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The more things change: “He found some heretics at Rome.”

Today is the feast of St. Polycarp.

“St. Polycarp was a disciple of the Apostle John, and was consecrated by him Bishop of Smyrna. He was reckoned the chief of all the Christians of Asia, because he had been taught by several of the Apostles, and other persons who had seen the Lord.

During the reign of the Emperor Antoninus Pius, and while Anicetus presided over the Church of Rome, Polycarp came thither to discuss some questions regarding the time for observing Easter. He found some heretics at Rome, who had been led astray by the doctrine of Marcion and Valentine, and brought back many of them to the faith.

One day Marcion met him by accident, and said to him: Do you recognise me? whereto he replied: I recognise the devil’s eldest son.

Some time after, in the reign of Mark Antonine and Lucius Aurelius Commodus, during the fourth persecution since Nero, when the Pro-consul was ruling in Smyrna, the whole population being assembled in the theatre, clamoured against Polycarp, and to please them he was burnt. He wrote an extremely useful Epistle to the Philippians, which is publicly read in the Churches of Asia even to this day.”


Roman Proconsul: “Then do this, old man. Just swear by the spirit of the emperor and that will be sufficient [to prevent your execution].”

St. Polycarp: “If you imagine for a moment that I would do that, then I think you pretend that you don’t know who I am. Hear it plainly. I am a Christian.”

Covidism is a political religion modeled on islam, and Cancel Culture is the Covidic form of HONOR KILLING

Covidism is a luciferian political religion, exactly like islam, and is modeled on islam consciously, I strongly suspect. Let’s make a quick list of the aspectual analogues.

Musloid Burqa / submission veil = Coviet mask

Taqqiya (ratification of lying) = Coviet fake news and fear porn

Ghira (raging at logic) = Coviet raging at logic and objective evidence, censorship

Musloid conversion and expansion by force, coercion and terror = Coviet putsch by physical force, coercion and terror

Dhimmitude & Jizya tax = Required submission to Covidism for limited travel, work, access to services, assembly, speech, ability to maintain custody of children, and practice of non-Coviet religion

Doctrine of Abrogation = Constantly changing “truth”, anything said today overrides and replaces anything said before

“allah” is pure will, capricious, cruel and devoid of rationality = Coviet system is the Irrational will of capricious, psychopathic micro-oligarchy which often flies in the face of objective, visible reality


In islam, people may be legally murdered if they bring “dishonor”.  Parents will kill their own children, husbands will kill their wives, siblings and cousins will kill siblings and cousins.  Oftentimes friends and neighbors and business contacts are recruited into and join in the actual killing and coverup.  These murders are always justified in the name of the musloid political religion, but are obviously just a way for people to kill and eliminate an unwanted wife, a financially inconvenient child, a hated or envied sibling or cousin, or as a means of eliminating a rival in business or romance.  Claims of motivation springing from piety to the musloid political system are all a pose. “I saw Aisha walking with a man…” “I suspect my wife of having adulterous thoughts…” “I heard Hassan utter blasphemy…”  These claims justify murder in the musloid culture.

What we are seeing with Cancel Culture is just the very beginning of the HONOR KILLING dynamic.  Firings, pulling of licensure, disqualification from services, these are all the very first steps toward an eventual, but very swiftly coming ability to literally have people imprisoned and executed, or to be killed in the name of “self-defense”, with a person’s very existence considered to be a clear and present mortal threat.

Covidism is the final, ultimate iteration of Freemasonry, fused with the motifs and tactics of islam.  Covidism is the One Word Government / One World Religion that has been prophesied and expected for centuries.  Being luciferian, it is a death cult, whose objective is total control of the entire world, and then the destruction of the entire world in one great, final mass-suicidal holocaust offered to Lucifer himself.

We know that this plot will fail, BUT a helluva lot of people are going to be killed and their souls crushed and scandalized unto damnation before it is over, in direct proportion to how WE react and move forward.  The more effeminate and supine and weak we are now, the more souls will be lost.

None of us HAVE to do anything.  It is what we CHOOSE to do that defines us.  Never forget this, because it is basically the foundational concept of human existence: You are loved into existence, you have free will so that you too many love in the image and likeness of the Creator, and you will be judged by Him.

Guest Post: “King Con”

A thoughtful and self-objective take by reader Chris.

