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God Make You Great and Mighty, Men!

The phrase “God rest ye merry, gentlemen” is totally misunderstood by modern ears, due to the shift in the meaning of the word “rest”, which any student of a modern Romance language will know means “keep” or “remain”. (‘Rester’ in French, ‘restare’ in Italian, ‘restāre’ in Latin).  So in this case, “rest” in English means to “keep”, “cause to remain”, or simply, “make” in the modern parlance.  It does NOT mean ‘take a nap’ in this context.

“Merry” is also misheard by the modern ear as “happy”.  No, no.  Merry in early modern English means “mighty” or “great”.  Armies were described as “merry”.  As were Robin Hood’s men (saving discussion of the Robin Hood motif and its wicked socialist message for another time.)

And finally, the little comma.  Punctuation saves lives, folks.  I’ve said it for years.  (“Let’s eat Grandma!” vs. “Let’s eat, Grandma!”)

The modern ear, having misunderstood the meaning of the verb “rest” misplaces the comma thusly:

God rest ye, merry Gentlemen.

God let you take a nap, happy men.  Um… NO.

The proper placement of the comma is AFTER “merry”:

God rest ye merry, Gentlemen.

God make you great and mighty, Men!

With this in mind, let us enjoy anew this lovely Christmas Carol.  Sing along!

And, again, a blessed and very MIGHTY Christ’s Mass to you all!


Barnhardt Podcast: Merry Christmas 2022!

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Linus Van Pelt on Translation Accuracy of the Gloria, and Moral Fortitude

That really is a sweet little clip. The child who voiced Linus had such a quintessentially warm American accent, even down to the little lisp. Magic in a bottle – from the voices to the soundtrack. It was made in ARSH 1965 and stands as a marker of the end of the Christian American culture, only recognized now in retrospect.

Here’s a super-cool observation on this clip that you might not have noticed before.  Note that when Linus gets to the words of the Angels to the Shepherds, “Fear not…”, he drops his security blanket, the motif for his (and our) fears and insecurities, and leaves it on the ground for the duration of his proclamation of The Word of God. Cool, huh?

But, a nit to pick, and a great lesson for all in how important an accurate translation of the Bible is. Most Bibles today read Luke 2:14 as:

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.”

The last clause is mangled, as anyone who knows the Gloria in Latin (as one should, because it is said at a plurality of Masses throughout the year) can see.

The Vulgate Latin, which is St. Jerome’s synthesis of the original source texts commissioned by Pope St. Damasus I, triple cross-referenced against each other in Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew in preparation for the eventual setting of the canon of scripture at the Councils of Rome in ARSH 382, and Carthage in ARSH 397, reads thusly:

“…gloria in altissimis Deo et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis”

In English, in the Douay-Rheims translation thus reads:

Glory to God in the highest; and on earth peace to men of good will.

These are two completely different ideas. Radically different. The first translation has peace and goodwill together as co-subjects, as unqualified universals: “peace, goodwill TOWARD men”. The Vulgate clearly has goodwill not as the COMPOUND SUBJECT along with peace, but as the QUALIFIER. To men OF GOOD WILL. Good will isn’t the subject, it is the OBJECT OF THE PREPOSITION.

The Peace of Our Lord is a massively qualified, and extremely rare and precious thing. When the priest says at Mass, “Pax Domini sit semper vobiscum” (The peace of the Lord be always with you), he isn’t just saying “nice things” as filler. This is a profound and precious prayer.

Why would God, in His Perfect Justice, wish good will towards those men who are at war with Him, and thus His Church? Is not the Second Person, God Incarnate in the Manger in Bethlehem, the Judge of mankind? Is not the Baby wrapped in swaddling clothes He who will sort the sheep from the goats? Is He not the One who is come to sift the wheat from the chaff? Did He not say:

“Do not think that I came to send peace upon earth: I came not to send peace, but the sword.”

Cornelius of Lapide says in his commentary on Luke 2:

But all the Latins, and, among the Greeks, Origen, S. Chrysostom, and Cyril, read, and with better reason, for ευ̉δοκία good will, ευ̉δοκίας—of good will, making the hymn consist of two members. For as glory is given to God as to Him who is glorified, so peace is given to men of good will as to those whom the peace of Christ belongs and befits; and in this way the concatenation of the whole sentence hangs better together. The peace on earth cannot be supposed to be other than that which belongs to men of good will.

