#TOLDYA: Psycho Tyrant Fetishist Gates declares his Mark of the Beast fake vaccine for a common seasonal cold “could take an ‘unbelievably big number’ of doses to beat the virus.”

Unbelievably big number of doses. Like… one every four months… indefinitely? Because, you know, those naughty Coronaviridae are notorious for their rapid mutation – which is why you can get a cold in October, and another cold in the spring. Guys, Coronaviridae was chosen by Gates and the New World Order precisely BECAUSE they mutate […]

Santa Clara, CA antibody testing confirms: it’s a chest cold, a helluva lot of people have already had it, herd immunity well underway

This Stanford study that did antibody testing in Santa Clara confirms the Italian antibody testing reported on HERE. CoronaCold is a seasonal chest cold, it is working its way through the population and most people who get it fight it off with either zero symptoms or just get a mild cold… JUST LIKE A STANDARD […]