Interesting that this goes viral *after* the thing has run its course and the permanent damage is done. It’s almost as though someone wanted us to know what they’d gotten away with:

‘Q-Anon’ Bears Striking Resemblance to Bolshevik Psy-Op From 1920s Known As ‘Operation Trust’

The thing is, whoever the point man in Q was, he was definitely close to the President. There were cell phone pics from AF1, inside information, very specific predictions that proved accurate (offset by reams of hopium fantasy), and many unique “proofs” — like the Wag the Dog-esque scene with POTUS shoe-horning the term “tippy top” into an Easter presser after someone on 4Chan challenged Q to make POTUS say it. And then there was MAGA martyr Michael Flynn, the lifelong Democrat/sudden Republican, pledging his eternal allegiance to QAnon on video in July. This was definitely more than a LARP. By all appearances, it was a well-designed, Soviet-inspired pacification operation with cooperation at the highest-levels.

And really, when you look back on the last four years with clear eyes, it’s painfully obvious that for many of us, our first instincts about Donald Trump were accurate. The entire Trump presidency was one continuous pacification operation. Just off the top of my head, here are some MAGA-era highlights:

* A string of terrible hires and appointments, from the Bolshevik “Mad Dog” Mattis to Christopher Wray to William Barr to the loathsome Dr. Fauci.

* Terrible advisors and confidants, from swinger and “Republicans for Choice” founder Roger Stone to lifelong Democrat/sudden Republican Michael Cohen to the aforementioned lifelong Democrat/sudden Republican Michael Flynn.

* Keeping Fauci on as he torpedoed the US economy and the Trump presidency.

* Three weak SCOTUS appointments, two of whom were practically unopposed by the Democrats.

* Signed emergency order that funded state lockdowns, and never revoked it.

* Signed the CARES Act, an insidious bill that incentivized COVID+ “cases”/deaths, and encouraged low-wage unemployment.

* Signed a second disastrous stimulus/budget bill after threatening a veto, without getting a single concession.

* Support for “red flag” laws that give the FBI the power to strip individual 2A rights at their sole discretion, without trial (get ready for that one).

* Support for a bump-stock ban, which allows the ATF to arbitrarily classify accessories and gun parts as banned weapons (this has already been extended to AR-15 pistols under his administration).

* The bumbling, utterly incompetent effort to fight and expose the most ridiculously blatant election heist in US history.

* The non-existent effort to stop said election theft before it happened, in spite of a published and widely publicized blueprint detailing EXACTLY how it would be done (see the Transition Integrity Project).

* The non-existent effort to stop the EXACT SAME THING from happening in two Senate runoff races in Georgia, with control of the Senate in the balance.

* Never once raising the issue of high-cycle PCR tests, even after China effectively eliminated the “pandemic” through proper testing standards.

* No DOJ investigation of the Great Nursing Home Massacre of 2020, and barely any mention of it at all.

* Operation: Warp Speed and the relentless promotion of untested injections posing as vaccines.

* Spiritual Advisor to the President, Paula White.

* Increased funding for Planned Parenthood in every year of his presidency (without any budget battles or threatened shutdowns over it).

* The disingenuous defunding of the WHO, then redirecting that precise amount to the Gates/WHO sponsored GAVI Alliance.

* No pardon for Julian Assange, without whom there is no Trump White House.

* No arrests, no indictments, no “swamp drainage”. Literally everybody got away with literally everything.

* A legacy of short-lived Executive Orders, all of which have been or will be wiped away with the stroke of Joe Biden’s autopen.

Again, this is off the top of my head. A comprehensive list would take hours to research and compile, and it would fill several single-spaced pages. But this one makes the point. And it has led to one very disturbing question: Why did President Trump call for a mass gathering of his supporters in DC on January 6th? What he was demanding from Mike Pence was impossible and illegal. The idea that the VP had the power to “do the right thing” and declare Trump the winner was always a fiction. So what hypothetical good was going to come from that rally on that day? What was the point?

I know what I think. I think it was a setup for the staged “insurrection” that will be used in the days and years ahead to criminalize opposition to the leftist fundamental transformation of the United States. That last part really isn’t any kind of prediction, since it’s technically already begun.