Oh, but if we are under attack by Freemasonic-Communist-homosexualist infiltrators, pushing their heresies of “universal salvation” and Indifferentism, and we want God reduced to an abstract philosophical construct, an “I’m okay, you’re okay” joke of a deity, an effete, toothless “idea” that is merely an excuse for Freemasonic neo-pagan self-worship and narcissistic performance opportunities, then, by all means, mangle and rearrange the Word of God. As the infiltrators tell their victims, “It doesn’t really matter what the original texts said or did not say – all that matters is what today’s translation means to you . . . “

Luke 2:14 is a quick, easy way to check the veracity of any translation of the Bible. Break yours out and check right now. And then, when you find it incorrectly translated, as you almost certainly will, ask yourself what other verses have been mangled. And then ask yourself what you’re missing in the seven books that Luther removed. Uh-oh.

Then, just GET A DOUAY-RHEIMS and use the Church’s authoritative English translation without fear or worry that you are reading Freemasonic-Communist-homosexualist agitprop.

Have a blessed Christmas!

This day you shall know that the Lord will come and save us: and in the morning you shall see His glory.

Introit and Gradual of the Mass of the Vigil of the Nativity

Addendum over the transom:

Kaneohe Marine Corps Airstation; Oahu, Hawaii circa ARSH 1966

DESPERADO: A Poker Analogy to Help Understand How the Pope and Canon Law Relate to Each Other

I saw this little analogy in the comment thread over at Mark Docherty’s NonVeniPacem blog a while back, and thought it a brilliant little tool to help folks understand how the Papacy and Canon Law interact.

The Pope is like the dealer in a poker game who is also a player. The dealer sets the rules of the hand, yes? The dealer has the prerogative to call deuces and one-eyed jacks wild, whatever. BUT, what MUST the dealer do? He must DECLARE aloud these rules for the hand before the hand is dealt. Only by declaring aloud any and all rule modifications before the deal, and then playing by those rules himself, does the game have any INTEGRITY.

This is just common sense. If the dealer could hold “rule changes” in pectore, and only declare them ex post facto, or never at all, the result would be an satanic chaos, utterly devoid of integrity.

Satanic chaos devoid of integrity. Does this ring any bells?

Folks, God has many attributes, all of which are preceded by the adjective “perfect”, and one of those attributes is INTEGRITY. God is, Himself, Perfect Integrity.

For many of us converts, it was precisely the INTEGRITY of Catholicism as a whole that was a key signal that this is THE ONE TRUE FAITH. There are no internal contradictions. Leo XIII matches up exactly with Aquinas, who matches up exactly with Gregory the Great, who matches up with Augustine, who matches up with Athanasius who matches up with The New Testament which matches up with the Old Testament.

There is a legal term for the “calling of deuces wild” – it is called DEROGATION.

As I said in my Part 2 video on the Bergoglian Antipapacy, we are under the ARSH 1983 code, warts and all, by the perfect Divine Providence, and lo and behold! Canon 38:

Can. 38 An administrative act, even if it is a rescript given motu proprio, lacks effect insofar as it injures the acquired right of another or is contrary to a law or approved custom, unless the competent authority has expressly added a derogating clause.

Mike drop. Even the Pope, an Absolute Monarch holding an Office given by Christ Almighty Himself, has to call the rules of the hand, before the hand is dealt, if he intends to change them in any way. That’s just common sense, and a rule of integrity so natural and fundamental that even Wild West card sharks lived by this simple code of the Natural Law.

And just to make sure everyone is clear: Pope Benedict issued ZERO derogations or changes to Canon Law with regards to his attempted partial resignation and attempted creation of the ontologically impossible pseudo-office of “Pope Emeritus“. Pope Benedict never issued nor signed a letter of resignation. All he did was MENTION, almost as an aside, during a consistory speech that he was partially resigning in seventeen days. That’s it.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the one and only living Pope since April ARSH 2005 whether he likes it or not, for the Papacy, and for the Holy Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

And now, because I simply must:

Desperado, why don’t you come to your senses?

You been out ridin’ fences for so long now

Oh, you’re a hard one

But I know that you got your reasons

These things that are pleasin’ you

Can hurt you somehow

Feast of St. Thomas: Let There Be Absolutely NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER

Today is the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle!

