Um, Folks? Yeah. The Amazon document today openly shreds the First Commandment. So, we might want to go ahead and focus on that, mmkay?

This is THE definitive summation of the Pachamama con Queso document from someone who has clearly read the whole thing. CLICK HERE TO READ. Extensive highlighted screen caps of the order to integrate ***demon worship*** into the Mass worldwide.

Which reminds me, have you placed an order with St. Joseph’s Apprentice for your portable home altar yet? Yeah. Might want to get on that….

Remember, Folks. Creepy Black Bowl Fondler Fernando Lopez, Ethh Jay, who was the main liturgy consultant for the October Amazon Faux Synod laid this ALL out:

Jesuit Bowl Fondler Sums it Up: “I am also deconstructing my image of God and building another one from shamanic processes.”

More from this wretch Fernando Lopez Ethh Jay, who seems to have been the main “liturgist” for a lot of what went on in Rome this month.

Full interview HERE in which he gets all worked up about the woman suckling the pig (jabalí), which tells me that he was instrumental in that banner that they displayed in Santa Maria in Traspontina.

But here is the money quote:

Tengo la impresión de que la Iglesia en Europa vive acomodada e instalada, como la propia sociedad. La experiencia con los pueblos indígenas ha sido un despertar en mi propia experiencia de Dios. Yo también estoy deconstruyendo mi imagen de Dios y construyendo otra a partir de los procesos chamánicos. He tenido experiencias espirituales muy significativas: tres dentro del espacio cristiano y una dentro del espacio chamánico. Y es la que me ha hecho conectar corazón con razón. Y nunca ningún indio me ha intentado convertir, no son colonizadores.“


I have the impression that the Church in Europe lives comfortably and established, like society itself. The experience with indigenous peoples has been an awakening in my own experience of God. I am also deconstructing my image of God and building another one from shamanic processes. I have had very significant spiritual experiences: three within the Christian space and one within the shamanic space. And it is the one that has made me connect my heart with reason. And no Indian has ever tried to convert me, they are not colonizers

And here he claims that the evangelization of the Americas has all been a huge mistake, error and sin.

Y la Iglesia católica lo es todavía?

Estamos avanzando pero hay de todo. Debemos ser humildes y reconocer que nos hemos equivocado. Nos ha tocado amansar a los indios y blanquearlos para que después el sistema llegue a civilizarlos, que es deshumanizarlos. Y debemos reconocer ese pecado, este error histórico. Y se está haciendo. Es admirable la cantidad de religiosos y laicos asesinados en América Latina por, como dice Pere Casaldàliga, plantarse y asumir las causas y consecuencias de los indios. Hay una dimensión política del compromiso espiritual y ecológico.


And the Catholic Church is still?

We’re moving forward, but there’s everything. We must be humble and recognize that we have made a mistake. It has been our turn to tame the Indians and bleach them so that the system then comes to civilize them, which is to dehumanize them. And we must recognize that sin, this historical error. And it’s being done. The number of religious and lay people killed in Latin America is admirable by, as Pere Casald-liga says, stand up and assume the causes and consequences of the Indians. There is a political dimension of spiritual and ecological commitment.

Here is López “deconstructing God” in a “shamanic process”, of which I’m sure that earring is an essential part.

As we say in Kansas: ‘At boy ain’t right.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.