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Mailbag: An attorney checks in on religious exemption letters

Dear Ann:

I listened to your last Podcast and wanted to confirm and elaborate on what you said about obtaining religious exemption letters. As more employers are now requiring their employees to brutally attack their own genetic material as a condition of keeping their jobs, and as faithless, gutless Bishops are publicly proclaiming Catholics may morally receive the abortion-tainted death jabs in good conscience, I wanted to remind your readers of a couple basic legal points about religious exemptions under the federal Title VII religious discrimination laws.

First of all, to request a religious exemption from your employer, you are NOT REQUIRED to have a letter from a religious person (i.e. clergy) in authority to back up your request. All that is required to trigger your rights is to make it clear to your employer that you are requesting an exemption from “the vaccine” based on a sincerely held religious belief. There are no “magic words” you need to use, just enough to make it clear to your employer that you are refusing to take the jab out of a religious or moral conviction.

The second thing to keep in mind, even if you are Catholic and your bishop (or even a real Pope!) publicly proclaims that Catholics can morally receive “the vaccine”, you can still claim a religious exemption for a sincerely held religious belief. In other words, it doesn’t matter even if you are Catholic if your belief does not line up with the Vatican’s official position or it conflicts with Bergoglio’s opinions. This was made explicitly clear in two Supreme Court cases: U.S. vs. Seeger, 380 U.S. 163 (1965) and Welsh vs. U.S., 398 U.S. 333 (1970). Although these were conscientious objector cases pertaining to the military draft, the courts have since applied the reasoning of these cases to Title VII religious discrimination cases.

Having said that, if you are able to obtain a religious exemption letter from your pastor or priest, that is a good thing. If an employer asks for one, as a practical matter, it will likely help secure an exemption from getting jabbed or provide support for some type of reasonable accommodation. Every situation must be evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the requirements of the job.

Lastly, it is true that the employer does not have to honor your request or make a reasonable accommodation if it causes the employer “undue hardship.” In religious exemption cases, that “undue hardship” standard is fairly easy for an employer to meet. Nevertheless, I wanted to remind your readers that they should not be discouraged or be shy about pushing back against these employer “vaccine” mandates just because their own priests and bishops are throwing them under the bus.

I hope this helps.


Hmmm. Do we really think that the words of Our Lord in the Gospels have EVER been as vivified and explicit as they are now? These words have a crystalline clarity never before known. So… pay attention.

Matthew chapter 24:

[9] Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall put you to death: and you shall be hated by all nations for My Name’s sake.

Tunc tradent vos in tribulationem, et occident vos : et eritis odio omnibus gentibus propter nomen meum.

[10] And then shall many be scandalized: and shall betray one another: and shall hate one another.

Et tunc scandalizabuntur multi, et invicem tradent, et odio habebunt invicem.

[11] And many false prophets shall rise, and shall seduce many.

Et multi pseudoprophetae surgent, et seducent multos.

[12] And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold.

Et quoniam abundavit iniquitas, refrigescet caritas multorum :

[13] But he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.

qui autem perseveraverit usque in finem, hic salvus erit.

Repost by request: What a deck of cards can teach us about the Infinite Power and Love of God

Without the Majesty of the Bigness, you can’t appreciate the Humility of the Smallness, and without the Condescension of the Smallness, you can’t appreciate the incomprehensible Love of the Bigness.

Many times we need a jarring physical reminder of the infinitude of God.  I’ll bet you have an excellent tool for such a reminder within easy reach right now.  Do you have a deck of cards?  Go get it.  I’ll wait.

Got it?  Now take out the jokers and shuffle it up thoroughly. We just want the normal 52 cards.

Now we are going to delve into mathematics, the “thumbprint” of God, I have long said.  Specifically, we are going to delve into number theory, and very specifically FACTORIALS.