John 20: 19-31

At that time, when it was late that same day, the first of the week, and the doors were shut, where the disciples were gathered together for fear of the Jews, Jesus came, and stood in the midst and said to them: Peace be to you. And when He had said this, He showed them His hands and His side. The disciples therefore were glad, when they saw the Lord. He said therefore to them again: Peace be to you. As the Father hath sent Me, I also send you. When He had said this, He breathed on them, and He said to them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost: whose sins you shall forgive, they are forgiven them; and whose sins you shall retain, they are retained. Now Thomas, one of the Twelve, who is called Didymus, was not with them when Jesus came. The other disciples therefore said to him: We have seen the Lord. But he said to them: Except I shall see in His hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the place of the nails, and put my hand into His side, I will not believe. And after eight days, again His disciples were within, and Thomas with them. Jesus cometh, the doors being shut, and stood in the midst, and said: Peace be to you. Then He saith to Thomas: Put in thy finger hither, and see My hands, and bring hither thy hand, and put into My side; and be not faithless, but believing. Thomas answered and said to Him: my Lord and my God. Jesus saith to him: Because thou hast seen Me, Thomas, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen, and have believed. Many other signs also did Jesus in the sight of His disciples, which are not written in this book. But these are written, that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that, believing, you may have life in His Name.

Here’s an amazing tidbit from Fr. Z. In the original Greek, the word for “hand” actually sometimes refers to the hand plus the wrist plus the lower forearm. In Ancient Greek, when you are speaking of just the hand proper, additional words can be added to make that precision. Given this, the reality of what exactly happened to St. Thomas might be far, far more intense that what we imagine.

Our Lord has breathed upon the other ten Apostles, minus the absent Thomas, thus imparting the Holy Ghost upon them, and giving them all the power of binding and loosing, thus instituting the Sacrament of Confession. Then, Our Lord appears to them again on the eighth day, and Thomas arrives, and puts his fingers into the finger-sized nail holes in Our Lord’s hands. Then he puts what the Greek indicates is his entire hand, wrist and lower forearm all the way into the lance wound made by Longinus in Our Lord’s thoracic cavity, at Our Lord’s command.

It is conceivably possible that Our Lord breathed the Holy Ghost upon Thomas WHILE THOMAS WAS HOLDING OUR LORD’S LUNG IN HIS HAND, and that Thomas literally touched Our Lord’s BEATING SACRED HEART, and PALPATED THE STAB WOUND in Our Lord’s Sacred Heart.

Now, consider being Thomas and doing this, but also consider being one of the other Apostles standing there watching this happen, watching Thomas stick his hand and forearm into Our Lord’s side.

And if you’re thinking to yourself, “That isn’t possible…”, well, neither is walking through walls. The resurrected body of Our Lord is in an entirely different category. It isn’t held to the laws of the physical universe that bind us as we await our resurrection that He purchased for us.

People wonder why and how the Apostles were able to do what they did, and all but John were killed for the faith, and John was miraculously prevented from being killed, despite multiple efforts. Well, I reckon if we saw one of our friends stick his hand into Our Lord’s thoracic cavity up to the forearm, hold His breathing lung, and touch His Sacred Heart, we might be… confirmed and quickened, to put it mildly.

Click over and read Fr. Z’s full piece.

So, Happy Feast of St. Thomas! I hope you never think of it quite the same way again.

St. Thomas, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us, on Pope Benedict, the one and only living Vicar of Christ on Earth whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and on Your Holy Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

Chinese and NWO Agitprop and Arithmetic Review

The Chinese stopped welding people into their apartments to slowly starve, and now one to two million will catch a cold and DIE! Global lockdown MUST be reinstated! Daily mandatory testing of the entire human population with all cases put into quarantine camps and financial lockdown is the only path forward!

There are 1,400,000,000 people in China. If a respiratory virus circulates throughout the population and 1,000,000 people, almost all elderly with comorbidities, die, that is:

1,000,000 divided by 1,400,000,000

Which equals

0.0007 or 0.07% fatality rate. Not seven percent, but seven hundredths of one percent.

Or a 99.93% survival rate.

So… a completely normal respiratory virus season.

Remember, a stiff breeze can kill a million people in China, because there are 1.4 billion of them. Between 25,000 and 30,000 people die completely organically every day in China. 7500 people die per day in the former US by comparison.

Just a friendly reminder that NWO propagandists are using China’s massive population coupled with the inability of Boobus Effiminatus Americanus to do simple arithmetic to attempt a reboot of the past three years of house arrest and economic attrition, with an eye towards China’s “zero Covid” concentration camp and financial blocking paradigm.

Because 1 million divided by 1.4 billion = 0.0007, aka a normal seasonal respiratory virus.

