Making Suicide A Virtuous Act: Antipope Bergoglio and NWO Executing Depopulation Plan

Ready for more sunshine and happiness after yesterday’s fury at the celebration of Luther?  I realized that the whole theme of the desensitizing, normalizing and glorifying of suicide demanded a post of its own.  This is such an important topic, and almost no one is talking about it, perhaps because most people simply can’t imagine that there are people so spectacularly evil as to actually desire that people choose to commit suicide en masse.  But, that is exactly the situation, and so we have to discuss it.

I would especially encourage priests to read this very, very closely, as you will be on the front lines and if you do not understand what is going on, it will be very, very difficult for you to fight back against the wolves who are trying to devour your flocks.

Post-Christian society is falling into the abyss, and quickly. Within a mere blink of the eye in historical terms, our society has fully embraced sexual perversion of every stripe, self-mutilation has become a “civil right”, and there is now only one final frontier to be breached: suicide.

Antipope Bergoglio, wielding his completely illegitimate “moral authority” as the usurper of the See of Peter, has been at the forefront of the conspiracy – and I use the word without hesitation – to lay the foundations needed to desensitize, normalize, glorify, and eventually EXPECT suicide.  It is the ultimate smack in the face to God, to not only ratify people in sin, but to actually encourage people to take the gift of their very life, and throw it away.

The fact that Bergoglio and the Freemasonic-Soros-Zuckerberg New World Order cabal are 100% in agreement on the agenda of suicide promotion should come as absolutely no surprise whatsoever.  If Bergoglio is, in fact, the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, it becomes even more predictable.

The first step is to ratify what post-Christian culture already believes by a huge margin: that death results in the annihilation of the human soul at the very worst, and for those few remaining “simpletons” that still cling to their “bullshit religion”, that there is universal salvation.  Either way, the possibility of eternal damnation and the existence of hell is completely discounted and derided as the ravings of unsophisticated and “hate-filled” fringe lunatics.

It was the Theory of Evolution that was the first wave of attack against man’s belief in the reality of hell.  We all know that when we slaughter animals, that the animals’ consciousnesses are, in fact, “snuffed out of existence”.  Animals are NOT rational intellects, and thus are fundamentally different from human beings who are rational intellects, and are in that way created “in the image and likeness of God”.  As Darwinian thought infected the world, men became convinced that as mere “hairless apes”, animals that are simply more evolved than other animals, so too are human beings “snuffed out of existence” when they die.  Three of the Four Last Things were essentially disregarded in one fell swoop: Judgment, Heaven and Hell.  Only death remained, and so the telos of man, or the end of man, became death and annihilation – FULL STOP, LIGHTS OUT. Heaven and hell thus became something that intelligent people merely gave lip service to on Sunday mornings, if that.

Bergoglio has gone out of his way to promote soul annihilation as the worst possible end of man, even in the foul screed Amoris Laetitia, in which he says, through his ghostwriter in paragraph 297, “No one can be condemned forever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!He has told the atheist Freemason newspaper magnate Eugenio Scalfari more than once that souls are annihilated that do not receive eternal beatitude. 

So, we have the man that almost the entire planet mistakenly believes to be the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth denying the existence of hell and preaching soul annihilation as the worst case scenario.

Next, this same foul wretch of a man is on the record as saying that suffering has no meaning or explanation, and thus certainly could not ever be salutary or redemptive. Generally, Bergoglio says this to children when asked :Why is there suffering in the world?” Original Sin?  Phuff! No one believes in any of that medieval bullshit any more!  Suffering as a means for men to draw closer to Christ in His Passion?  Oh, give me a break with that crap!  The Church moved beyond that bullshit fifty years ago.

So in review, suffering has no meaning, and thus should be avoided at all costs, and the worst case scenario and near-certain fate of all human beings when they die is the annihilation of their soul. Lights out. Finito.

So, given that premise as laid out by Antipope Bergoglio, tell me why, exactly, a rational human being would NOT be tempted to suicide.  In fact, tell me why a rational human being, given that premise would not be COMPELLED to commit suicide, especially in the face of illness, war, a reduction in standard of living, or just growing old?

As I have discussed previously referencing the excellent work of Fr. Chad Ripperger, generations have demonic spirits of oppression attached to them.  The World War I generation’s spirit of oppression was incommunication.  They had the faith, but did not communicate or explain it to their children, most especially with regards to suffering.  They did the Protestant English “stiff upper lip” thing, and thus left their children spiritually handicapped.  The World War II generation thus suffered from a lack of mortification – and thus resigned themselves to the idea that their children would never suffer, most especially in the material sense.  Because the World War II generation indulged their children, those children, the Baby Boomers, acquired the demonic spirit of indocility and rebellion.  The Hippies were really the first generation in which hatred of parents and elders in general was completely normalized and expected.  That brings us to Generation X – the children of the Baby Boomers.  Generation X is now either middle-aged or just about to enter middle age.  The demonic spirit of oppression that infects Generation X is NARCISSISM. Imagine that.

Generation X is just now passing out of its prime.  Wrinkles, grey hair, loss of physical beauty and athleticism. Gen X’ers are now going to start being diagnosed with cancers, degenerative diseases such as Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS and the like. Generation X’ers are also now in their peak earning years, and are wildly materialistic and utilitarian. Utility is defined as the sum of all pleasure from a given set, minus the suffering. ALL PLEASURE IS GOOD, and ALL SUFFERING IS BAD, and this is the metric by which life is assessed.  Life is defined by the size of the house, the hottness of the cars, and the brand names in the wardrobe. Gen X’ers are also wildly effeminate and slothful.  They recoil from anything deemed unpleasant, which is effeminacy, and they recoil from anything that is hard or difficult to do, which is sloth.

