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Antipope Bergoglio: The People Who Were Killed in Sodom and Gomorrah Were Received Into Heaven

Tell me more about how Jorge Bergoglio is Christ’s Vicar on Earth.

Remember, folks, the primary example or analogue people try to cite when desperately trying to convince themselves that Bergoglio is the Pope is Pope John XXII.  Pope John the XXII erroneously taught that nobody will enter into the Beatific Vision before the Final General Judgment, and then all of the saved will enter into heaven together at that time.

This is wrong.  People have been entering the Beatific Vision ever since Our Lord opened the gates of heaven after His death on the Cross.  Remember, He went down into the Limbo of the Fathers, also called the “Bosom of Abraham”, and sometimes also referred to with the word “Sheol”, or even “hell”, specifically “the harrowing of hell”, which is the term for His retrieving the all of the righteous Fathers who were in Limbo awaiting His coming. But this was not the hell of the damned.  No one ever leaves the hell of the damned.  It is a permanent fate. The people that Our Lord retrieved from Sheol were escorted and received into the Beatific Vision – including the Good Thief, to whom Our Lord said from The Cross, “Today you will be with Me in Paradise”.

So, that’s the great example of a Pope saying something that was erroneous and even heretical.  He was admonished and corrected, and he recanted.

WOULD THAT IT WERE that even 1% of the clergy and prelates today were as SOUND as Pope John XXII.

Antipope Bergoglio today in his daily verbal diarrhea of blasphemy said that when God flooded the world in the Noahic Flood, and later destroyed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, that these deaths were just like anyone else’s, including ours, because these people lived “normal lives” and that it’s totally okay and nothing to worry about because when they died, just like when we die, Jesus will come and get us, and say, “Come, come, blessed by My Father, come with Me.”

Clearly what he is doing is denying that the Noahic Flood and the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah were supernatural events – just as he always denies the supernatural.  He is clearly trying to convince people that the Noahic Flood was a flood not unlike the Houston flood, or any other flood.  And Sodom and Gomorrah?  Meh, just a natural disaster.  Maybe a volcano, maybe an asteroid.  But they were just “normal” people who were killed in a purely natural disaster.

That’s right, folks.  The people killed in the Noahic Flood, and the SODOMITES killed by the wrath of God with fire and brimstone raining down from the sky were “blessed by the Father”.

Well, this is certainly good news for Kevin Spacey and the rest of the faggot rape monsters in Hollywood, Washington, and the world at large, because the Sodomites were literally rape monsters who went to Lot’s house after seeing two men arrive and enter Lot’s home as guests, and DEMANDED THAT THE MEN BE BROUGHT OUT OF THE HOUSE SO THAT THE SODOMITES COULD GANG RAPE THEM.

“Come, come, BLESSED BY MY FATHER, come with Me.” -Antipope Bergoglio, Likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist

And God seeing that the wickedness of men was great on the earth, and that all the thought of their heart was bent upon evil at all times, it repented* Him that he had made man on the earth. And being touched inwardly with sorrow of heart, He said: I will destroy man, whom I have created, from the face of the earth, from man even to beasts, from the creeping thing even to the fowls of the air, for it repenteth* Me that I have made them.

And the earth was corrupted before God, and was filled with iniquity. And when God had seen that the earth was corrupted (for all flesh had corrupted its way upon the earth,) He said to Noe: The end of all flesh is come before Me, the earth is filled with iniquity through them, and I will destroy them with the earth.

Genesis 6

**God, being unchanging, does not “repent” – the archaic expression is used to convey the enormity of the sinfulness and depravity of men, so far gone that God determined that they had to be destroyed. To say that these people were “blessed by the Father” is satanic.

And the two angels came to Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gate of the city. And seeing them, he rose up and went to meet them: and worshipped prostrate to the ground,  And said: I beseech you, my lords, turn in to the house of your servant, and lodge there: wash your feet, and in the morning you shall go on your way. And they said: No, but we will abide in the street.  He pressed them very much to turn in unto him: and when they were come into his house, he made them a feast, and baked unleavened bread and they ate: But before they went to bed, the men of the city beset the house both young and old, all the people together. And they called Lot, and said to him: Where are the men that came in to thee at night? bring them out hither that we may know them:

Lot went out to them, and shut the door after him, and said: Do not so, I beseech you, my brethren, do not commit this evil. I have two daughters who as yet have not known man: I will bring them out to you, and abuse you them as it shall please you, so that you do no evil to these men, because they are come in under the shadow of my roof. But they said: Get thee back thither. And again: Thou camest in, said they, as a, stranger, was it to be a judge? therefore we will afflict thee more than them. And they pressed very violently upon Lot: and they were even at the point of breaking open the doors.  And behold the men put out their hand, and drew in Lot unto them, and shut the door:

And them that were without, they struck with blindness from the least to the greatest, so that they could not find the door. And they said to Lot: Hast thou here any of thine? son in law, or sons, or daughters, all that are thine bring them out of this city: For we will destroy this place, because their cry is grown loud before the Lord, who hath sent us to destroy them. So Lot went out, and spoke to his sons in law that were to have his daughters, and said: Arise: get you out of this place, because the Lord will destroy this city. And he seemed to them to speak as it were in jest. And when it was morning, the angels pressed him, saying: Arise, take thy wife, and the two daughters which thou hast: lest thou also perish in the wickedness of the city.

And as he lingered, they took his hand, and the hand of his wife, and of his two daughters, because the Lord spared him. And they brought him forth, and set him without the city: and there they spoke to him, saying: Save thy life: look not back, neither stay thou in all the country about: but save thyself in the mountain, lest thou be also consumed. And Lot said to them: I beseech thee my Lord, Because thy servant hath found grace before thee, and thou hast magnified thy mercy, which thou hast shewn to me, in saving my life, and I cannot escape to the mountain, lest some evil seize me, and I die:  There is this city here at hand, to which I may flee, it is a little one, and I shall be saved in it: is it not a little one, and my soul shall live?

