Covidism is a political religion modeled on islam, and Cancel Culture is the Covidic form of HONOR KILLING

Covidism is a luciferian political religion, exactly like islam, and is modeled on islam consciously, I strongly suspect. Let’s make a quick list of the aspectual analogues.

Musloid Burqa / submission veil = Coviet mask

Taqqiya (ratification of lying) = Coviet fake news and fear porn

Ghira (raging at logic) = Coviet raging at logic and objective evidence, censorship

Musloid conversion and expansion by force, coercion and terror = Coviet putsch by physical force, coercion and terror

Dhimmitude & Jizya tax = Required submission to Covidism for limited travel, work, access to services, assembly, speech, ability to maintain custody of children, and practice of non-Coviet religion

Doctrine of Abrogation = Constantly changing “truth”, anything said today overrides and replaces anything said before

“allah” is pure will, capricious, cruel and devoid of rationality = Coviet system is the Irrational will of capricious, psychopathic micro-oligarchy which often flies in the face of objective, visible reality


In islam, people may be legally murdered if they bring “dishonor”.  Parents will kill their own children, husbands will kill their wives, siblings and cousins will kill siblings and cousins.  Oftentimes friends and neighbors and business contacts are recruited into and join in the actual killing and coverup.  These murders are always justified in the name of the musloid political religion, but are obviously just a way for people to kill and eliminate an unwanted wife, a financially inconvenient child, a hated or envied sibling or cousin, or as a means of eliminating a rival in business or romance.  Claims of motivation springing from piety to the musloid political system are all a pose. “I saw Aisha walking with a man…” “I suspect my wife of having adulterous thoughts…” “I heard Hassan utter blasphemy…”  These claims justify murder in the musloid culture.

What we are seeing with Cancel Culture is just the very beginning of the HONOR KILLING dynamic.  Firings, pulling of licensure, disqualification from services, these are all the very first steps toward an eventual, but very swiftly coming ability to literally have people imprisoned and executed, or to be killed in the name of “self-defense”, with a person’s very existence considered to be a clear and present mortal threat.

Covidism is the final, ultimate iteration of Freemasonry, fused with the motifs and tactics of islam.  Covidism is the One Word Government / One World Religion that has been prophesied and expected for centuries.  Being luciferian, it is a death cult, whose objective is total control of the entire world, and then the destruction of the entire world in one great, final mass-suicidal holocaust offered to Lucifer himself.

We know that this plot will fail, BUT a helluva lot of people are going to be killed and their souls crushed and scandalized unto damnation before it is over, in direct proportion to how WE react and move forward.  The more effeminate and supine and weak we are now, the more souls will be lost.

None of us HAVE to do anything.  It is what we CHOOSE to do that defines us.  Never forget this, because it is basically the foundational concept of human existence: You are loved into existence, you have free will so that you too many love in the image and likeness of the Creator, and you will be judged by Him.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.