A Master Class on Diabolical Narcissism with Rape Monster Extraordinaire, Kevin Spacey

I have been watching the Weinstein and now Kevin Spacey implosions with great interest, as they are living, breathing across-the-board proofsets of pretty much everything I cover in my final video presentation on Diabolical Narcissism. Kevin Spacey, in particular, is a very instructional example because unlike Weinstein, who by all accounts is and always has been a completely revolting pig, both physically and personality-wise, Kevin Spacey’s success and marketability as an actor was always the fact that he was extremely charming and “likable”, and thus could engender feelings of sympathy for his characters.  His depiction of “Verbal Kint”, the pathetic gimp hustler in “The Usual Suspects” engendered great sympathy – which is precisely what made the revelation that he was, in fact, the global master criminal Keyser Soze so jarring and unexpected. In Clint Eastwood’s “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, even playing a sodomite with a taste for teenaged boys (art imitating life – don’t think Spacey didn’t derive intense personal satisfaction from “hiding in plain sight” with that character), Spacey’s depiction of Savannah “socialite” Jim Williams is powerful precisely because of Spacey’s charm. Finally, as I discuss in the DN Video presentation, modern teevee and movies are specifically designed to glorify, normalize, and even make sympathetic DN psychopathy.  At the 2:12:47 mark in the video, I mention Spacey’s Netflix show “House of Cards” by name.  I only became aware of “House of Cards” because I had the extreme misfortune of crossing paths with a DN psychopath sodomite, who raved about “House of Cards”, and how his week literally revolved around “Monday nights” when he could watch the latest episodes of “House of Cards” and another show that glorifies psychopaths, “The Americans”.

Diabolical Narcissists love to watch other Diabolical Narcissists at work – they love to see their own psycho-spiritual pathology glorified, and they admire and aspire to the sorts of behaviors manifested by the psychopathic Alpha caste.  Diabolical Narcissists are all about POWER, and nothing is a more diabolically satisfying manifestation of power than the commission of a heinous crime in open, plain view, knowing that no one will ever say a word.

This is why Spacey, Weinstein and pretty much everyone in Hollywood, the Federal Government, and yes, the Vatican, get away with their satanic behavior in plain sight, often, like Spacey, committing sexual assaults in plain, full view of dozens of people.  I am reminded of the stories of Ted Kennedy and Chris Dodd openly sexually assaulting waitresses in restaurants – it was called “waitress sandwiches”.

One of the big lessons in all of this for normal, “flyover country” folk is the fact that “open secret” criminal activity is so, so very common amongst these self-styled “elite” castes.  THOUSANDS of people know and have seen with their own eyes capital crimes being committed by The Clintons.  TENS OR HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people have seen with their own eyes capital crimes being committed in the financial and corporate sectors.  THOUSANDS of people know that the U.N. is basically a giant pedophile ring.  TENS OF THOUSANDS of people know that Hollywood is a giant sodo-pedophile rape culture.  THOUSANDS of people know and have seen with their own eyes that the Vatican and most of the seminaries and chanceries today are operational hubs for a sodo-pedophile mafia.

The truth is, most people have at some point in their life been a witness if not a full-blown cooperator in an “open secret” crime or immoral behavior.  In the first brokerage office I worked in, the secretary was openly operating as a white-collar prostitute. I was the only person to speak up about it, and was told that either I keep my mouth shut, or be fired.  Sadly, I chose to keep the job, instead of doing the right thing. Most people have seen people openly having an affair. Most people in the Church today have seen sodomites, both clerics and laymen, manifesting openly – and I mean flirting, touching, and propositioning men for sex.  Most people in government have seen someone openly engaging in money laundering or bribery.  Most people today have seen someone openly using illegal drugs.  The Weinstein/Spacey phenomena of cowering before aggressive psychopaths is NOT rare.

This brings us to the Alpha-Beta DN dynamic, and why all of these people surrounding Weinstein and Spacey and the Clintons and all of the others, are NOT victims, but Diabolical Narcissists themselves, and certainly do not deserve to be lauded as “heroic” for simply doing what any morally sane person should do.  These enablers are “Beta” DNs, which comprise a MASSIVE caste of people who attach themselves to psychopathic Alpha DNs above, like Weinstein, Spacey, Clinton, Bergoglio, and ride their coattails of power.  Beta DNs are the “bureaucratic” enablers and protectors of the Alpha DNs.  The Betas are generally content to remain “underlings” so long as they are well-provided for by their Alpha, in exchange for their servile loyalty and silence.  Betas are the people who will brook NO CRITICISM whatsoever of their Alpha attachment – the oftentimes pathetic lackeys whose job it is to run interference, engage in character assassination of whistleblowers, and openly lie in order to defend the Alpha and thus keep their own personal gravytrain flowing.  I actually find the Beta class of DNs to be far more terrifying simply because of their numbers.  For every Alpha psychopath, there is a veritable army of Betas propping them up.  The clearest and most terrifying example is the bureaucracy of the Federal Government.  The Congress is only 535 people.  Supreme Court? 9.  President, Vice President and Cabinet? 17 people.  The truly terrifying thought is of the seven-figure bureaucracy, teeming with Beta DNs who will defend their positions on the coattails of power with demonic ferocity.