Canon 359? Wait, you don’t know about Canon 359?? Ho-ho-ho, well, pull up a chair…

As I keep trying to drive home, the Church is a Supernatural institution, created by God as His Bride, and Mystical Body, of which He is the Head.  And God, being God, is a really, really, really good organizer and “Human Resources manager”.  Being omniscient tends to yield… COMPETENCE.

The Divine Providence – always perfect, by the way – has given us the 1983 Code of Canon Law.  That is the Law of the Church.  To think that the Divine Providence would put us, the Church Militant, into this situation with the Bergoglian Antipapacy – a JURIDICAL situation – without any sort of Rule of Law, or even a Rule of Law that didn’t provide clear, visible protections of the Petrine See is madness, and flirting with blasphemy.  Why?  Because it would directly imply an INCOMPETENCE on God’s part, a failure of the Divine Providence.  Argue this at your own peril.

So, given this, let’s look at Canon 359, which very clearly addresses the juridical competence of the College of Cardinals, a body which Trad Inc. “thought leaders” simultaneously declare INFALLIBLE on a DOGMATIC LEVEL, any questioning of which is an act of SCHISM, and then literally in the next breath declare the same men to be subscribers to “a different religion”, and “not the Church” (because remember, ALL Cardinals are Novus Ordo). Yes, the cognitive dissonance is absolutely staggering, and is simply a proof set that “diabolical disorientation” is real, and what it looks like. Daily Mass and Rosary (while in a state of grace, obviously) is the first line of defense against diabolical disorientation.  This is why I recommend it so VERY strenuously in these dark days of confusion.

Can. 359 When the Apostolic See is vacant, the college of cardinals possesses only that power in the Church which is attributed to it in special law.

Can. 359 — Sede Apostolica vacante, Cardinalium Collegium ea tantum in Ecclesia gaudet potestate, quae in peculiari lege eidem tribuitur.

Folks, the very first clause is the punchline in this situation: WHEN THE APOSTOLIC SEE IS VACANT.

What this Canon does is 100% prohibit and utterly nullify ANY conclave convened while the Petrine See is STILL OCCUPIED, that is, NOT VACANT – no matter what the circumstance, including totally unprecedented circumstances, such as this current situation of Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger trying to partially resign only the administrative/governance ministerio, and “expand” the Petrine Office into a “collegial, synodal, shared ministry”.

I have to laugh at the argument that any situation without precedent, such as this situation today, must therefore be non-existent, because EVERY situation JUST MUST have a precedent.  If this were true, then it would negate existence itself, because if nothing can exist without a precedent, then by LOGICAL DEFINITION, no “first instance” can EVER occur.  But if a first instance is required to set a circumstantial precedent, but no first instance can ever occur because everything MUST have a circumstantial precedent…. Oh dear.  [begin sarcasm] So much for Our Lord’s Incarnation.  That had never happened before, so it must not have actually happened.  And so much for God dying on the Cross.  God had never died before, so that must not have happened either.  So much for the Transubstantiation of the bread and wine into the physical substance of God, because that had never happened before, so it must not have actually happened at the Last Supper, and thus it has never happened subsequently.  I’m afraid reality itself is all a lie.  So much for John 1:1.  I guess that has been a gross misunderstanding by a bunch of bead-squeezing simpletons, too. [end sarcasm]


If the See is occupied, for whatever reason and under whatever circumstance – IF THERE IS A LIVING POPE, OCCUPYING THE SEE, WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT – it is completely, totally, 100% impossible for a valid conclave to be convened.  This isn’t an instance of “illicit yet valid” – as we see from Canon 359 above.  It is ONTOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for a valid conclave to be called, much less a valid Pope coming out of such an invalid conclave.  PERIOD.  This is absolutely essential in order to protect the Papacy.  To think that God couldn’t foresee this and specifically, explicitly provide for it in these dark days is madness.

Why?  Because God isn’t an idiot, and is, in fact, a really, really good “Human Resources manager”. And loves us.  Don’t ever, ever forget that.  He loves us, and would NEVER break his promise to us, His Church. That Antipope Bergoglio is proof that God has reneged on His promise to Peter and Peter’s successors is now taken for GRANTED by most “Trad Inc.” partisans (many of whom are now coming out publicly as either atheists or open schismatics in the true sense of the word.)

