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Visibility, Visibility, Visibility: What does Peter do? CONFIRM THE BRETHEREN.

The Pope is the visible head of the Church Militant and the Principal of Unity thereto. The Papacy is a supernaturally negatively protected juridical Office, as explicitly guaranteed by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Himself in the Holy Gospel. Confirming the bretheren is a visible hallmark and ministry of the Petrine Munus (Office).

And the Lord said: Simon, Simon, behold Satan hath desired to have you, that he may sift you as wheat:

But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and thou, being once converted, confirm thy brethren.

-Luke 22: 31-32

#Toldya: Respected Vaticanist Tosatti confirms that prelates realize Benedict is Pope, and that Benedict considers HIMSELF to be Pope


Money quote:

“In the meantime, we talked to someone very high beyond the Vatican walls, who made us aware of what his weighted judgment is on the story of the Viri Probati, of Celibacy and of the exhortation – which according to Don Nicola Bux was changed to following the release of the book by Benedict XVI and Sarah.

According to the prelate, the key elements of the situation are three: 1st – Benedict feels himself Pope, not emeritus. 2 ° – He manifested it in this circumstance. 3rd – Pope Bergoglio understood this and was afraid.”

We are literally one thirty second long press statement by a Cardinal away from ending this. If a Cardinal were to make the following statement or something like it, and release it to the press, there would be prelates and Cardinals crawling out of the woodwork to support it.

Significant canonical irregularities have been identified with regards to Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation as proffered in February of 2013. Pending further investigation, a state of emergency suspense is hereby declared.”

Thirty simple words.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

One of the world’s very top Latinists weighs in: “…it is true that in Canon Law Munus is juridically taken to mean Office – that much is true – and is conceptually different than Ministerium…”

“That website is all hat and no cattle. While it is true that in Canon law munus is juridically taken to mean office – that much is true – and is conceptually different than ministerium, however it belongs to the Supreme Legislator to determine the sense of his own acts, and BXVI clearly intended resignation from the munus, because the papal ministry and the papal munus are not separable….”

-Ryan Grant, 31 January, ARSH 2020

The “always” is also a “for-ever” – there can no longer be a return to the private sphere. My decision to RESIGN THE ACTIVE EXERCISE OF THE MINISTRY does not revoke this. I do not return to private life, to a life of travel, meetings, receptions, conferences, and so on. I am not abandoning the cross, but remaining in a new way at the side of the crucified Lord. I no longer bear the POWER OF OFFICE FOR THE **GOVERNANCE** OF THE CHURCH, but in the service of prayer I remain, so to speak, in the enclosure of Saint Peter. Saint Benedict, whose name I bear as Pope, will be a great example for me in this. He showed us the way for a life which, whether active or passive, is completely given over to the work of God.

-Pope Benedict XVI, 27 February, ARSH 2013, “Final” Audience

Definition of “Substantial Error”:

Ignorance or misjudgment about the essential nature, main terms, or principal motive of the object of an act.

Canon 188

A resignation made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.

Canon 332.2

If it happens that the Roman Pontiff resigns his office, it is required for validity that the resignation is made freely and properly manifested but not that it is accepted by anyone.

Non solum propter

“Quapropter bene conscius ponderis huius actus plena libertate declaro me ministerio Episcopi Romae, Successoris Sancti Petri, mihi per manus Cardinalium die 19 aprilis MMV commisso renuntiare ita ut a die 28 februarii MMXIII, hora 20, sedes Romae, sedes Sancti Petri vacet et Conclave ad eligendum novum Summum Pontificem ab his quibus competit convocandum esse.”

Barnhardt Podcast #102: Rise of the Dog-faced Pony Soldiers

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In this episode we discuss politics, including Rush Limbaugh’s announcement of advanced cancer, Trump’s State of the Union address, and the elder abuse that’s being committed by whomever it is who is forcing Joe Biden to remain on the campaign trail. We also talked about the Wuhan Flu (Coronavirus) and death, specifically the recent death of professional athlete Kobe Bryant who was more Catholic than the hosts realized prior to the accident. It would be a good and holy thing if the 30 Gregorian Masses were said for Kobe as they are being said for Ann’s monk-friend Brother Thomas Pauling (which concludes February 15th — there’s still time to join your intentions with the priest offering that Mass!)

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Connecting Concepts: islamic Sexual Perversion, Anti-Anxiety and Depression Drugs, and Military Suicide Rates

I see there is talk of withdrawing all ground troops from Afghanistan, and therefore going to a 100% air strike policy.

About. Damn. Time.

If the Cheeto Emperor accomplishes this, then, build him an Obelisk or something. Covered in gold leaf. Classy. Top of the line. Terrific.