And he said to him: Behold also in this, I have heard thy prayers, not to destroy the city for which thou hast spoken. Make haste and be saved there, because I cannot do any thing till thou go in thither. Therefore the name of that city was called Segor. The sun was risen upon the earth, and Lot entered into Segor. And the Lord rained upon Sodom and Gomorrha brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven. And he destroyed these cities, and all the country about, all the inhabitants of the cities, and all things that spring from the earth.

Genesis 19

And yes, before you ask, I absolutely find the offering by Lot of his two virgin daughters to the throng of faggot rape monsters to be one of the single most disturbing things in all of scripture.  But that’s what happened. That’s how it went down.  There will be no sugarcoating.  The two Angels made sure that the daughters were safe.  But, yeah.  It is certainly disturbing. I won’t argue the point.

If Our Lord’s promise to Peter and his successors, and to The Church, His Bride, includes Peter declaring the denizens of Sodom and Gomorrah to be “normal” and “Blessed by the Father”, then Our Lord’s promises are empty.  If His promises are empty, then He is not God.  If He is not God, then His death on the Cross is meaningless and we aren’t saved.  And if we aren’t saved, then euthanasia seems the only sensible path forward.

But, we know that Our Lord is God, and that His promises are unbreakable and that He is perfectly faithful and trustworthy, so therefore, there has to be something wrong with the base premise, and the base premise is that Bergoglio is the Pope.  Therefore, Bergoglio must not be Pope.  Something unprecedented must have happened that allowed a man to appear to ascend to the See of Peter, but in truth is an antipope and usurper.  And, sure enough, we saw exactly that – an unprecedented attempted partial-resignation and “expansion” of the Petrine Office into a “collegial, synodal” paradigm. We also have Canon Law to confirm that such a substantial error would invalidate such an attempted resignation and leave the Pope, in substantial error, still the one and only holder of the Petrine Office whether he liked it or believed it or not, and any conclave called before his death or legal resignation would be invalid, and any man faux-elected in such a conclave thus an antipope.

In order to maintain the lie that Bergoglio is the Pope, one has to either hold that Jesus Christ is a liar and a reneger on His explicit promises to His Bride, the Church, which then by definition denies His Divinity, and thus the existence of The Church at all, and/or one must hold that the Papacy is and always has been COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT and a mere “label” assigned to one or more men that can be completely ignored and disregarded, and certainly without any supernatural protection or grace of state.

Either way, satan squeals with delight.

Both of these positions are clearly false, and one need not be a cradle Catholic, have a degree in theology, law or anything else to think through these obvious, simple logical progressions and recognize them as such. Nothing about the Petrine Office applies to him, so, yes, I sit in judgment of Jorge Bergoglio.  He is an arch-heretic.  He is a criminal.  He should be forcibly removed, laicized, and ideally imprisoned. He is the single most dangerous man on the planet today – he is murdering souls on a level that is impossible to comprehend.  Only God knows the tally of people who have died, are dying or will die and be damned to eternal hell because of the blasphemous lies that this evil, wicked, degenerate man spews every day whilst masquerading as Peter.

St. Robert Bellarmine, pray for us.
St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us.
St. Vincent Ferrer, pray for us.

Christ, have mercy on us.



Barnhardt Podcast #035: Un-Moored and Cruising for Mallrats

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In this episode we discuss the hot mess the Alabama Senate race has turned into, reminding ourselves of the Barnhardt Axiom and wondering why this doesn’t happen more often. It’s all of a piece and elements of the Roy Moore story overlap with Weinstein, Spacey, Netflix, Amazon, traditional media, Ted Kennedy and the kingdom of Satan in all sorts of direct and indirect ways. Remember to keep your focus on the Divine Throne — it’s the only “game” that matters!

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#TOLDYA AntiVatican To Host Euthanasia Conference

Well, that didn’t take long.

Before we go further, let us remind ourselves of two things:

  1.  Jorge Bergoglio is NOT the Pope.  He is an antipope.  Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger is the one and only living pope.  This whole situation with Antipope Bergoglio is a result of Pope Ratzinger’s failed attempt to “partially abdicate”.  Since his attempted abdication was made in substantial error, per Canon 188, his resignation was invalid, whether he likes it or not, and he is, and has been all along the one and only living Pope.

2.  Let us revisit Father Linus Clovis’ summation of the current situation:


Okay, now that we are all operating from a base premise rooted in truth and reality, let us see what the now-almost-certain False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist is up to, as called in this space just recently:

“Vatican Conference Invites Promoters of Euthanasia”.

In just a few days, from 16 to 17 November, the newly reformed Pontifical Academy for Life will host a conference in Rome on the topic of “Euthanasia in the Netherlands: Balancing Autonomy and Compassion.

Yeah, because murdering one’s self is totally a matter of finding that sweet, sweet middle-ground in the Hegelian Dialectic.  You know, BALANCE. That place between murdering yourself and not murdering yourself, wherein you totally murder yourself, because… compassion. And… discernment.

Tell me more about how Jorge Bergoglio is the Vicar of Christ on Earth, protected by the Holy Ghost per Our Blessed Lord’s promise to always and forever keep the Petrine See from heresy and error.  Tell me more about how I am just a stupid, uneducated convert because I actually have faith in Our Lord’s promises.  Tell me more about how I am an hyperuberultramontane because I actually believe that Our Lord’s promise to His Bride, the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church to always be with her and to protect her Vicar on Earth with a special, negative protection DOES NOT INCLUDE PETER BEING ABLE TO RAPE INTO A COMA AND THEN ACTIVELY ENCOURAGE TO COMMIT SUICIDE THE BRIDE OF CHRIST.

“Oh, but he didn’t make a formal ex cathedra statement, so he is totally the Pope, and it’s totally okay….”