Think about it folks, do you honestly believe that Our Lord would permit the College of Cardinals to call in error, malice or for any other reason a conclave WHILE THE SEE IS STILL OCCUPIED? While there is still a sitting Pope?  Do you honestly believe that Our Lord would:

WITHDRAW the ONTOLOGICAL REALITY of the PAPACY from a VALIDLY SEATED (and in this case, STILL VALIDLY SEATED due to the proffering of a Substantially Erroneous attempted “partial” resignation of the ACTIVE, ADMINISTRATIVE MINISTERIO, BUT NOT THE OFFICE IN SE) Pope, and then bestow the Papacy upon another man, all because the College of Cardinals said so?  Law be damned?  Common sense be damned?  Order be damned?  The Papacy be damned? THE CHURCH HERSELF BE DAMNED??

[begin sarcasm] So all this time, the Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth COULD have been deposed if the College of Cardinals got together and decided to simply call a conclave.  So, what this means is that the Papacy, all this time, has been subject to a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE, and that hence forth, we should expect that the Pope will serve AT THE PLEASURE OF THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS, and the truth is, it has been this way all along, it’s just that the entire Church Militant, every saint, and every doctor of the Church for the past 2000 years has completely misunderstood the Papacy, and only NOW, only NOW in this age of moral depravity, social media addiction, and a near-total collapse of anything that could honestly be called “Academia” in the Church, only NOW is all of this being figured out BY ATHEISTS AND LITERAL SCHISMATICS.   [end sarcasm] 

Ummmmm.  NO.

[begin sarcasm] Every instance of the “Tu Es Petrus” being prayed for these 2000 years has been a hideous manifestation of the stupidity and ridiculous and MORTALLY SINFUL papolatry of the Church Militant.  Youbetcha. 

Latinists?  We need a translation.  Instead of “Tu es Petrus….” we need the Latin for:

“You are the College of Cardinals, and upon this slag heap I will build My Church.”

Because Jesus clearly got it wrong, and the Holy Ghost clearly erred in recoding Our Blessed Lord’s mistake in the Gospels.

Funny, though, how the play on words goes away.  Huh.  Funny that.  It’s almost enough to make one think that the whole changing of Simon Bar-Jona’s name to ROCK, like, meant something profound.  Ah, what infantile stupidity!  Thank God that “Pope Fwaanciss” has liberated us from such childish notions!  Now, finally, the Church can move forward, acknowledging the supremacy of the College of Cardinals as the REAL power, and the Papacy can finally, at long last, be understood as the meaningless figurehead position that it always has been. [end sarcasm]

Folks, WELCOME TO FREEMASONRY.  Whether you enter the Lodge through the front door, or the back door in the alley, you’re still in the Lodge.

Pro tip: if your position is irrational and lines up EXACTLY with the clearly stated goals of freemasonry, and of satan himself, you MIGHT want to check your base premise.

And remember, this is of the utmost importance because IF Bergoglio somehow “goes away” while Pope Benedict XVI is still alive and occupying the See as he is today, and another “conclave” is called, that conclave WILL ALSO BE INVALID, and it will yield ANOTHER Antipope.

Folks, we HAVE TO GET THIS RIGHT.  Half-measures and half-truth simply doesn’t work.  Either this situation gets fixed at the root, or else it will only get worse.  The chaos of the false base premise will continue and grow, and then we will end up with an Antipope Zuppi or Antipope Tagle, 20 years younger than Antipope Bergoglio. This is why the whole “Bergoglio is a heretic” tack, and likewise the “electioneering” of the ARSH 2013 faux-conclave are rabbit holes that both lead to hell, even though the folks pursuing them are really good people.  Bergoglio never has been the Pope and thus his obvious status as an arch-heretic is NOT LEGALLY GERMANE, because there WAS NO CONCLAVE in March of ARSH 2013.  We HAVE to get this right.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

And GO TO MASS, and consider asking Our Lord to give YOU, in imitation of Our Lord in the Garden, scourged at the Pillar, and being nailed to the Cross, any temporal punishment that might be due to a priest who erroneously or under fearful coercion commemorates the wrong man at the Te Igitur.  “Give it to me.” NOTHING enflames fraternal charity quite so quickly as volunteering to take on temporal punishment for another, most especially for priests and bishops, who, God knows, need all the support in this sense that we can give them.

Our Lady, undoer of knots, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and on Your Holy Church.


A Christmas Tradition: Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” can’t be truly appreciated and understood until you know that it is the story of the miraculous healing and conversion to Christianity of a Diabolical Narcissist Jew

I have written on Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” before, but it has been several years, and I think a recapitulation is in order given current events.

