Regeneron proudly admits their monoclonal antibodies are made from stem cells harvested from leftover IVF babies. Nurse Claire and Julianne on Long Island are blowing the lid off of this devilry.

Nurse Claire and Julianne from Long Island are doing yeoman’s work getting the word out. Keep a close eye on their Twitterfeeds and share their information and links aggressively.

If you pull the focus all the way back, you realize that satan wants every human being actively participating in the molochian cult of child sacrifice – while cooperating with the Malthusian human population reduction plan. It is all of a piece.

In trying to “sell” Regeneron to the unJabbed, a non-trivial percentage of whom refuse it due to its connection to abortion, satan is trying to trick people into thinking that Regeneron is somehow a pro-life “alternative” to the poison DeathJab (as if poison DeathJabs have or require an “alternative”.)

Not only is it no such thing, it’s actually far more proximate to the murder of children – IVF “leftover” babies being harvested for their stem cells, which are then inserted into mouse embryos so that the mice will produce human antibodies. It’s hellish.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.