No.  No, it really isn’t.  We have all the information we need to know for a moral certainty that Bergoglio is NOT the Pope.  So, what we must do then, knowing that Our Lord’s promises are surer and deeper than the foundations of the earth, is to work backwards and figure out where the FALSE PREMISE is.  And, what has been made so very, very clear – like lead crystal clear – is that Ratzinger’s attempt to partially cut-and-run and only partially resign while “expanding and transforming the papacy”, and his subsequent words, deeds and WARDROBE SELECTION makes it glaringly obvious that the false premise in all of this is that Ratzinger actually, validly resigned, and that Bergoglio was validly elected, which is CLEARLY FALSE. Ratzinger NEVER VALIDLY RESIGNED, AND IS NOW AND HAS BEEN ALL ALONG THE ONE AND ONLY LIVING POPE. Is Ratzinger the worst pope ever?  YES. YES HE IS.  By a long, long shot.

Bergoglio is NOT THE POPE, AND NEVER HAS BEEN.  One could even say, “non-canonically elected”, RIGHT? As in, Bergoglio is NOT the “TRUE SUPREME PONTIFF”, right?

Today is the feast of St. Josaphat, who was MURDERED in ARSH 1623 for his efforts to defend The Church.  Here is his festal collect:

Stir up within Thy Church, we beseech Thee, O Lord, the Spirit which blessed Josaphat, Thy Martyr and Bishop, was filled, when he laid down his life for his sheep: so that, through his intercession, we too may be moved and strengthened by the same Spirit, and may not shrink from giving our lives for the bretheren.  Through Our Lord Jesus Christ, Thy Son, Who with Thee, in the unity of the same Spirit, liveth and reigneth, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

And here is the equally strong Postcommunion:

May this heavenly banquet impart to us the spirit of fortitude, which strengthened blessed Josaphat, Thy Martyr and Bishop, to do battle for the honor of Thy Church throughout his life down to the hour of his triumph. Through Jesus Christ, thy Son our Lord, Who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the same Holy Ghost, ever one God, world without end. Amen.

St. Josephat, pray for us.

St. Francis of Assisi, pray for us.

St. Peter, pray for us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Starting Monday Off Right: San Diego Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

St. Didacus (detail), Francisco de Zurbaran, ARSH 1653

Today is the feast of St. Didacus, a Franciscan lay brother, born in ARSH 1400, and died today, November 13, ARSH 1463.  Most people don’t know this, but the city of San Diego, California is named after St. Didacus (Diego in Spanish), not St. James.  The Collect for today’s Mass for the Feast of St. Didacus is lovely:

Almighty everlasting God, who by Thy wonderful providence dost choose the weak things of the world to confound the strong: be pleased to grant us Thy humble servants, that through the kindly prayers of blessed Didacus, Thy Confessor, we may deserve to be raised to eternal glory in heaven. Through our Lord Jesus Christ Thy Son, who liveth and reigneth with Thee in the unity of the Holy Ghost, One God, Forever and ever, Amen.

St. Didacus, pray for us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Would the REAL Sister Lucy of Fatima Please Stand Up?

There is a project underway to hire a face recognition firm to finally confirm that the Sr. Lucy of Fatima from pre-1958 is not the same person as the “Sr. Lucy of Fatima” paraded about after 1958.

Mini-rant: One of the results of satan’s brilliant positioning of the chess board over the past decades, specifically since WWII, is the discrediting of every instance of calling out genuine conspiracies by conflating and character-assasinating the whistleblowers of actual conspiracies with the mendacious, criminal, and/or schizophrenic rantings of 9/11 Troofers, people who think that jet contrails are “mind-control chemicals”, flat-earthers, and all the rest. And so, when the nominally sane try to whistleblow on things like Freemasonry, Commie-faggot infiltration of the Vatican, Obama’s obviously fake birth certificate, the fact that islam is a political system and not a religion, and now the Bergoglian Antipapacy, we get lumped in with the nutters, and are called all manner of names.

Hey man, that’s fine. It’s not like one couldn’t see it coming.  Our Blessed Lord was called a demon-possessed cannibal.  It is satan’s gambit, and it goes with the territory.

Having said that, I would like to WHOLEHEARTEDLY ENDORSE the project linked below which seeks to hire a reputable, totally secular firm at the forefront of facial recognition technology to make a scientific, mathematical determination as to whether the Sister Lucy of Fatima from before ARSH 1958 is the same woman paraded about as “Sister Lucy of Fatima” after ARSH 1958.  Look at the picture below.  Just look at it.  Look at the eyes – the unmistakable eyes from the iconic picture of the Fatima child visionaries from ARSH 1917 – children who were literally shown hell by the Blessed Mother – which are clearly recognizable in the pre-1958 Sister Lucy.  Look at the mouth and chin.  Look at the teeth.  Look at the short, stumpy teeth and the very prominent gums of the post-1958 “Sister Lucy”, and then look at the protruding, overbitten teeth of the pre-1958 Sister Lucy.

It’s obvious, and it requires the willful suspension of disbelief, probably in order to defend the Vatican and the Curia in defense of one’s job, retirement package, credibility within the academia, or simply conformity to one’s social circle, to say the the two photographs below are of the same person.  So, let’s get hard, objective, mathematics-based evidence on the record.

Will we be denounced as nutters?  Yep.  Will we be denounced as nutters by Trads?  Yep.  Will we be denounced as nutters by Trads who are closely associated with Fatima?  Yep.

Oh. Well.


Sister Lucy pre-1958 on the left, some other nun, post-1958, on the right.

Portuguese shepherd children Lucia dos Santos, center, and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, are seen in a file photo taken around the time of the 1917 apparitions of Mary at Fatima. (CNS photo/EPA) See VATICAN-LETTER-FATIMA March 30, 2017.