The ARSH 1951 film “Scrooge” starring Alastair Sim is the definitive film version of “A Christmas Carol”.  It is traditional viewing for me on Christmas Eve night, and has been since childhood.  For those of you with any ties to the Kansas City area, the old independent Channel 41 would show “Scrooge” at 10:00pm on Christmas Eve annually, followed by either Luciano Pavarotti’s ARSH 1978 Christmas concert, or (sigh) the non-Christian Mormon choir singing Christmas Carols.

But “A Christmas Carol” took on a whole new life and depth of meaning for me when, after my in-depth study of Diabolical Narcissism several years ago, I realized that the reason why “A Christmas Carol” is such a compelling story, is because it depicts an all-out miracle.  The “transformation” of Ebeneezer Scrooge is nothing less than the supernatural healing of a full-blown Diabolical Narcissist psychopath.

The pre-conversion Scrooge character is a classic DN.  He is a cerebral narcissist – highly successful in his profession, a miser, caring for nothing but “his work” – which just happens to be usury (Usury? In London? Nooo….), sitting alone in his room every night, lovelessly single, devoid of human empathy, haughty, critical and disdainful of everyone and everything, looking down on and actively resentful of normal, loving people – embodied by his clark, whom he psychologically abuses, Bob Cratchit, and his family.

Love, joy, gratitude and generosity disgust and enrage Scrooge. He hates occasions of happiness, and actively seeks to disrupt and destroy them, especially holidays.  The people around him walk on eggshells to his face – but either pity or dislike him behind his back.  In the “Ghost of Christmas Future” act, Scrooge is genuinely surprised to discover that almost everyone is glad that he is dead – the exception being Bob Cratchit himself, the most direct recipient of Scrooge’s abuse.  Bob Cratchit is thus a metaphor for Christ.

Not only does “A Christmas Carol” firmly establish in its opening act the total lovelessness of Scrooge, the total self-purgation of all charity from his soul, but it even shows HOW IT HAPPENED, and the exact moment when Scrooge made the conscious choice to expel all love from his soul and to never love again.

That moment happens when young Scrooge’s beloved sister, Fan, dies in childbirth.  Ebeneezer Scrooge’s mother, it is revealed, also died in childbirth, and Scrooge’s father blamed him for her death, and “never forgave him”, abusing him, and them sending him away.  As is so common, Scrooge, already wounded, repeated the very error of his father and blamed Fan’s newborn infant son for her death.  Even worse, Scrooge, whether implicitly or explicitly, also declared war on God – Love Himself – by rejecting love and consciously emptying himself of it.  The very moment of this decision is shown at the 33:40 timestamp below.

Immediately, Scrooge descends into psychopathic usury, and, as we have discussed, even descends into that horrific sexual perversion – ASEXUALITY, by dumping his fiancée and living a life of LOVELESS, MISERABLE, ELITIST SOLITUDE.  Even his only “friend”, Jacob Marley, he held in indifference and even contempt.

The other point here which is TOTALLY lost on the modern world is the fact that EBENEEZER is quite possibly the most HEBREW name ever, and that EVERYONE understood when Dickens wrote the book that Scrooge was one of the many JEWISH USURERS in London.  So, this story isn’t merely about the healing of the heart of a miserable old narcissist, A Christmas Carol is the story of the miraculous conversion to Christianity of a JEW.

The story closes with the words, “And it was always said that he knew how to keep Christmas well, if any man alive possessed the knowledge.”

That, friends, means that Ebeneezer Scrooge, an ethnic Jew and atheist (as almost all ethnic Jews today are), received baptism and became a believing Christian.  It is left to the reader to understand that the Cratchit Family were his “sponsors” in this.  It is also obliquely implied at the beginning of the story that Scrooge’s nephew, Fred, married a Christian girl – “it was the making of me”, and thus invites Scrooge to their home for Christmas dinner.

So, if you can spare the time this year, do sit down and watch this, and see if the “Christmas morning” scene wherein Scrooge is miraculously healed of his Diabolical Narcissism, and radiates genuine love and joy, doesn’t pack a bit more of a punch.  Because for a Diabolical Narcissist psychopath to be thus healed is a greater miracle than levitation, bilocation, or most any other physical miracle.

A Merry Christmas to one and all!  God bless you, everyone!

This day you shall know that the Lord will come, and save us: and in the morning you shall see His glory.