You may vaguely remember that a factorial is when you multiply a number by every descending positive integer down to 1, so, for example, 10 factorial, written as 10! is:


And that number works out to be: 3,628,800

Factorials are what you use to calculate every possible combination of a set.  So, with a 52 card deck, to find every possible combination of cards from random shuffling, you start at 52, and then multiply all the way down: 52x51x50x49x48x47….x4x3x2x1.

That number works out to be 8.0658 x 10⌃67

That’s the SIXTY-SEVENTH POWER.  Ten with 67 zeroes after it.

I have to admit that this caught me by surprise.  If you had asked me to guess the number of possible orders of a deck of cards, I would have guessed in the tens of millions, and wouldn’t have been terribly surprised if it had been in the hundreds of millions or even over a billion.  I mean, SURELY, in all of those games of Poker, Blackjack, Bridge, Pitch and even Go Fish over all the years, SURELY the same shuffle orders must repeat every now and then, right?  Wrong.  

Take a deck of cards right now, shuffle it well, and then hold it in your hand.  The odds of that order ever having happened before in all of human history, or ever happening again, are so infinitesimal as to be practically impossible.

52! or 10⌃67 is essentially meaningless to the human mind.  But there are a few exercises we can go through to get the very beginnings of a hint of exactly how vast this quantity is. These come from a mathematician called Scott Czepiel, via Sauce, via VanderLeun.

First, if we go for a moment with the current mainstream “age of the universe” of 13.5 billion years, which is almost certainly wrong, but just for the sake of argument, that is 10⌃18 seconds.  So if you were to have shuffled a deck of cards every second for the currently accepted life of the universe, you would not even have made a dent in approaching every possible combination.  Because remember, tripling 10⌃18 is NOT 10⌃54.  No no no no no.  What is 10⌃3, or 1000, times three?  Is it 3000, or 1,000,000,000?  It’s only 3000, of course.

The awe grows.

Let’s now try to put 52! into terms that our brains can even begin to contemplate.

Stand on the equator facing due west.  Take one pace every billion years. Once you have walked the entire circumference of the earth (assuming for argument that one can walk on the oceans), take ONE DROP of water out of the Pacific Ocean with an eyedropper.  Repeat this circumnavigation of the earth by taking one step every billion years until the Pacific Ocean is empty.  When the Pacific Ocean is empty, place one sheet of paper on the ground.  Repeat the billion year step circumnavigation-empty the Pacific Ocean one drop per circumnavigation cycle until the stack of paper reaches to the sun.

Congratulations.  YOU HAVEN’T EVEN MADE A DENT in 52! seconds.  If you repeat that ENTIRE process 1000 times, you will be roughly one third of the way toward the passage of 52! seconds.

The awe explodes.

But wait, here’s another scenario.  Deal yourself 5 cards from a shuffled deck every one billion years.  When you deal yourself a Royal Flush, buy a Powerball ticket.  If the Powerball ticket is a perfect jackpot winner, throw a grain of sand into the Grand Canyon.  Repeat until the Grand Canyon is full.  When the Grand Canyon in full, remove one ounce of rock from Mt. Everest.  When Mt. Everest is gone, repeat the entire cycle 256 more times. That would be 52! seconds. You could have shuffled a deck of cards every second for that entire time without duplicating the order of the deck.

The awe goes nuclear.

Now stop and consider that to God, 52! is easier to comprehend than the quantity ONE is for us.   In fact, “easier” isn’t the right word at all, because for God there is no “effort”.

Now let’s get personal.  The human genome contains something like 140,000 alleles that are set at the moment of fertilization of the mother’s haploid egg with one single haploid sperm from the father, with each ejaculate from the father containing hundreds of millions of totally unique sperm.

I would say, “Do the math” to contemplate the number of possible combinations, but it literally isn’t possible for us.

Now think about how many millions of ancestors you have. And think about your children, and how many potential mates you COULD have had, but, for better or for worse, you had THAT child with THAT person.  And how many people your kids could make your grandchildren with… and then your great-grandchildren. Think of the number of possible combinations out of which God in His perfect Providence saw to it and has known for all eternity that you would exist, right here, right now; in ARSH 2021 at what seems to us to be the implosion of the world as we have known it, in what we mistakenly and short-sightedly convince ourselves is the total victory of evil.