For me, the inescapable conclusion is that we were conned from Day One by a master con artisan. How good was he? So good that he was able to make millions of people betray their instincts and line up behind him, myself included. I was once banned from a prominent conservative forum in 2016 for shouting from the rooftops at the top of my lungs that Donald Trump was a globalist mole out to finish off the Republican Party for good. His 2011 conversion from liberal NYC celebrity socialite to fire-breathing birther was as transparent as glass. The man supported partial birth abortion, socialized medicine, and the nationalization of banks all recently enough that you can find high-definition 1080P video of him saying so on YouTube. Only after the 2010 midterms did he break ground on his next construction project: building himself up as the conservative savior. It was obvious he was setting the stage for a disruptive run for the White House (I underestimated how disruptive… I thought it would end in a third-party candidacy). I knew who he was, I knew what he was doing all along…

And yet, I went on to vote for him twice anyway. I donated to his campaign, attended two rallies in support of him, I organized a Rosary for his re-election at my parish (and not just one mystery… all three + a Divine Mercy Chaplet), and permanently alienated family members in his defense. As I type this, I have a red Make America Great Again coffee mug sitting on my desk, a Trump hat hanging from my dart board, and a Trump flag in my garage (it’s rolled up now). I’ll keep these things around to remind myself that I bear as much responsibility for the fall of the republic as any non-binary flag-burning leftist tweaker misfit or the most die-hard, MAGA flag-waving, Lee Greenwood-blasting-from-his-pickup deplorable out there. We all did this. The republic fell because we — all of us, with very few exceptions — couldn’t keep it. That’s just the ugly truth of the thing.

I do take a modicum of comfort in one thing: It wasn’t just any garden-variety con that brought the United States to its knees. This con was the stuff Trojan Horse legends are made of. It was big, brash, and loud, entertaining as hell at times, maddening as hell at others, and always riveting. And the ratings were off-the-charts. It achieved the impossible and put both CNN and MSNBC in the black. It rescued Stephen Colbert from Thicke of the Night oblivion. It packed stadiums and speedways and airfields like a Led Zeppelin reunion tour. It was a spectacle. A tour-de-force. A con to end all cons.

When you really think about it, they couldn’t have found a more perfect man to play the lead.

All hail the King Con, Donald J. Trump.


Nurse Claire called it MONTHS ago: Literally in the hour that Xiao Jiden usurped, PCR test replication thresholds that yielded 95+% false positives were dropped by the WHO.

LifeSite reportage here.

And NonVeni Mark HERE.

Nurse Claire on it here: and you HAVE to love her byline – “Take your red pill or you’ll get it by suppository.”

Here’s the sick truth, folks. Because everyone went full-submission face-down “peckers in the dirt” in ARSH 2020, despite being armed to the teeth, the die is cast. You’re done, son. They measured the man, and … well. You know what you’ve done. Your own conscience, deep down, convicts. Put your mask on, dhimmi. And shut that mouth…

So what this means is that literally nothing – no level of hypocrisy, no level of blatant mendacity, there is no lie that is too big to tell, by the highest levels of power. Nothing.

Holy Mother Church teaches that ERROR HAS NO RIGHTS. But now, with the supine capitulation of the apostate West, MOST ESPECIALLY the so-called “conservative right”, ERROR is now preferred, elevated, and FEARED. All human life is ordered in purely SERVILE fear of error and lies.

Old and busted: The beginning of wisdom is fear of the Lord.

New hawtness: The beginning of “earthly survival” is fear of liars and their father in hell. And of getting a ticket. And not being able to crawl into an aluminum tube and fly at 0.8 Mach over the oceans at will. Because muh REASONS….

So, yeah. Now the PCR tests will be ratcheted down, and eventually memory-holed. And the next iteration is already launched: NEW STRAIN!! And later this year: SUPER-FLU!!! And it will never, ever end. Because everyone enthusiastically cuckolded to the regime, OR to an OBVIOUS, OBVIOUS psy-op, that kept saying, “Do nothing. It’s a movie. REAL MEN have got this. Daddy will take care of you. TRUST THE PLAN.”

I don’t know what is sadder: the fact that so many fell for it, or the fact that they don’t see the dripping faggotry in total submission to nothing more than an ANONYMOUS promise to “take care of you”.

Q was a CIA operation modelled on pick-up lines for Twinks in gay bars. At best. At worst, it was this guy:

Me thinks Q stood for QUEER. And the joke’s on you, macho man, “Voice of the People”. With your super-high IQ and proudly claimed ability to bed many morally degenerate women. Keep bragging, player. I’ll pray for you. And Jared Kushner will continue to laugh at you. But it’s okay. Just wait 48. And remember: it’s a movie.

