Mailbag: “Pure, innocent, guileless, trusting love.”

In re your recent post about how God is infinite love, my wife and I have adopted 5 children with Down Syndrome over the years and both of us have been the fortunate recipient of, and participant in, the kind of innocent, guileless, and enthusiastic love shown by the video you embedded in your post. My son Joseph and I are attached to each other in the way that man coming down the escalator was attached to his father, and every time he hugs me and calls me Papa my heart melts and all the cares of the day wash away.

Your post, however, pointed me to something to which I have never given consideration before, to wit, the way I feel about Joseph is the way God feels about me, and the way Joseph feels about me is the way I should feel about God. Pure, innocent, guileless, trusting love.

I haven’t done a very good job of being Joseph to God’s Papa. Your post set me (and my wife) on a better path. Thank you for that.


Joseph’s Papa

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