Note that Lucia dos Santos had a near-monobrow as a child in ARSH 1917.  Look at the adult woman in the picture on the right, above. Absolutely no monobrow there – not even plucked.

Some conspiracies are real.  This one certainly deserves investigation.

Barnhardt Podcast #034: Candy Corn and Other Freemasonic Conspiracies

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In this episode we dig into the mailbag to address queries sent in by email — and other methods of communication — about whether we’re okay, the recent mass-shooting at a non-Mass at a Protestant building in Texas, the natural law, culture, baby boomers, generational spirits, millennials, and the realization that once a society descends to open occultism there isn’t a succeeding generation. And we make absolutely no predictions of when the next podcast will be!

Links and reading:

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A Master Class on Diabolical Narcissism with Rape Monster Extraordinaire, Kevin Spacey

I have been watching the Weinstein and now Kevin Spacey implosions with great interest, as they are living, breathing across-the-board proofsets of pretty much everything I cover in my final video presentation on Diabolical Narcissism. Kevin Spacey, in particular, is a very instructional example because unlike Weinstein, who by all accounts is and always has been a completely revolting pig, both physically and personality-wise, Kevin Spacey’s success and marketability as an actor was always the fact that he was extremely charming and “likable”, and thus could engender feelings of sympathy for his characters.  His depiction of “Verbal Kint”, the pathetic gimp hustler in “The Usual Suspects” engendered great sympathy – which is precisely what made the revelation that he was, in fact, the global master criminal Keyser Soze so jarring and unexpected. In Clint Eastwood’s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, even playing a sodomite with a taste for teenaged boys (art imitating life – don’t think Spacey didn’t derive intense personal satisfaction from “hiding in plain sight” with that character), Spacey’s depiction of Savannah “socialite” Jim Williams is powerful precisely because of Spacey’s charm. Finally, as I discuss in the DN Video presentation, modern teevee and movies are specifically designed to glorify, normalize, and even make sympathetic DN psychopathy.  At the 2:12:47 mark in the video, I mention Spacey’s Netflix show “House of Cards” by name.  I only became aware of “House of Cards” because I had the extreme misfortune of crossing paths with a DN psychopath sodomite, who raved about “House of Cards”, and how his week literally revolved around “Monday nights” when he could watch the latest episodes of “House of Cards” and another show that glorifies psychopaths, “The Americans”.

Diabolical Narcissists love to watch other Diabolical Narcissists at work – they love to see their own psycho-spiritual pathology glorified, and they admire and aspire to the sorts of behaviors manifested by the psychopathic Alpha caste.  Diabolical Narcissists are all about POWER, and nothing is a more diabolically satisfying manifestation of power than the commission of a heinous crime in open, plain view, knowing that no one will ever say a word.

This is why Spacey, Weinstein and pretty much everyone in Hollywood, the Federal Government, and yes, the Vatican, get away with their satanic behavior in plain sight, often, like Spacey, committing sexual assaults in plain, full view of dozens of people.  I am reminded of the stories of Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd openly sexually assaulting waitresses in restaurants – it was called “waitress sandwiches”.

One of the big lessons in all of this for normal, “flyover country” folk is the fact that “open secret” criminal activity is so, so very common amongst these self-styled “elite” castes.  THOUSANDS of people know and have seen with their own eyes capital crimes being committed by The Clintons.  TENS OR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have seen with their own eyes capital crimes being committed in the financial and corporate sectors.  THOUSANDS of people know that the U.N. is basically a giant pedophile ring.  TENS OF THOUSANDS of people know that Hollywood is a giant sodo-pedophile rape culture.  THOUSANDS of people know and have seen with their own eyes that the Vatican and most of the seminaries and chanceries today are operational hubs for a sodo-pedophile mafia.

The truth is, most people have at some point in their life been a witness if not a full-blown cooperator in an “open secret” crime or immoral behavior.  In the first brokerage office I worked in, the secretary was openly operating as a white-collar prostitute. I was the only person to speak up about it, and was told that either I keep my mouth shut, or be fired.  Sadly, I chose to keep the job, instead of doing the right thing. Most people have seen people openly having an affair. Most people in the Church today have seen sodomites, both clerics and laymen, manifesting openly – and I mean flirting, touching, and propositioning men for sex.  Most people in government have seen someone openly engaging in money laundering or bribery.  Most people today have seen someone openly using illegal drugs.  The Weinstein/Spacey phenomena of cowering before aggressive psychopaths is NOT rare.

This brings us to the Alpha-Beta DN dynamic, and why all of these people surrounding Weinstein and Spacey and the Clintons and all of the others, are NOT victims, but Diabolical Narcissists themselves, and certainly do not deserve to be lauded as “heroic” for simply doing what any morally sane person should do.  These enablers are “Beta” DNs, which comprise a MASSIVE caste of people who attach themselves to psychopathic Alpha DNs above, like Weinstein, Spacey, Clinton, Bergoglio, and ride their coattails of power.  Beta DNs are the “bureaucratic” enablers and protectors of the Alpha DNs.  The Betas are generally content to remain “underlings” so long as they are well-provided for by their Alpha, in exchange for their servile loyalty and silence.  Betas are the people who will brook NO CRITICISM whatsoever of their Alpha attachment – the oftentimes pathetic lackeys whose job it is to run interference, engage in character assassination of whistleblowers, and openly lie in order to defend the Alpha and thus keep their own personal gravytrain flowing.  I actually find the Beta class of DNs to be far more terrifying simply because of their numbers.  For every Alpha psychopath, there is a veritable army of Betas propping them up.  The clearest and most terrifying example is the bureaucracy of the Federal Government.  The Congress is only 535 people.  Supreme Court? 9.  President, Vice President and Cabinet? 17 people.  The truly terrifying thought is of the seven-figure bureaucracy, teeming with Beta DNs who will defend their positions on the coattails of power with demonic ferocity.