Our lack of perspective and failure to trust in the Infinite Triune Godhead is, in a certain sense, laughable.

The truth is, sure, shuffling and holding a deck of cards in your hand can be a great way to relieve anxiety, if you are prone to such.  But really, a far superior way is to simply go look at someone you love.  Or even someone you hate.  And if you’re alone, just go look in a mirror.  As St. Thomas Aquinas taught, God can be known to exist from the human rational intellect alone.

But, of course, the best way to contemplate this is to go sit before Our Lord reposed in a Tabernacle, or in a Monstrance, exposed in His Eucharistic Majesty, because…

Without the Majesty of the Bigness, you can’t appreciate the Humility of the Smallness, and without the Condescension of the Smallness, you can’t appreciate the incomprehensible Love of the Bigness.

Now, if you are stressed out by current events: the death of the American Republic, the collapse of sane human society into an irrational luciferian death cult, the economic collapse, and most especially the Bergoglian Antipapacy and the eclipse of The Church by the antichurch, just stop and contemplate the infinitude of the selfsame God who is watching you read this, watching you shudder in awestruck terror at numerical quantities that He considers to be positively ADORABLE in their LIMITED SIMPLICITY.  And then realize that He is not only infinite size, but so far beyond that, He is infinite LOVE.  Of YOU. Personally.  And of your children.  And your parents.  And your spouse. And your friends. And your enemies.

He is, right now, looking at you with infinite love as you ponder and are freaked out by what are mere mathematical trivialities to Him, such as 52!. And He loves you so much the more for it.  To Him, you are not only ADORABLE, but worthy of His Incarnation, Passion and Death on the Cross for you and you alone as many times as you go to Mass in your life, and then more. Infinity to the power of infinity to the power of infinity… just for the love of YOU.

Think of the numerical quantities that we have just discussed, that you can hold in your hand as a deck of cards, and then realize that LOVE makes mere abstract numerical quantities seem as nothing.  If a mere abstract numerical quantity can bring you to tears of awe and filial fear… just imagine what the LOVE, which is the pillar and bulwark of reality itself, can do to the human heart – but IF AND ONLY IF that human heart freely consents.

And please, PLEASE put aside any thoughts of God being “beat” by Antipope Bergoglio or his army of mid-wit sodomite minions.  This ISN’T a call to pacifism – it is exactly the opposite.  It is a call to forward action, to boldness, to ABANDONMENT TO THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE, knowing full well Who is in charge. It is a call to TRUST, to FAITH, and to LOVE, love of God and love of neighbor.  It is a call to stop living in servile fear of the world and the effeminate fear of suffering or even mere inconvenience, and to live in the peace and joy of FILIAL FEAR OF INFINITE LOVE HIMSELF.

You want to do the right thing and be brave for Him, because you don’t want to break His Heart.

As always, I sure hope this helps.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, on your Vicar Pope Benedict XVI, and on Your Holy Church.

O the depth of the riches of the wisdom and of the knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are His judgments, and how unsearchable His ways! –Romans 11: 33

Former UK military commander in Afghanistan calls for Biden to be Court Martialed

If for no other reason, this is worth listening to just to reminisce about what the sound of a serious man speaking was like.

Methinks Pedo Joe’s days are numbered. It wouldn’t surprise me if the New World Order combine removes him by Labor Day. And by “remove”, I think anything is possible, including killing him and calling it a stroke or brain aneurysm.

Remember, if Biden goes, Harris succeeds and then a new Vice President is named. Pelosi doesn’t become V.P. The order of succession applies down the chain only if all offices above are simultaneously vacated, as with a nuclear attack on Washington or some such. So I’d look for Mooch Obama or Melinda French-Gates to be named V.P., and then Harris would be dismissed or dispatched shortly thereafter.

I’d look for states to start seceding by Christmas, or a military junta aimed at preserving the “union”. Motus in fine velocior.

