Mazza Rebuttal of de Mattei: “Robbing Peter to Play Paul”

Edmund J. Mazza, PhD ( “It was [only] logical to envision that with the cohabitation of ‘two Popes’ in the Vatican, a part of the conservative world disgusted with Francis would have looked to Benedict, considering him the ‘true Pope,’ set against ‘the false prophet…’” So writes the distinguished Church historian, Dr. Roberto de Mattei […]

The COATS OF ARMS: Yet another visible datapoint indicating that Pope Benedict is the Pope and Bergoglio is an Antipope

FYI, Fr. Z has a post up in which he drops the term “SUBSTANTIAL ERROR” numerous times, and thinks aloud about the Mazza Thesis. How ’bout that? Americans aren’t much interested in snooty-pants European stuff like coats of arms, the study of which is called “heraldry”, so this compelling visible datapoint has flown under the […]

NonVeni Crosspost: Jesus doesn’t require any “secret codes” for men to be saved. The Church is VISIBLE, including at her Earthly Head.

NonVeni Mark hit one out of the park answering common questions about Pope Benedict’s substantial error. It’s so good I’m cross-posting it in full. I’m reminded after reading this of the so-called “Siri Thesis”, in which some sedevacantists today hold that Cardinal Giuseppe Siri was elected and became Pope in ARSH 1958 at the conclave […]

On the ninth anniversary of Pope Benedict not Canonically resigning, another person comes out publicly as “Benedict is Pope – BiP”

(Cross-posted from NonVeniPacem…) Today is 11 Feb 2022, the ninth anniversary of Pope Benedict failing to renounce the Papacy. Patrick Coffin with a brief 30 minute presentation, easily viewed at 1.5x speed, explaining the evidence with noble simplicity. He gets the base premise correct, and the logic flows.  Things are starting to happen, folks. Seven […]

At Last…

From: saintlouiscatholic@….. Subj: at last Dear Ann, I am, at last, idiot that I am, proud as I am, now finally morally convinced that our Pope is Benedict XVI. Not kinda, not playing at dragons, but really. Barnhardt + Mazza + Acosta = all possibilities covered. My personal belief: intentional, good-faith, non-renunciation. But no matter […]

Archbishop Viganò opens up the discussion even further on the invalidity of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation

These three quotes come from Archbishop Viganò’s latest interview, given to Italian Radio Spada and re-published in English at LifeSiteNews. The first is so spot-on.  I LOVE how +Viganò points out the deeply Hegelian quality to Pope Benedict’s attempted “split the difference” maneuver. “His Hegelian philosophical approach led him to apply the thesis-antithesis-synthesis scheme in […]

Stickypost: You must buy this AMAZING new book “Benedict XVI: Pope ‘Emeritus’?”

(Scroll down for new content.  I’m leaving this incredibly important post at the top of the blog for a while.) Folks, an absolutely FANTASTIC new book, “Benedict XVI: Pope ‘Emeritus’?”,  has just been published that I cannot recommend strongly enough.  Everyone should buy a copy of this book not only for themselves, but also buy […]