So it is with the Church today.  Hundreds of people, if not thousands, know that Bergoglio is a raging psychopath who actively, consciously hates God and His Church and is on a mission to destroy it, and is very, very friendly with flaming sodomites and pedophiles. Edward Pentin, in his watershed speech to the Catholic Identity Conference last week stated that there are at least 40 and as many as 70 Cardinals lined up against Antipope Bergoglio, but all are too terrified to act.  What, exactly, are they afraid of?  As Beta Diabolical Narcissists they are terrified of losing their place on the coattails of power.  They are terrified of losing power, and thus their “elite” status, which DNs define themselves by.  Many, if not most, are themselves blackmailable being sodomites and pedophiles as well, as I have discussed in this space previously.

Remember, all sexual perversion is derivative of Diabolical Narcissism, and as we are seeing with the seedy stories about Weinstein and Spacey, their sexual assaults are clearly all about wielding power over other people.  With DNs, the greatest rush and satisfaction comes not from the sex act or crime itself. No. The primary rush is committing crimes and grossly immoral acts openly, and then watching other people permit them to get away with it, and even defend them, cover for them, and actively enable them.  Think Hillary Clinton – one of the strongest examples today.  Every time Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein walked onto a set, or into a gathering, they would look around and luxuriate in the fact that everyone there present KNEW them to be rape monsters, and because of their power, no one said a word.

Finally, a word about the internal state of the Diabolical Narcissist.  In the DN video, I describe what Diabolical Narcissism is, and how a person becomes a DN.  A DN is a human being who has, exactly like the demons, freely chosen to purge themselves of all love.  They consider love to be “beneath them” and a sign of weakness and stupidity.  As a result, DNs are completely emotionally crippled, and can only experience anger, hatred jealousy and fear – the demonic emotional palette. Just after the Kevin Spacey story broke, I came across a story in which Spacey’s brother is interviewed, and reveals the backstory of their childhood.  Apparently their father was completely nuts – a neo-Nazi, who was abusive in every way.  You can read the whole interview if you want, but what jumped out was the following quote from Spacey’s brother:

“Kevin tried to avoid what was going on by wrapping himself in an emotional bubble. He became very sly and smart. He was so determined to try to avoid the whippings that he just minded his Ps and Qs until there was nothing inside. He had no feelings.”

This is exactly what I have been told about DNs – there is no there, there.  By their own choice, they are emotional voids. No empathy, no happiness, no sadness.  Just… nothing.  This is what enables them to hurt other people with zero remorse or pangs of conscience.  They don’t have consciences – they feel nothing except anger, hatred, jealousy and fear, and what is termed “narcissistic satisfaction”, of which there is never, ever enough.  I remember being around a sodomite years ago who would constantly say to a straight guy he was trying to bag, “You wicked child. You have no soul.” That was the highest compliment the sodomite could pay, trying to seduce the straight guy to descend into sexual perversion with him by trying to convince him that he too was “soulless”.  It is hard for normal people to believe, but it is true, and it is confirmed in scripture, which I cite in the video.  It is 1 Corinthinans 13, the famous discourse on love, termed charity:

“If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.”

Kevin Spacey, being intelligent as most DNs are, was able to have a successful career as an actor, and to be socially successful not because he was a truly beautiful and attractive person with a rich emotional palette to call upon in his acting, but only because he was able to MIMIC the qualities of charm and emotional depth of the normal people around him.  The charming Kevin Spacey that would appear on talk shows and do funny impressions, or would charm people around him as he was grooming them for abuse, DOES NOT EXIST.  That is merely a facade that the real Spacey projects in order to hide his true, monstrous self – a human being self-purged of love and all positive emotions derived from love – a human being who lives to hunt other people, to use other people as objects in order to manifest his power and superiority.

Finally, as I cover in the DN presentation, just because Spacey was abused as a child DOES NOT EXCUSE his behavior in the least.  This is the lie of modern culture, infected with the cancer of “psychoanalysis” as it is.  Many, many people are abused as children and do NOT freely choose to purge themselves of love.  The contemporary mindset of trying to deny the very concept of sin by seeking to find an EXCUSE for every sinful act must stop.  It is rooted in Freemasonry, and is now one of satan’s primary tools for convincing people that all sinful acts are either relative, or excusable, and thus that there are no objective moral norms, and thus no truth.  And if there is no truth, there is no God, only individual men, each being their own god.  This is Antipope Bergoglio’s program in a nutshell. It is also Freemasonry in a nutshell. If anyone thinks that is a coincidence, I have a big red bridge in California to sell you.

Folks, most monsters in this world are superficially attractive, charming, and generally intelligent.  Here is a clip of Spacey.  Watch it.  Watch it and let it sink in that this man is a moral void and an open sodomite rape monster with a taste for boyflesh.  Allow yourself to be shaken at how you do not perceive his evil, but actually find him funny, smart, charming and likable.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle….

On Irreverent Masses and Irrational Petitions

A. SuperNerd overdosed on candy, and there were also some logistical obstacles on both sides, but it looks like we will be recording the next Barnhardt Podcast on Tuesday night. Thanks for all of the inquiries.

B. Just a little reminder to one and all about liturgy, and bad liturgy.  Obviously, I think that living close to reverent liturgy, either the Tridentine Mass or Divine Liturgy, should be an extremely high priority, BUT, to those who say, “Novus Ordo Mass is all there is available to me, and I’M NOT GOING!”, let me hasten to remind you of the following:

The most “irreverent” Mass in history was Calvary itself. No one was actually paying attention to the Sacrifice of the Lamb except the small cohort led by The Blessed Virgin, St. John and St. Mary Magdalen.  Only they assisted in silence.  What else was going on at Calvary?  People were walking around, talking, ignoring Our Lord at best, laughing, shouting and heckling Him at worst.  One of the major aspects of crucifixion was the fact that the crucified were naked, completely exposed and obviously unable to cover themselves in any way – complete humiliation.  Can you imagine the taunts and filth that the Roman soldiers hurled at Our Lord? Don’t kid yourselves, folks.  They were probably making sexual taunts at Him that would turn even our jaded stomachs.  That is, of course, when they weren’t playing dice.  The Jewish priests also came to mock and scorn.  And there were probably quite a few people who came just to gawk. They had no idea what they were looking at other than three men being tortured to death.  They just gawked at the spectacle, then walked away.

