Former UK military commander in Afghanistan calls for Biden to be Court Martialed

If for no other reason, this is worth listening to just to reminisce about what the sound of a serious man speaking was like.

Methinks Pedo Joe’s days are numbered. It wouldn’t surprise me if the New World Order combine removes him by Labor Day. And by “remove”, I think anything is possible, including killing him and calling it a stroke or brain aneurysm.

Remember, if Biden goes, Harris succeeds and then a new Vice President is named. Pelosi doesn’t become V.P. The order of succession applies down the chain only if all offices above are simultaneously vacated, as with a nuclear attack on Washington or some such. So I’d look for Mooch Obama or Melinda French-Gates to be named V.P., and then Harris would be dismissed or dispatched shortly thereafter.

I’d look for states to start seceding by Christmas, or a military junta aimed at preserving the “union”. Motus in fine velocior.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.