Would the REAL Sister Lucy of Fatima Please Stand Up?

There is a project underway to hire a face recognition firm to finally confirm that the Sr. Lucy of Fatima from pre-1958 is not the same person as the “Sr. Lucy of Fatima” paraded about after 1958.

Mini-rant: One of the results of satan’s brilliant positioning of the chess board over the past decades, specifically since WWII, is the discrediting of every instance of calling out genuine conspiracies by conflating and character-assasinating the whistleblowers of actual conspiracies with the mendacious, criminal, and/or schizophrenic rantings of 9/11 Troofers, people who think that jet contrails are “mind-control chemicals”, flat-earthers, and all the rest. And so, when the nominally sane try to whistleblow on things like Freemasonry, Commie-faggot infiltration of the Vatican, Obama’s obviously fake birth certificate, the fact that islam is a political system and not a religion, and now the Bergoglian Antipapacy, we get lumped in with the nutters, and are called all manner of names.

Hey man, that’s fine. It’s not like one couldn’t see it coming.  Our Blessed Lord was called a demon-possessed cannibal.  It is satan’s gambit, and it goes with the territory.

Having said that, I would like to WHOLEHEARTEDLY ENDORSE the project linked below which seeks to hire a reputable, totally secular firm at the forefront of facial recognition technology to make a scientific, mathematical determination as to whether the Sister Lucy of Fatima from before ARSH 1958 is the same woman paraded about as “Sister Lucy of Fatima” after ARSH 1958.  Look at the picture below.  Just look at it.  Look at the eyes – the unmistakable eyes from the iconic picture of the Fatima child visionaries from ARSH 1917 – children who were literally shown hell by the Blessed Mother – which are clearly recognizable in the pre-1958 Sister Lucy.  Look at the mouth and chin.  Look at the teeth.  Look at the short, stumpy teeth and the very prominent gums of the post-1958 “Sister Lucy”, and then look at the protruding, overbitten teeth of the pre-1958 Sister Lucy.

It’s obvious, and it requires the willful suspension of disbelief, probably in order to defend the Vatican and the Curia in defense of one’s job, retirement package, credibility within the academia, or simply conformity to one’s social circle, to say the the two photographs below are of the same person.  So, let’s get hard, objective, mathematics-based evidence on the record.

Will we be denounced as nutters?  Yep.  Will we be denounced as nutters by Trads?  Yep.  Will we be denounced as nutters by Trads who are closely associated with Fatima?  Yep.

Oh. Well.


Sister Lucy pre-1958 on the left, some other nun, post-1958, on the right.

Portuguese shepherd children Lucia dos Santos, center, and her cousins, Jacinta and Francisco Marto, are seen in a file photo taken around the time of the 1917 apparitions of Mary at Fatima. (CNS photo/EPA) See VATICAN-LETTER-FATIMA March 30, 2017.

Note that Lucia dos Santos had a near-monobrow as a child in ARSH 1917.  Look at the adult woman in the picture on the right, above. Absolutely no monobrow there – not even plucked.

Some conspiracies are real.  This one certainly deserves investigation.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.