Regeneron proudly admits their monoclonal antibodies are made from stem cells harvested from leftover IVF babies. Nurse Claire and Julianne on Long Island are blowing the lid off of this devilry.

Nurse Claire and Julianne from Long Island are doing yeoman’s work getting the word out. Keep a close eye on their Twitterfeeds and share their information and links aggressively.

If you pull the focus all the way back, you realize that satan wants every human being actively participating in the molochian cult of child sacrifice – while cooperating with the Malthusian human population reduction plan. It is all of a piece.

In trying to “sell” Regeneron to the unJabbed, a non-trivial percentage of whom refuse it due to its connection to abortion, satan is trying to trick people into thinking that Regeneron is somehow a pro-life “alternative” to the poison DeathJab (as if poison DeathJabs have or require an “alternative”.)

Not only is it no such thing, it’s actually far more proximate to the murder of children – IVF “leftover” babies being harvested for their stem cells, which are then inserted into mouse embryos so that the mice will produce human antibodies. It’s hellish.

Barnhardt Podcast #153: Table for Four, Unvaxxed

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In this episode Ann and Supernerd are joined by Nurse Claire and Non Veni Mark and we discuss which is more screwed up: the political situation in Afghanistan or the medical situation in the united States surrounding hospital staffing, The Rona, and The Jab. Please pray for Cardinal Burke who is still on a ventilator as this podcast is being published!

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Rev 18:23… for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy PHARMACEUTICALS were all nations deceived.




(All three links are different.)

Kids, that word is “pharmaceuticals” in the original Greek.

Yesterday Antipope “Busted-Butt” Bergoglio declared the TEN COMMANDMENTS to be totes optional, but the poisonous DeathInjection to be an “act of charity”. Satan’s little helper and all of his faggot minions are swiftly making the DeathJab the obligatory Antichurch anti-sacrament condition of attending Mass – the satanic analogue of nothing less than BAPTISM. Hands up if you’ve been through RCIA and recognize the practice of dismissing the unbaptized from the Mass at the Offertory, before the confection of the Eucharist. Yup. Exactly. Because the DeathJab is the ANTIBAPTISM anti-sacrament of the Antichurch.

Remember folks, Antipope Bergoglio, as the very probable False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist is the Anti-John the Baptist!!! What did St. John do? He called the faithful repentant to BAPTISM.

Antipope Bergoglio calls the UNrepentant to the death of the ANTI-baptism: the DeathJab. Lest you be expelled from the Mass. The UNREPENTANT. And they line up by the hundreds of millions.

How Arius the Heretic Died in a Bathroom Before Receiving Holy Communion

Anyone who still can’t see that this piece of shit Bergoglio isn’t an obvious Antipope is either a liar or defending $om€on€$ or $om€thing… Believe me. This guy isn’t a mere fag hiding in the clergy. Bergoglio is a satanist and likely pedophile and murderer of adults and children. A person in Rome with a LOT of gravitas told me a few years ago, to even my surprise, “We will know this is nearing the End when the HUMAN SACRIFICES inside the Vatican are openly reported and discussed.” I followed up, “As in satanic rituals?”


How much longer will Christ have to beat the tens-of-dozens of REAL MEN left in the post-Christian world before they boot-up and suit-up?

Sigh. Aside:

Have I mentioned lately my contempt for prairie dogs? I’m good to 350 with a decent scope zeroed to 100 on a prairie dog, which is about the size of a pop can. Let me say that again: I’m good to 350 on a scope zeroed to 100 on a pop can. How are you ladies doing?

But just keep bitching on socials, guys. Maybe someone should just START A PETITION. One to Washington, and one to Rome. You’re TOTALLY gonna win like this. Youbetcha. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Man, that “violent relaxation of the bowels” will get you every time. Especially when you are an heresiarch, Antipope, and False Prophet Precursor of the Antichrist.

We could go on, and will. Soon.

Complete piece of shit Antipope and probable False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist. QUOTE ME. PLEASE.


