UPDATED: Comeuppance: I remember an employee of VaticanRadio saying to me in 2013, “Liz Lev is the most vindictive b**** in Rome. If I say anything against her, she’ll destroy my ability to work in Rome. I can’t burn that bridge.”

Looks like the chalice-snatching psychopath grifter Liz Lev’s run is finally, at long last ending.

For the record.  EVERYONE I met in Rome, including people that Liz Lev considers to be her closest ‘friends’ and colleagues, DESPISE HER. Her #1 beta-narcissist pet faggot, who was instrumental in the laughable attempted cover-up of her two sacrilegious pregnancies by Fr. Thomas Williams (yes, TWO, the first sadly miscarried, the second born with severe Down’s syndrome), referred to her in conversation with me, numerous times, as “Stupid F***ing Liz.”

I have never, in my life, been aware of a person who is so universally hated and held in utter contempt by everyone who REALLY knows and has to interact with her in person, as Liz Lev. This woman’s entire life revolves around sleeping her way into money and then power, first by shrewdly and calculatedly becoming the public mistress and baby-mama of THREE children by a wealthy attorney in Bologna (anchor babies aren’t just a Mexican thing, folks), and then ESPECIALLY at the Vatican Museums (through the Legionaries of Christ, specially her priest baby-daddy, Fr. Thomas Williams).  All the while riding the satanic horse of “feminism”.

Add her notorious pathological mistreatment of colleagues and subordinates, and her imagined belief – not jokingly – that she is the reincarnation of the 15th century psycho-whore Caterina Sforza, and Queen Christina of Sweden, to the crazy potpie. Liz Lev ACTUALLY believes that she and her baby-daddy, Fr. Thomas Williams, are the “NEW ROMAN ARISTOCRACY.”

If you want to see a Roman laugh so hard that he cries, just mention THAT.

I had a seminarian tell me several years ago before the CoronaScam, that he eyewitnessed Liz Lev walk into a work-a-day bar in Rome and demand that the owner come kiss her hand in obeisance.  And she wasn’t being silly.  It was a manifestation of a woman, as the seminarian said, “clearly losing her mind.” Interestingly, I had another English-speaking ex-pat friend, who worked in Rome as a tour guide, volunteer out of the blue EXACTLY the same sentiment at a dinner a few months later. “I think Liz is actually insane. She thinks she is a medieval queen, and we are all her subjects or something…”

Now, this repugnant, trailer park slob of a woman, complete with two-inch roots, DARES complain that her “tour guiding” scam has dried up?? This woman DARES grift for DONATIONS?

Let me add to what others have already pointed out:

Liz Lev has presided over, employed, and protected for almost a quarter century a mafia of sodomite men who have literally used their credentialed access to St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums as their entry pass to ENGAGE IN SODOMITICAL ENCOUNTERS, WHICH THEY OPENLY BRAG ABOUT, WITH CURIAL BISHOPS AND CLERICS.

“Happy hunting, my dear.  If you’re not ‘his type’, send him over to me.”

“Oooooh. Bless me father, for I AM SINNING….”

Sacrilegious fornication and sodomy are a literal JOKE to these criminal degenerates, Liz Lev first among them.

I have said for YEARS that St. Peter’s Basilica and probably most of the Vatican, INCLUDING THE SISTINE CHAPEL, will be destroyed because of the SODOMY and moral degeneracy that LIZ LEV has happily enabled for TWENTY-FIVE LOOOOOOONG YEARS. Why? Because as St. Paul tells us in his letter to the Romans, SODOMITES ARE SHAMELESS FLATTERERS.  Liz Lev’s entire personal economy is built upon people lyingly telling her how ‘fabulous’ she is… to her face, so they can get licensed as Rome-Vatican tour guides, or networked into the Rome-Vatican-Legionaries mafia.

These are not TOURIST ATTRACTIONS.  They are PILGRIMAGE destinations. Not cash cow profit centers.

I’m sorry, folks, but I’ve had it with these people.  Let it ALL come out.  And let them NEVER, EVER be able to re-start the gay desecration of the Basilica of St. Peter, the Vatican, Rome, or the world.  ENOUGH!!!


Dear, dear Ann,

I once was invited to attend a Liz Lev “lecture” on the Sistine Chapel Last Judgement fresco. I could not endure to stay and listen for more than 15 minutes, about 13 of which I spent trying to figure out how to leave without offending my host.

It was obvious to me (trained in art history) from the minute she opened her mouth, that she was a fraud and held the sacred in contempt.

The Vatican cliques are disgusting to me. I quite identify with your horror. The picture of corruption you describe is important to expose.

But please refrain from gossip. You risk giving the impression that you have a personal score to settle, rather than being motivated by a holy indignation.

Praying for you, and thanking you for your clear-headed vision, and courage,


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.