So, let us review.  We have, right now, a generation moving into middle age that is wildly narcissistic, materialistic, hyper-utilitarian, and can not tolerate any unpleasantness or difficulty, and have never lived in a world that was not “Vatican II / Novus Ordo”, which means they simply do not have the Faith of Holy Mother Church because they have been completely deprived of it by their parents and especially their grandparents who executed and oversaw the auto-destruction of the Church in the 1960s and 70s.

What do you think satan through his servants Jorge Bergoglio and the New World Order cabal wants to whisper in the ear of every Gen X’er who finds themselves facing old age, sickness, questionable retirement support, the natural outpacing by younger people coming up behind them, and loneliness because they never bothered to get married and have children, or abandoned their marriage, only to fornicate and masturbate in sterility? What do you think satan and his human minions want to help Gen X’ers “realize”?

Bingo.  They want them to believe that suicide is not just possible, but that it is attractive, and even virtuous.

The world is overpopulated as it is – Antipope Bergoglio has people coming into the Vatican to give seminars that openly profess that 6 out of every 7 human beings should be removed from the planet.  Because human beings “hurt the planet” and are themselves a form of pollution.

The worst problems in the world according to Antipope Bergoglio are youth unemployment (which eliminating older people would help alleviate), and the loneliness of old people (which suicide and thus soul annihilation, would “solve”.)

And let’s look at it from the materialistic angle: aren’t we all obsessed with “selling out at the top of the market”?  But what if the commodity that is being liquidated isn’t a house or a stock portfolio, but life itself?  Sell the house when it needs a new roof, but is still saleable.  Commit suicide when the incurable disease is diagnosed.  Sell the Apple or Amazon stock at the top of the bubble, just before the bad news hits the market.  Euthanize yourself before you lose your looks and your health.

Besides, you would be doing the world a favor, especially if you are white, male and heterosexual.  You need to “do the right thing” and remove yourself from the world, thus proving the depth of your SOCIAL JUSTICE VIRTUE. Didn’t Jesus say, “No greater love man hath, than to lay down his life for his friends”? See?  Even Jesus wants you to kill yourself, because it is the right thing to do. 

Do it now.  Go out on top.  Don’t get sick.  Don’t get old.  Don’t die broke, alone, and in pain. Your best days are behind you. There’s never going to be a spouse. There’s never going to be children – because you were sophisticated enough to realize how truly stupid marriage is, and how unspeakably selfish reproducing is. It’s just like going to sleep, like when you had that surgery.  You didn’t dream when you were knocked out for surgery, did you?  It was just lights out.  No thought.  No passage of time.  Just… nothingness.  Well, you could have yourself injected with Valium or whatever drug, and just tell the doctors to make sure you never wake up.  Quick. Painless. Cheap. Easy. SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE.

Folks, I’m telling you, barring supernatural intervention in the world, we are going to see a MASSIVE uptick in suicides and it will happen as “self-euthanasia” is pushed, normalized, and glorified.  Hospitals will start pushing euthanasia upon diagnosis of any disease, and they will self-righteously paint it as “the patient’s right and the caregiver’s duty to make sure that the option of suicide is fully available, and in no way judged”.

We are going to start seeing entertainment that revolves around suicide, reality teevee shows in particular, that desensitize people to suicide, and even make it seem romantic and virtuous.

People who have no symptoms of depression and seem to be otherwise normal are going to start turning up dead, or seeking out euthanasia centers such as Switzerland and Belgium, and eventually euthanasia centers will be everywhere. Eventually they will be marketed as “resorts” where people’s suicides are packaged and romanticized like weddings. The temptation to suicide will also be greater among the more intelligent, who will make the easy logical progression that inevitably arrives at suicide from the false premise of soul annihilation and/or universal salvation.

Did you know that there is a group of “Monks” in Belgium who are openly and defiantly euthanizing people in the hospital for “depression”?  What this means is that there are Catholic Monks facilitating suicide-on-demand, and NOT A WORD out of Rome. Rumor has it someone might have made a frowny-face, but these reports are unconfirmed.  Are we surprised?  If so, WHY?  What part of FALSE PROPHET FORERUNNER OF THE ANTICHRIST are we not understanding?  What part of MASS APOSTASY FROM THE TOP DOWN is unclear?

The post-Christian west has been engaging in macro-level auto genocide for over 50 years now via contraception (which Antipope Bergoglio is about to declare morally licit by effectively overturning Humanae Vitae), abortion (which Bergoglio celebrates by calling abortionists “great”), and now the active cooperation with and facilitation of invasion forces, namely the musloid scourge (for which, again, Antipope Bergoglio is the single biggest agitator). Sexual perversion of every stripe is now celebrated.  Self mutilation is now considered brave and virtuous. What is left? What objective evil has not yet been declared “good”? Only personal suicide. And Antipope Bergoglio has primed the pump for exactly that.

It’s coming.  Don’t say there was no warning. All we can do is continue to preach the reality of hell and eternal damnation, or, if the topics of hell and eternal damnation have been topics that you have avoided, STOP AVOIDING THEM.  Make them front-burner topics. It could literally save someone’s soul.

I hope this helps.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.