Please mail official “excommunication from the Antichurch to:

Ann Barnhardt

6834 South University Blvd.


Centennial, CO 80122

At this point, if I don’t arrive at my Particular Judgement with an official document of “excommunication from the Antichurch”, I’ll be worried about lack of effort.

Make my day, Jorge.

Sé exactamente lo que eres y a quién sirves. Ven detrás de mí, maricón retrasado. Yo te reto. Hágalo y observe lo que sucede. Por favor.


Categorical Insanity: Aussie politician gets DeathJab, appears at presser with Bell’s Palsy, tries to play it off as totally random, offers groveling thanks to satanic system coercing poisonous injections

They’re all completely insane. And folks, you don’t “dialogue” with crazy. You don’t negotiate, parley or compromise with madness any more than you would engage a rabid dog. This ONLY ends with war, barring supernatural intervention.

A Military Allegory: When Defending the Left Flank Is Declared Treason

(An allegory. Imagine being on the battlefield, and for some incomprehensible reason, which can only be attributed to diabolical disorientation, the entire officer corps and most of the enlisted men suddenly decide that the Left Flank shall not be defended, re-conned, nor even discussed as a tactical reality, and to do any of those things is treason….)

The two sides meet on the field of battle. An order comes down from on high, and is enthusiastically followed by every officer, and a high percentage of the enlisted men:


“Stop talking about the Left Flank.  It is irrelevant, and distracts from other considerations.”

“Only idiots assign any importance to the Left Flank. All previous war theory was, well, wrong.  We now know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the Left Flank is now and always has been irrelevant.  Any focus on the Left Flank in all previous ages has been detrimental, and is to blame for this war today.”

“Send emissaries to the enemy notifying them of our promise to ignore the Left Flank. They will be impressed by our modern sophistication and reasoned enlightenment.”

Battle begins.  The Left Flank is left completely open and undefended.  Immediately, the enemy mounts an aggressive move to the Left Flank. Enlisted men begin to point this out to their commanders.

“Shut up, stupid! The Left Flank is irrelevant!  It doesn’t matter!”

Banners are hoisted and transmissions are made on all frequencies declaring to the enemy and all observers that the Left Flank will not, under any circumstances, be engaged or defended.


Aggressive, multi-pronged attack by the enemy from the Left Flank begins. Artillery, cavalry, air.



Carnage ensues.  Only a relatively few men EVEN TURN TO FACE THE LEFT FLANK and engage. Many are shot by their own side as “traitors”, per orders from above, because “There is nothing we can do!” “There is nothing we can do!” becomes the new motto and pledge of allegiance.

Most Officers and enlisted men begin to curse their own country as having never been legitimate in the first place, and curse each other, and fragging becomes the main battlefield activity.  Many officers negotiate lucrative face-saving surrender plans and join the enemy regime.  Most of the surviving enlisted men go AWOL, permanently resolved to never risk or fight for anything except themselves as individuals henceforth.

The enemy is satan and the Antichurch of the Antichrist.

The Left Flank is the Papacy – usurped and left totally undefended to the Antipope and his legions.

The orders to neither engage nor even observe the Left Flank under threat of court martial is the ideological refusal to even investigate the events of February ARSH 2013 and Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation, coupled with the open declarations of the Papacy being “unimportant”, Vatican I being “wrong”, and anyone who does honor the Vicar of Christ as the Church has for 2000 years being guilty of “idolatry”.  The cries of “schismatic” are allegorical to anyone who DARES seek the Truth as to the identity of the Vicar of Christ being a “traitor”, and to summary execution as a “traitor”. Joining the enemy is akin to declaring that the Catholic Church was the schismatic sect that broke away from the true Church in ARSH 1054.

The Carnage inflicted by a relentless, OSTENTATIOUSLY undefended attack by the enemy on the Left Flank is Antipope Bergoglio and the Freemason-Sodomite infiltrators’ near-daily battlefield successes over the past eight years in their war against Jesus Christ and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.