And I’m dead serious. We can talk about the deficit and the debt increase later.

FACT: The rape of boys is an endemic, ubiquitous and open part of the Afghani (and broad islamic) culture.

FACT: Countless US troops have experienced psychological trauma that is ARGUABLY WORSE than the carnage of the battlefield by personally eyewitnessing boys being raped, often by men that they were tasked with “training”, and then being forbidden to intervene by their USMIL superiors.

FACT: As a direct result of the psychological trauma of being forced to passively cooperate in boy rape, these troops are prescribed Anti-anxiety and Anti-depressants which have a MASSIVE, WELL-KNOWN side effect of suicidal ideation.

FACT: US veteran suicide rates have skyrocketed.

Satan is one hell of a chess player.

Más Mailbag: And YET ANOTHER Attorney checks in….


Regarding your latest post (Mailbag: “I am even more embarrassed because I am civil lawyer who is trained in analyzing legal language…”), this is essentially the same conclusion that I’ve come to, namely, you have to look at factors outside the resignation itself to determine its validity. I may not, though, have articulated as much in the manner which the author in the post has. And yet, during any discussion on the topic with others who will not even attempt to consider that Bergoglio is not the Pope, I get one of two retorts: (1) You’re not a Canon lawyer (blah, blah, blah), or (2) You fool–Benedict himself says that he resigned!

Regarding the latter, this remains non-sensical to me as one does not go to the source of any supposed error to either confirm nor deny whether they are in fact in error. In other words, the subjective belief of the person supposedly in error is irrelevant; the matter must be looked at objectively. Regarding the former, this to me is nothing but a cop-out others use to entirely discredit an opinion which, rationally, makes sense to them and yet they refuse to accept it.

In any event, keep up the good work.

Mr. X

X Law Firm, P.C.

Um, Folks? Yeah. The Amazon document today openly shreds the First Commandment. So, we might want to go ahead and focus on that, mmkay?

This is THE definitive summation of the Pachamama con Queso document from someone who has clearly read the whole thing. CLICK HERE TO READ. Extensive highlighted screen caps of the order to integrate ***demon worship*** into the Mass worldwide.

Which reminds me, have you placed an order with St. Joseph’s Apprentice for your portable home altar yet? Yeah. Might want to get on that….

Remember, Folks. Creepy Black Bowl Fondler Fernando Lopez, Ethh Jay, who was the main liturgy consultant for the October Amazon Faux Synod laid this ALL out:

Jesuit Bowl Fondler Sums it Up: “I am also deconstructing my image of God and building another one from shamanic processes.”

More from this wretch Fernando Lopez Ethh Jay, who seems to have been the main “liturgist” for a lot of what went on in Rome this month.

Full interview HERE in which he gets all worked up about the woman suckling the pig (jabalí), which tells me that he was instrumental in that banner that they displayed in Santa Maria in Traspontina.

But here is the money quote:

Tengo la impresión de que la Iglesia en Europa vive acomodada e instalada, como la propia sociedad. La experiencia con los pueblos indígenas ha sido un despertar en mi propia experiencia de Dios. Yo también estoy deconstruyendo mi imagen de Dios y construyendo otra a partir de los procesos chamánicos. He tenido experiencias espirituales muy significativas: tres dentro del espacio cristiano y una dentro del espacio chamánico. Y es la que me ha hecho conectar corazón con razón. Y nunca ningún indio me ha intentado convertir, no son colonizadores.“


I have the impression that the Church in Europe lives comfortably and established, like society itself. The experience with indigenous peoples has been an awakening in my own experience of God. I am also deconstructing my image of God and building another one from shamanic processes. I have had very significant spiritual experiences: three within the Christian space and one within the shamanic space. And it is the one that has made me connect my heart with reason. And no Indian has ever tried to convert me, they are not colonizers

And here he claims that the evangelization of the Americas has all been a huge mistake, error and sin.

Y la Iglesia católica lo es todavía?

Estamos avanzando pero hay de todo. Debemos ser humildes y reconocer que nos hemos equivocado. Nos ha tocado amansar a los indios y blanquearlos para que después el sistema llegue a civilizarlos, que es deshumanizarlos. Y debemos reconocer ese pecado, este error histórico. Y se está haciendo. Es admirable la cantidad de religiosos y laicos asesinados en América Latina por, como dice Pere Casaldàliga, plantarse y asumir las causas y consecuencias de los indios. Hay una dimensión política del compromiso espiritual y ecológico.


And the Catholic Church is still?

