we are dealing with an epidemic. It might be “pseudo-logic” to look at the actual numbers, but according to the figures released by the Italian Istituto superiore di sanità, the median age at death for people with a positive Sars-Cov2 test is 82 years [3], whereas life expectancy for the overall population was 82.98 years in 2018 – the last year the figures were released. [4]

Even if there were an actual epidemic that were shortening life by about one year, and lockdowns and masks were effective in fighting it, one might wonder whether a 10% GDP drop [5] and the obligation to receive Holy Communion in the hand are a reasonable price to pay to live roughly 12 more months.

But it could also be, as De Mattei implies, that only people who are no longer able to reason because they live in mortal sin would ask themselves this question.

*Michael Linden is a nom de guerre


[2] In his book Alla sinistra di Lutero (Chieti, 2017), De Mattei implies that the ideological background of freemasonry is Protestantism. The evidence presented by De Mattei in favor of this claim is certainly much more limited than the evidence showing that there is no statistically significant global epidemy at this moment.


English report:

[4] The last available figures are from 2018:


Consider: the same person who holds that the earth is overpopulated, wants to ‘save’ your life with a vaccine.”

Italy, realizing that they are literally weeks from total, irreversible economic collapse admits: We made a mistake. We have counted heart attacks and anything else with a “positive” swab as COVID.

Staring down the barrel of total economic ruin has a way of clarifying and sharpening the mind. I’m told by Italian contacts that business owners are almost unanimously telling the banks and government (but I repeat myself) that if lockdowns of any kind persist after Christmas, almost every non-mega corporation business in Italy will fold.

And now, looky here.  They’re coming clean.

Bassetti: “We were wrong: even those who had a heart attack were registered as deaths from Covid”

Guest of L’aria che tira , the infectious disease specialist Matteo Bassetti explained: “We made a mistake by counting deaths in a different way than in the rest of Europe. Do we want to continue making mistakes? We are dramatically decreasing in lethality but we have an original sin that concerns March-April, where anyone who arrived at the hospital with a positive swab, even if he had a heart attack, was qualified as dead from Covid “.

This bull was pointed out here, in this very space, on March 24th.  A screen cap of an Italian newspaper piece explicitly admitting that reported deaths were “CON (with)” not “PER (from)” CoronaCold came over my transom, and it was scrubbed from said newspaper within MINUTES.  

Italy, second only to Japan in the percentage of its population that is over age 70, is basically calling EVERY death, and Italy has 2000 deaths per day just as a natural fact (the US has 7500 per day), of a person who has so much as coughed within the past ten months “Covid”.  If grandma dies peacefully in her sleep of a heart attack or stroke without ANY indication of being ill in any way, it is TRIUMPHANTLY declared Covid, many times without any testing whatsoever.  It’s mentally pathological.  People WANT to have a COVID “martyr” in the family (because remember, Covidism is a RELIGION, and the apostate Italians have zealously converted after having been scandalized out of the One True Church by sodomite-mafioso priests and bishops), and the government want$ a$ many “COVID CORP$€$” a$ po$$ibl€.

This is typical of Italy.  Italy changes sides in wars notoriously in order to be on the “winning side” at the end.  Italians today tell themselves and believe that they “won” WWII because they changed sides from the Axis to the Allies at the last minute.  Yes, this is extremely simplified, but it is still true.

I must give credit to the Italian race, though.  The Nazis raged at the “incompetence and cowardice” of Italian soldiers, when the truth was that Italian soldiers were totally demoralized by eye witnessing Nazi atrocities, and many, knowing full-well that they were on the wrong side, half-***ed their way through the war, and so many Italians, regarded as cannon fodder by the Nazis, died.  The Italians also, to their credit, when ordered by Berlin to bomb the noble island nation of Malta, intentionally dropped their bombs in the sea.  The Nazis, fuming, then bombed Malta themselves.  And the city of Valletta was TOTALLY rebuilt after being flattened to rubble EXACTLY as it was before in every detail, such that the war damage is completely imperceptible today.  The Maltese are exemplary in their national pride and resilience.