Q&A: Supernerd on the “Telegram” messaging App

Dear Supernerd,
Hello: In the last podcast you briefly mentioned that you would not use the texting app “Telegram.” Any particular reason?

SuperNerd replies:

While I said that I have no intention of using Telegram, I am NOT saying that there is something questionable about it and that the service should be avoided. Any non-FAANG* service is an improvement over something which is data-harvesting or not encrypted.

*FAANG is a common abbreviation in tech circles for “Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google” and generally is applied to high tech Silicon Valley companies in general and not just the five FAANG

What I don’t like about Telegram is that you *must* give it access to your Contacts in order to use the app and I’m not sure who runs that application (a team of Russians and “other people” who are based in the UAE if Wikipedia can be believed). Granted, what I know about Signal won’t fill an encyclopedia and the dude “Moxie Marlinspike” is a subject for further research. Both Telegram and Signal are end-to-end encrypted chat apps but at least Signal will let you use the app without requiring you to give it access to your contacts. If you have a Google Voice number you can use that for setting up your Signal account (and I presume it would work for Telegram as well) that way you’re not leaking your real number (and you can set the Google Voice number to permanent Do Not Disturb mode so even your Signal/Telegram number won’t be a source of unexpected phone calls).

Recommendations: I personally like Wire the best but am using Signal the most right now and am pushing family and friends who haven’t gotten an account to adopt it since it’s easier to get started than with Wire — though with so many people starting accounts on Signal in the past few weeks there have been some availability issues. Signal suffered a major/total outage on Friday January 15th because the server load became too great and there were some issues around 2pm Eastern Time on January 20th as well. The massive adoption of Signal is due in large part to people being de-platformed from other services (Twitter, Parler, FB, YouTube, etc) and the Signal Foundation run their own server farms so there may continue to be outages and hiccups for the next 30 to 60 days while they orders as many servers as they can to handle the increased load.

I recommend the following podcast episode and the table of encrypted chat programs to analyze and compare.

Podcast episode: (shownotes:



UPDATE: Supernerd recommends today’s episode of the Privacy, Security & OSINT podcast as it covers, in more detail, the outage at Signal: (shownotes:

Yay! Another Ivermectin Testimony!

Good morning Ann,

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you for the Ivermectin recommendation for Covid19 prevention and treatment. I was afraid to try it at first because of the lack of recommendation by any *medical groups* (honestly not that their approval really means much anymore) and didn’t want anything to happen to family members if I gave them doses of it. Well long story short, when I saw your post about the NIH approving Ivermectin as a preventative and treatment for Covid19, I went out to Rural King at 7 AM and bought a bottle for my family to use. I gave to my mom, sister, and nieces to use as a preventative and drove over to my aunt and uncle who were struggling with Covid this past Saturday. I just got a text from my aunt who told me that she was feeling a lot better as of yesterday, and that’s without a 2nd dose of Ivermectin. Unfortunately my relatives live over an hour away and I haven’t been able to give them a 2nd dose yet but definitely will be this weekend.

Please know of my prayers for you and a great big thank you for all that you do! God Bless you Ann.


The Great Awakening

If you’re really serious about dumping the heresy of Americanism and having adult thoughts and discourse about the path forward governmentally, let me recommend looking at one of the most stable republics in human history, overthrown only by Freemasons relatively recently: the Venetian Republic. It lasted from ARSH 697 until ARSH 1797. ELEVEN HUNDRED YEARS. Think about that.

I recommend reading Norwich’s “A History of Venice”.

They had what, to my mind, seems to be the best system of governance: an ELECTED MONARCHY. The Venetian monarch was called “the Doge”, or Duke in modern English.

No hereditary nonsense. No imbeciles or degenerate perverts inheriting power just because they happened to be the firstborn son. It’s the perfect combination of meritocracy with the stability of a monarch. And, let us not forget, the Vicariate of Christ was instituted by Our Lord Himself as … an elected absolute monarchy. Quite an endorsement, no?

It’s been staring us in the face all along.

Just one example from over my transom in the past 24 hours +/-…

“The honest truth is that Trump duped a lot of people. I voted for him in 2016. But a hard look at reality leaves one to conclude that he’s in on it and has been this whole time. It’s all been a giant lie. A big show. I didn’t vote in November because I won’t consent to being governed by these people. I’m done with the “voting for the lesser of two evils” garbage. Give me a Catholic monarchy or give me death.