We’re moving forward, but there’s everything. We must be humble and recognize that we have made a mistake. It has been our turn to tame the Indians and bleach them so that the system then comes to civilize them, which is to dehumanize them. And we must recognize that sin, this historical error. And it’s being done. The number of religious and lay people killed in Latin America is admirable by, as Pere Casald-liga says, stand up and assume the causes and consequences of the Indians. There is a political dimension of spiritual and ecological commitment.

Here is López “deconstructing God” in a “shamanic process”, of which I’m sure that earring is an essential part.

As we say in Kansas: ‘At boy ain’t right.

Mailbag: “I am even more embarrassed because I am civil lawyer who is trained in analyzing legal language…”

(This is very interesting. I still think Canon 332.2 is very, very important, obviously, but this civil attorney’s insights into Canon 188 clearly triggering the investigation and inclusion of the dataset external to the resignation text “Non solum propter” by means of the Substantial Error clause is just another interlocking facet in the solid polyhedron that forms the case of the invalidity of the resignation. This attorney is absolutely right; Canon 188 speaks EXCLUSIVELY to MOTIVE: Fear/Coercion, Substantial Error, or Simony(Being bought off). –AB)

Dear Ann:

I just wanted to let you know that your last post concerning the invalid resignation, “Can substantial error be objectively demonstrated,” turned out to be a real epiphany for me. I have watched all your videos and read all your posts on this topic and spent hours upon hours trying to wrap my head around this mess and I knew in my heart you were correct. However, I could not get past the words Benedict used to resign because they seemed to demonstrate a real intent to resign the office even though he used the word ministry– largely because he declared the See vacant and called for a new conclave. 

While this has been in front of me the whole time, your last post on this for some reason made some things very clear to me, and helped me get over the mental roadblock I constructed for myself, and I think it is one that others are going through, including Taylor Marshall who  is dissecting the Latin words Benedict used for resignation to show that he did resign the Petrine Office. I was making the same mistake as Marshall. I am even more embarrassed because I am civil lawyer who is trained in analyzing legal language, and yet I could not see what was right in front of me the whole time until your last post.  

I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, I am just letting you know my thought process and how I got over it because I suspect many others have the same hang up. All of this hinges on Canon 188. It’s all about understanding the point and purpose of Canon 188. 

In American law, normally a court will not look outside the four corners of a legal document to determine the intent of the parties to the contract unless there is ambiguity within the document itself. In other words, whatever happens or is said that is not contained in the legal document is irrelevant because all that matters in what the document says. My error was that while I recognized all the other statements from Benedict and Ganswein, Benedicts own actions, and the theological treatises discussing splitting the Petrine ministry, I told myself that none of that mattered because the language used in the resignation itself demonstrated a clear intent to give up the OFFICE of Pope. The fact he declared the See vacant  and called for a Conclave was a big hang up for me.  I was stuck on the language used in the resignation itself, which seemed definitive.

After your post, I realized that Canon 188 is all about his MOTIVE for resigning. Canon 188 assumes there was a resignation of some sort to begin with. It wasn’t that no resignation occurred, it was that some type of resignation DID occur, which triggered Canon 188. Canon 188 requires us to look outside the resignation itself to determine if it was made in substantial error. The actual words Benedict used to resign really are not that important other than to provide evidence of what his motive was. But Canon 188 also allows for us to consider all these other subsequent statements, actions, and theological treatises because it goes to Benedict’s motive. MOTIVE MOTIVE MOTIVE– that is what Canon 188 is all about, that is what I missed being caught up on dissecting the language he used to resign, which others, including Marshall are doing. 

Thanks again Ann, God Bless. 

Musical Interlude: “But If It’s Only Tears and Pain, Isn’t It Still Worth the Cost…?”

(Alison Krauss, who can do no wrong, musically.)

Who would sell their soul for Love
Or waste one tear on compromise?
Should be easy enough
To know a heartache in disguise

But the heart rules the mind
And the going gets rough
Pride takes the fall
When you find That Kind of Love

I can’t help feeling like a fool
Since I lost that place inside
Where my heart knew its way
And my soul was ever wise
Once innocence was lost
There was not faith enough
Still my heart held on
When it found That Kind of Love

Though beauty is rare enough
Still we trust
Somehow we’ll find it there
With no guarantee
It seems to me
At least it should be fair

But if it’s only tears and pain
Isn’t it still worth the cost?
Like some sweet Saving Grace
Or a river we must cross.
If we don’t understand
What this life is made of
We learn the Truth
When we find That Kind of Love.

Cause when innocence is lost
There is not faith enough
We learn the Truth
When we find That Kind of Love.

“But if It’s only tears and pain, isn’t It still worth the cost? Like some sweet Saving Grace, or a river we must cross. If we don’t understand what this life is made of, we learn the Truth, when we find THIS KIND of love.