Now consider the Apostles.  None except St. John were there.  Can you imagine the regret that they all felt for the rest of their lives for not having been there?  It was the most important event in history, in fact, it was the central event in all of history – so central that everything before and everything after is and will be reconciled through the central point of Calvary.  And they missed it.  They freely chose to stay away, cowering in hiding.

It is pretty clear that the days of being able to easily find a valid – never mind licit – Mass are numbered.  Antipope Bergoglio has his henchmen hard at work writing a new non-Mass “ecumenical service” that will fulfill the prophecy of the Mass being almost completely eliminated from the earth.  And as I have said before, when the apostate anti-church goes into full schism, they will take every square inch of real estate with them, and will be unanimously legally recognized as “the Catholic Church”. At this point, to be caught off guard by this will be simply inexcusable.

My advice is the same as what I suspect the Apostles would say: Go to Mass while you still can, even if it is Novus Ordo.  Nothing that happens at a Novus Ordo Mass will be as bad as what was going on at Calvary itself. If bad things happen, pray in reparation as the Blessed Virgin did.  Pray the Rosary. Remember that it is perfectly fine to NOT receive Holy Communion, and instead make a Spiritual Communion – remember, no one received Holy Communion at Calvary. Christ Himself, the High Priest, was the Priest Celebrant and the Victim, and He immolated Himself, thus consummating the Sacrifice. Don’t find yourself, like the Apostles, filled with regret at NOT going to Calvary.

C. Just FYI, I have added a precision to my Matthew 17:20 Initiative prayer intention, that I think is extremely important.  I have added to the petition that Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger be publicly acknowledged as the one and only living Pope.  So now, my Matthew 17:20 petition goes like this:

That Jorge Bergoglio be publicly acknowledged to be an antipope; that Antipope Bergoglio be removed and his entire Antipapacy publicly nullified; that Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger be publicly acknowledged to be the one and only living Pope; that Jorge Bergoglio repent, revert to Catholicism, die in a state of grace, and eventually achieve the Beatific Vision; that Pope Benedict Ratzinger repent, die in a state of grace and achieve the Beatific Vision.

If Pope Benedict XVI is NOT publicly acknowledged as the one and only living Pope, then the problems will continue to multiply because that is what happens when base premises are false – the logical truth table continues to generate false results that superficially appear to be true.

Bergoglio is obviously an arch-heretic, but remember – and this is SO IMPORTANT – Bergoglio’s heresy is NOT GERMANE to the question of who the Pope is.  The question hinges entirely on Pope Benedict’s invalid attempt at partially resigning, and in his mind “bifurcating and expanding” the Petrine Office, which is substantial error per Canon 188.  Bergoglio, technically, has nothing to do with it.  One HAS to get the base premise right if one expects to truly resolve the situation.  Half-measures aren’t good enough. 99% true is still 1% false, and that 1% poisons and ruins everything.

Pope Benedict XVI’s substantial error predates the Bergoglian antipapacy by two weeks.  The fact that Bergoglio is an arch-heretic who “seems” to be proving the promises of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to specifically pray for and protect Peter and all of Peter’s successors as false is only a CONFIRMING COROLLARY DATASET that Bergoglio is not the Pope – it is NOT the base premise itself.  The Bergoglian antipapacy is a result of Pope Ratzinger’s failed abdication attempt, it is NOT a result of any of Bergoglio’s actions.  So, all of the time and effort that is being spent debating whether or not Bergoglio has “ceased to be the Pope due to his heresy” is nothing but a huge, wheel-spinning dead end and waste of time.  And satan squeals with delight. Satan further squeals like a pig every time the argument is made that “the papacy isn’t really that important and never was” or that “the papacy is just a label” because those erroneous positions are now completely necessary in order to maintain the false premise that Bergoglio is, in fact, the Vicar of Christ on Earth.  Folks, the Papacy does matter, and it is special and specially protected, and the identity of the Pope is of critical importance.  Don’t let anyone, and I mean ANYONE, tell you otherwise.

It seems to me that Pope Ratzinger, if he expects to make it through his Particular Judgment, will have to, before he dies, repent of what he has done, and it seems to me that in order for that to happen, his substantial error and his status as the one and only living pope would have to be publicly acknowledged.  Anything less is simply giving up on Joseph Ratzinger and writing him off as not only damned, but as unable to repent.  No matter how enormous the sin – and Ratzinger’s is nothing if not enormous – God ALWAYS has avenues of repentance available.  All knots can be undone. There is no situation of sin that can not be escaped.  In the case of Pope Benedict XVI, all that would be required is to call a press conference. The solution is so painfully simple, which makes it all the more heartbreaking.

As we are seeing with the glorious implosions of the NFL and Hollywood, absolutely anything can happen, and it can happen with incredible speed.  This is why we must continue to pray, and to pray for THE RIGHT THING. If our prayer petitions do not conform to reality, then what do you expect God to do?  How can God answer prayers that are irrational?  For example, if someone asks God to unmask Hillary Clinton as a shape-shifting lizard Joo, what do you expect God to do with such a petition?  It is nonsensical, thus the petition is void.  Such is the case here.  Asking God to make Jorge Bergoglio a good Pope is irrational and nonsensical, because Jorge Bergoglio isn’t the Pope and never has been and never will be.  It is like asking God to make Bruce Jenner the most beautiful woman in the world.  Bruce Jenner is not now, never has been, and never will be a woman, so the petition is utterly void. Prayers for “Pope Francis” are as ridiculous as prayers to make Bruce Jenner a good pope, or to make Jorge Bergoglio the most beautiful woman in the world.  Falsity is falsity.  In for a penny, in for a pound. It’s ontological and rhetorical gibberish.