So it is with the Church today.  Hundreds of people, if not thousands, know that Bergoglio is a raging psychopath who actively, consciously hates God and His Church and is on a mission to destroy it, and is very, very friendly with flaming sodomites and pedophiles. Edward Pentin, in his watershed speech to the Catholic Identity Conference last week stated that there are at least 40 and as many as 70 Cardinals lined up against Antipope Bergoglio, but all are too terrified to act.  What, exactly, are they afraid of?  As Beta Diabolical Narcissists they are terrified of losing their place on the coattails of power.  They are terrified of losing power, and thus their “elite” status, which DNs define themselves by.  Many, if not most, are themselves blackmailable being sodomites and pedophiles as well, as I have discussed in this space previously.

Remember, all sexual perversion is derivative of Diabolical Narcissism, and as we are seeing with the seedy stories about Weinstein and Spacey, their sexual assaults are clearly all about wielding power over other people.  With DNs, the greatest rush and satisfaction comes not from the sex act or crime itself. No. The primary rush is committing crimes and grossly immoral acts openly, and then watching other people permit them to get away with it, and even defend them, cover for them, and actively enable them.  Think Hillary Clinton – one of the strongest examples today.  Every time Kevin Spacey or Harvey Weinstein walked onto a set, or into a gathering, they would look around and luxuriate in the fact that everyone there present KNEW them to be rape monsters, and because of their power, no one said a word.

Finally, a word about the internal state of the Diabolical Narcissist.  In the DN video, I describe what Diabolical Narcissism is, and how a person becomes a DN.  A DN is a human being who has, exactly like the demons, freely chosen to purge themselves of all love.  They consider love to be “beneath them” and a sign of weakness and stupidity.  As a result, DNs are completely emotionally crippled, and can only experience anger, hatred jealousy and fear – the demonic emotional palette. Just after the Kevin Spacey story broke, I came across a story in which Spacey’s brother is interviewed, and reveals the backstory of their childhood.  Apparently their father was completely nuts – a neo-Nazi, who was abusive in every way.  You can read the whole interview if you want, but what jumped out was the following quote from Spacey’s brother:

“Kevin tried to avoid what was going on by wrapping himself in an emotional bubble. He became very sly and smart. He was so determined to try to avoid the whippings that he just minded his Ps and Qs until there was nothing inside. He had no feelings.”

This is exactly what I have been told about DNs – there is no there, there.  By their own choice, they are emotional voids. No empathy, no happiness, no sadness.  Just… nothing.  This is what enables them to hurt other people with zero remorse or pangs of conscience.  They don’t have consciences – they feel nothing except anger, hatred, jealousy and fear, and what is termed “narcissistic satisfaction”, of which there is never, ever enough.  I remember being around a sodomite years ago who would constantly say to a straight guy he was trying to bag, “You wicked child. You have no soul.” That was the highest compliment the sodomite could pay, trying to seduce the straight guy to descend into sexual perversion with him by trying to convince him that he too was “soulless”.  It is hard for normal people to believe, but it is true, and it is confirmed in scripture, which I cite in the video.  It is 1 Corinthinans 13, the famous discourse on love, termed charity:

“If I speak with the tongues of men, and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And if I should have prophecy and should know all mysteries, and all knowledge, and if I should have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.”

Kevin Spacey, being intelligent as most DNs are, was able to have a successful career as an actor, and to be socially successful not because he was a truly beautiful and attractive person with a rich emotional palette to call upon in his acting, but only because he was able to MIMIC the qualities of charm and emotional depth of the normal people around him.  The charming Kevin Spacey that would appear on talk shows and do funny impressions, or would charm people around him as he was grooming them for abuse, DOES NOT EXIST.  That is merely a facade that the real Spacey projects in order to hide his true, monstrous self – a human being self-purged of love and all positive emotions derived from love – a human being who lives to hunt other people, to use other people as objects in order to manifest his power and superiority.

Finally, as I cover in the DN presentation, just because Spacey was abused as a child DOES NOT EXCUSE his behavior in the least.  This is the lie of modern culture, infected with the cancer of “psychoanalysis” as it is.  Many, many people are abused as children and do NOT freely choose to purge themselves of love.  The contemporary mindset of trying to deny the very concept of sin by seeking to find an EXCUSE for every sinful act must stop.  It is rooted in Freemasonry, and is now one of satan’s primary tools for convincing people that all sinful acts are either relative, or excusable, and thus that there are no objective moral norms, and thus no truth.  And if there is no truth, there is no God, only individual men, each being their own god.  This is Antipope Bergoglio’s program in a nutshell. It is also Freemasonry in a nutshell. If anyone thinks that is a coincidence, I have a big red bridge in California to sell you.

Folks, most monsters in this world are superficially attractive, charming, and generally intelligent.  Here is a clip of Spacey.  Watch it.  Watch it and let it sink in that this man is a moral void and an open sodomite rape monster with a taste for boyflesh.  Allow yourself to be shaken at how you do not perceive his evil, but actually find him funny, smart, charming and likable.

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle….


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