“Covid is the freaking flu.”

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And yeah, you didn’t need ex post facto statistics to have known this glaringly obvious truth over a year ago – Event201 laid it all out on a Louis Quatorze sterling silver platter (or Kangxi, if you are transitioning to Chinese imperial temporal references…)

Masks and distancing work

Or so we are told:

Influenza cases in the USA, 2016-2021
2016-2017: 29 million
2017-2018: 45 million
2018-2019: 36 million
2019-2020: 38 million
2020-2021: 0.0015 million
Masks and distancing work.

Actually, they don’t. Covid cases in the USA, 2020-2021

2020-2021: 32 million

Ignore the corrupt scientists. There is absolutely no question anymore. Covid is the freaking flu.

Of course it is. A textbook Madison Avenue-esque rebranding ad campaign. Meticulously pre-planned with full malice aforethought.

And by the way, folks, the dataset above is a ROCK SOLID way to size-up other people, because in this final war, there are no state-issued uniforms.  Any human being who looks at that objective dataset above and says ANYTHING other than, “yes, it’s clearly a re-branding of the seasonal flu” is either FUNDAMENTALLY, CRIMINALLY DISHONEST, TERMINALLY STUPID, or so intensely morally blinded by their own unrepentant sin that they MUST, at all costs, be totally ignored and vociferously discredited.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.