Please join me in the Matthew 17:20 Initiative, which entails full fasting two days per week (I do Tuesday and Friday most weeks) and for adding the petition above to your daily prayers. Remember, God won’t answer petitions that are never made, or that are not congruent with reality.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger. He has so much to repent for before he dies.

Equidistance: 32 Years

ARSH 1985 is as distant from today as ARSH 1953 was from 1985.

Wow.  There is so much to choose from in both years, but I’ve settled on these two for this November Sunday….

ARSH 1985: “Everybody Wants To Rule the World” by Tears For Fears


ARSH 1953: “Vaya Con Dios” by Les Paul and Mary Ford

Making Suicide A Virtuous Act: Antipope Bergoglio and NWO Executing Depopulation Plan

Ready for more sunshine and happiness after yesterday’s fury at the celebration of Luther?  I realized that the whole theme of the desensitizing, normalizing and glorifying of suicide demanded a post of its own.  This is such an important topic, and almost no one is talking about it, perhaps because most people simply can’t imagine that there are people so spectacularly evil as to actually desire that people choose to commit suicide en masse.  But, that is exactly the situation, and so we have to discuss it.

I would especially encourage priests to read this very, very closely, as you will be on the front lines and if you do not understand what is going on, it will be very, very difficult for you to fight back against the wolves who are trying to devour your flocks.

Post-Christian society is falling into the abyss, and quickly. Within a mere blink of the eye in historical terms, our society has fully embraced sexual perversion of every stripe, self-mutilation has become a “civil right”, and there is now only one final frontier to be breached: suicide.

Antipope Bergoglio, wielding his completely illegitimate “moral authority” as the usurper of the See of Peter, has been at the forefront of the conspiracy – and I use the word without hesitation – to lay the foundations needed to desensitize, normalize, glorify, and eventually EXPECT suicide.  It is the ultimate smack in the face to God, to not only ratify people in sin, but to actually encourage people to take the gift of their very life, and throw it away.

The fact that Bergoglio and the Freemasonic-Soros-Zuckerberg New World Order cabal are 100% in agreement on the agenda of suicide promotion should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever.  If Bergoglio is, in fact, the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, it becomes even more predictable.

The first step is to ratify what post-Christian culture already believes by a huge margin: that death results in the annihilation of the human soul at the very worst, and for those few remaining “simpletons” that still cling to their “bullshit religion”, that there is universal salvation.  Either way, the possibility of eternal damnation and the existence of hell is completely discounted and derided as the ravings of unsophisticated and “hate-filled” fringe lunatics.

It was the Theory of Evolution that was the first wave of attack against man’s belief in the reality of hell.  We all know that when we slaughter animals, that the animals’ consciousnesses are, in fact, “snuffed out of existence”.  Animals are NOT rational intellects, and thus are fundamentally different from human beings who are rational intellects, and are in that way created “in the image and likeness of God”.  As Darwinian thought infected the world, men became convinced that as mere “hairless apes”, animals that are simply more evolved than other animals, so too are human beings “snuffed out of existence” when they die.  Three of the Four Last Things were essentially disregarded in one fell swoop: Judgment, Heaven and Hell.  Only death remained, and so the telos of man, or the end of man, became death and annihilation – FULL STOP, LIGHTS OUT. Heaven and hell thus became something that intelligent people merely gave lip service to on Sunday mornings, if that.

Bergoglio has gone out of his way to promote soul annihilation as the worst possible end of man, even in the foul screed Amoris Laetitia, in which he says, through his ghostwriter in paragraph 297, “No one can be condemned forever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!He has told the atheist Freemason newspaper magnate Eugenio Scalfari more than once that souls are annihilated that do not receive eternal beatitude. 

So, we have the man that almost the entire planet mistakenly believes to be the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth denying the existence of hell and preaching soul annihilation as the worst case scenario.

Next, this same foul wretch of a man is on the record as saying that suffering has no meaning or explanation, and thus certainly could not ever be salutary or redemptive. Generally, Bergoglio says this to children when asked :Why is there suffering in the world?” Original Sin?  Phuff! No one believes in any of that medieval bullshit any more!  Suffering as a means for men to draw closer to Christ in His Passion?  Oh, give me a break with that crap!  The Church moved beyond that bullshit fifty years ago.

So in review, suffering has no meaning, and thus should be avoided at all costs, and the worst case scenario and near-certain fate of all human beings when they die is the annihilation of their soul. Lights out. Finito.

So, given that premise as laid out by Antipope Bergoglio, tell me why, exactly, a rational human being would NOT be tempted to suicide.  In fact, tell me why a rational human being, given that premise would not be COMPELLED to commit suicide, especially in the face of illness, war, a reduction in standard of living, or just growing old?

As I have discussed previously referencing the excellent work of Fr. Chad Ripperger, generations have demonic spirits of oppression attached to them.  The World War I generation’s spirit of oppression was incommunication.  They had the faith, but did not communicate or explain it to their children, most especially with regards to suffering.  They did the Protestant English “stiff upper lip” thing, and thus left their children spiritually handicapped.  The World War II generation thus suffered from a lack of mortification – and thus resigned themselves to the idea that their children would never suffer, most especially in the material sense.  Because the World War II generation indulged their children, those children, the Baby Boomers, acquired the demonic spirit of indocility and rebellion.  The Hippies were really the first generation in which hatred of parents and elders in general was completely normalized and expected.  That brings us to Generation X – the children of the Baby Boomers.  Generation X is now either middle-aged or just about to enter middle age.  The demonic spirit of oppression that infects Generation X is NARCISSISM. Imagine that.

