Mailbag: “May I finally love God as He deserves.”


You have no idea how much I needed to read this post about God’s infinite love.

I’m a convert of just over 4 years; technically, I’m a revert, but my family stopped going to Mass and started attending a health-and-wealth church when I was just 9, so I knew all-but-nothing of the Faith. Every time I think I’ve broken the habit of thinking of God as my “all-powerful servant”, responsible for making my life easy and comfortable, I then realize how far I have to go. How ungrateful I am, how I still see the crosses and struggles of daily life as punishment instead of correction or purification.

This video, and your explanation, have punctured another layer of armor I almost didn’t realize I was wearing. May this finally be the last one, and may I finally love God as He deserves.

Thank you,


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