Más Mailbag: And YET ANOTHER Attorney checks in….


Regarding your latest post (Mailbag: “I am even more embarrassed because I am civil lawyer who is trained in analyzing legal language…”), this is essentially the same conclusion that I’ve come to, namely, you have to look at factors outside the resignation itself to determine its validity. I may not, though, have articulated as much in the manner which the author in the post has. And yet, during any discussion on the topic with others who will not even attempt to consider that Bergoglio is not the Pope, I get one of two retorts: (1) You’re not a Canon lawyer (blah, blah, blah), or (2) You fool–Benedict himself says that he resigned!

Regarding the latter, this remains non-sensical to me as one does not go to the source of any supposed error to either confirm nor deny whether they are in fact in error. In other words, the subjective belief of the person supposedly in error is irrelevant; the matter must be looked at objectively. Regarding the former, this to me is nothing but a cop-out others use to entirely discredit an opinion which, rationally, makes sense to them and yet they refuse to accept it.

In any event, keep up the good work.

Mr. X

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