Generation X is just now passing out of its prime.  Wrinkles, grey hair, loss of physical beauty and athleticism. Gen X’ers are now going to start being diagnosed with cancers, degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and the like. Generation X’ers are also now in their peak earning years, and are wildly materialistic and utilitarian. Utility is defined as the sum of all pleasure from a given set, minus the suffering. ALL PLEASURE IS GOOD, and ALL SUFFERING IS BAD, and this is the metric by which life is assessed.  Life is defined by the size of the house, the hottness of the cars, and the brand names in the wardrobe. Gen X’ers are also wildly effeminate and slothful.  They recoil from anything deemed unpleasant, which is effeminacy, and they recoil from anything that is hard or difficult to do, which is sloth.

So, let us review.  We have, right now, a generation moving into middle age that is wildly narcissistic, materialistic, hyper-utilitarian, and can not tolerate any unpleasantness or difficulty, and have never lived in a world that was not “Vatican II / Novus Ordo”, which means they simply do not have the Faith of Holy Mother Church because they have been completely deprived of it by their parents and especially their grandparents who executed and oversaw the auto-destruction of the Church in the 1960s and 70s.

What do you think satan through his servants Jorge Bergoglio and the New World Order cabal wants to whisper in the ear of every Gen X’er who finds themselves facing old age, sickness, questionable retirement support, the natural outpacing by younger people coming up behind them, and loneliness because they never bothered to get married and have children, or abandoned their marriage, only to fornicate and masturbate in sterility? What do you think satan and his human minions want to help Gen X’ers “realize”?

Bingo.  They want them to believe that suicide is not just possible, but that it is attractive, and even virtuous.

The world is overpopulated as it is – Antipope Bergoglio has people coming into the Vatican to give seminars that openly profess that 6 out of every 7 human beings should be removed from the planet.  Because human beings “hurt the planet” and are themselves a form of pollution.

The worst problems in the world according to Antipope Bergoglio are youth unemployment (which eliminating older people would help alleviate), and the loneliness of old people (which suicide and thus soul annihilation, would “solve”.)

And let’s look at it from the materialistic angle: aren’t we all obsessed with “selling out at the top of the market”?  But what if the commodity that is being liquidated isn’t a house or a stock portfolio, but life itself?  Sell the house when it needs a new roof, but is still saleable.  Commit suicide when the incurable disease is diagnosed.  Sell the Apple or Amazon stock at the top of the bubble, just before the bad news hits the market.  Euthanize yourself before you lose your looks and your health.

Besides, you would be doing the world a favor, especially if you are white, male and heterosexual.  You need to “do the right thing” and remove yourself from the world, thus proving the depth of your SOCIAL JUSTICE VIRTUE. Didn’t Jesus say, “No greater love man hath, than to lay down his life for his friends”? See?  Even Jesus wants you to kill yourself, because it is the right thing to do. 

Do it now.  Go out on top.  Don’t get sick.  Don’t get old.  Don’t die broke, alone, and in pain. Your best days are behind you. There’s never going to be a spouse. There’s never going to be children – because you were sophisticated enough to realize how truly stupid marriage is, and how unspeakably selfish reproducing is. It’s just like going to sleep, like when you had that surgery.  You didn’t dream when you were knocked out for surgery, did you?  It was just lights out.  No thought.  No passage of time.  Just… nothingness.  Well, you could have yourself injected with Valium or whatever drug, and just tell the doctors to make sure you never wake up.  Quick. Painless. Cheap. Easy. SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.

Folks, I’m telling you, barring supernatural intervention in the world, we are going to see a MASSIVE uptick in suicides and it will happen as “self-euthanasia” is pushed, normalized, and glorified.  Hospitals will start pushing euthanasia upon diagnosis of any disease, and they will self-righteously paint it as “the patient’s right and the caregiver’s duty to make sure that the option of suicide is fully available, and in no way judged”.

We are going to start seeing entertainment that revolves around suicide, reality teevee shows in particular, that desensitize people to suicide, and even make it seem romantic and virtuous.

People who have no symptoms of depression and seem to be otherwise normal are going to start turning up dead, or seeking out euthanasia centers such as Switzerland and Belgium, and eventually euthanasia centers will be everywhere. Eventually they will be marketed as “resorts” where people’s suicides are packaged and romanticized like weddings. The temptation to suicide will also be greater among the more intelligent, who will make the easy logical progression that inevitably arrives at suicide from the false premise of soul annihilation and/or universal salvation.

Did you know that there is a group of “Monks” in Belgium who are openly and defiantly euthanizing people in the hospital for “depression”?  What this means is that there are Catholic Monks facilitating suicide-on-demand, and NOT A WORD out of Rome. Rumor has it someone might have made a frowny-face, but these reports are unconfirmed.  Are we surprised?  If so, WHY?  What part of FALSE PROPHET FORERUNNER OF THE ANTICHRIST are we not understanding?  What part of MASS APOSTASY FROM THE TOP DOWN is unclear?

The post-Christian west has been engaging in macro-level auto genocide for over 50 years now via contraception (which Antipope Bergoglio is about to declare morally licit by effectively overturning Humanae Vitae), abortion (which Bergoglio celebrates by calling abortionists “great”), and now the active cooperation with and facilitation of invasion forces, namely the musloid scourge (for which, again, Antipope Bergoglio is the single biggest agitator). Sexual perversion of every stripe is now celebrated.  Self mutilation is now considered brave and virtuous. What is left? What objective evil has not yet been declared “good”? Only personal suicide. And Antipope Bergoglio has primed the pump for exactly that.

It’s coming.  Don’t say there was no warning. All we can do is continue to preach the reality of hell and eternal damnation, or, if the topics of hell and eternal damnation have been topics that you have avoided, STOP AVOIDING THEM.  Make them front-burner topics. It could literally save someone’s soul.

I hope this helps.