HUGE: Two years ago today, 29 October ARSH 2019, Fauci, Michael Specter of the New Yorker, and Rick Bright of the DHHS laid out in DETAIL what had just been finalized eleven days earlier at Event201

You all know about Event201 from this space.  I’ve been jumping up and down screaming about it since April 3, ARSH 2020 – just days into the putsch. Well, ELEVEN DAYS LATER, two years ago today exactly, 29 October, ARSH 2019, the Milkin Institute ‘Future of Health Summit’ happened and was aired on C-SPAN. Here […]

The NewWorldOrder War on Humanity has two offensive fronts that they have been wargaming in preparation for years: Fake Pandemic (Event201), and ENGINEERED STARVATION (Food Chain Reaction)

“It’s a war on all of us, and it has gone HOT.” We know about the final rehearsal and preparation summit about a “Coronavirus pandemic originating from bats…” called Event201 held in New York City for government and media on October 18, ARSH 2019. There is an very high probability that Antipope Bergoglio and the […]

And HERE is the long-awaited false-flagging intersection: The people dropping dead of “Suddenly” are actually being assassinated by anti-sodomy, anti-pedophilia and anti-transvestitism partisans!

The soccer reporter who was a militant believer in the Covidic religion and its injectable “sacraments” that dropped dead of “Suddenly” yesterday was also a militant pro-sodomy partisan. So now, and I expect this phenomenon to EXPLODE, his death is literally being called an assassination carried out by… wait for it… anti-sodomy forces. Because the […]

Today, October 18th, is the Third Anniversary of the Human Depopulation Operation called “Covid-19″‘s final planning and logistics meeting. It was called “Event 201”.

So on the THIRD anniversary – and it was no coincidence that this happened at the same time as Antipope Bergoglio was worshiping a demon in the Vatican known for bloodlust and child sacrifice, even placing from the hands of a literal witch a cursed plant ON THE HIGH ALTAR OF ST. PETER’S BASILICA DURING […]

Is Italy looking for an exit from the CoronaScam? Italian Department of Health revises all-time Covid deaths down from 130,000+ to… 3783.

As we have been saying in this space since the beginning, the entire CoronaScam was initially launched as an obvious MARKETING and RE-BRANDING CAMPAIGN, which was what the Event201 meeting in NYC on 18 October, ARSH 2019 was all about: getting the media, government and NGOs (with the Bergoglian Antichurch at the head of that […]

Two years ago today they held their final organizational meeting before launching the Covid Totalitarian Putsch, called “Event 201”. There is NO WAY IN HELL that this was a coincidence.

(Originally posted on 3 April, ARSH 2020. That’s how early we KNEW that the Covidic scam was a METICULOUSLY planned crime against humanity – the final New World Order move to plunge the world into totalitarianism.) Folks, there is no possible way this is a coincidence. None. This is quite possibly the largest crime against […]

Bombshell: The Covidic religion is a full-blown cult of child sacrifice. It’s “sacramental” death injections kill children and young adults.

This statue of the Canaanite child sacrifice demon Moloch was installed at the Colosseum in Rome in the fall of ARSH 2019, at exactly the same time as Event201 and the final preparations for the beginning of the CovidScam and roll-out of the Covidic political religion and totalitarian putsch. CDC source document HERE.

“Covid is the freaking flu.”

Full post here. And yeah, you didn’t need ex post facto statistics to have known this glaringly obvious truth over a year ago – Event201 laid it all out on a Louis Quatorze sterling silver platter (or Kangxi, if you are transitioning to Chinese imperial temporal references…) Masks and distancing work Or so we are told: Influenza […]

The DeathJab is FIRST a SIN AGAINST PRUDENCE. Therefore the entire question of it containing murdered baby is moot from a moral theology perspective.

Folks, it’s becoming clearer every day that Chris Ferrara’s sneering question, “Do you have a degree in theology, Miss Barnhardt?” might just be credentialism after all, because by the looks of it, almost no one with any sort of “ed-u-mah-ka-shun” can think their way out of a wet paper sack at this point.  To be […]