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NEVER FORGET: Fauci endorses SODOMITICAL HOOK-UPS WITH PERFECT STRANGERS as up to your “tolerance for risk.”

(Originally posted April 16, ARSH 2020. It was obvious from the very, very beginning what Fauci was. Why didn’t Trump fire him INSTANTLY after this? I think we all know why, but there are still a few who can’t bring themselves to admit it.)

“You know, everybody has their own tolerance for risks, and it depends on the level of the interaction that you want to have. If you’re looking for a friend, sit in a room,  put a mask on and, you know, chat a bit.  If you want to go a little bit more intimate, well, then, that’s your choice regarding a risk.”

Going to Mass on Easter Sunday, receiving the Eucharist, much less on the tongue, No.  Total destruction of the entire economy?  No choice there. Repeated, forced injections of poisonous, immune system destroying drugs, including into your children? No choice.

Oral and/or anal sodomy with TOTAL STRANGERS?  “Well, that’s YOUR CHOICE regarding a risk.”

May God have mercy on this filthy, Godless apostate SOB’s soul.

Fr. James Jackson makes purely procedural appearance in District Court, mandatory “no plea” entered. His attorney says no statement forthcoming.

The “no plea” entered was procedural. A Rhode Island lawfirm’s website explains:

District Court Arraignment on Felony Charges

If you have been charged with a felony offense, your initial appearance before the District Court will be slightly different.  You will NOT be permitted to enter a plea, as the District Court lacks jurisdiction to accept a plea on felony criminal offenses.  This means that the Court will inform you of the charges that have been brought by the prosecution.  Additionally, the Court will decide whether to release the Defendant on bail or hold him without bail.  Eventually, the Defendant will be provided with a notice to appear in the Superior Court for a Superior Court arraignment.

Barnhardt Podcast #159: Cumulative Consequences

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In this episode, Doctor Beep and Nurse Claire join us on this Veteran’s Day to discuss the state of the military and how it’s every bit as woke as society at large (if not more so). We also discussed the continuing saga of death by a thousand boosters and that children aged five through eleven are now “eligible” to get the clot shot. Even with a Patient’s Bill of Rights it’s clear that evil and lawlessness is on the rise. Stay close to the Sacraments and closer to God and His Holy Mother if you want to live eternally!

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We need more of these operations: Judas Priest, North American College Rome seminary spawn, caught trying to hook up for sodomy with 15 and 16 year old boys. Calls the cops on himself. 💪🏻

I highly approve of these sting operations, and recommend that everyone watch this video in its entirety. Keep in mind that the sting operator had no idea this scumbag was a priest.

**Just a reminder: such sting operations can NEVER EVER be done in the confessional. To ape a Sacrament, or to record inside the confessional is MORTALLY SINFUL. Full stop. Period.

Notice how the Judas Sodomite priest tries to make himself the victim. “I was abused.” Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t. Diabolical Narcissists are inveterate and facile liars. Either way, he has ZERO excuse, because there is zero excuse for what he was attempting. Ever.

Then, he tries to blame the “children” he thought he was hooking up with for “leading him” into his own sickening propositions for satanically evil acts. Typical Diabolical Narcissist behavior.

And as always, we must face the fact that if you scratch a sodomite, there is a child molester just beneath the surface. And this guy, Fr. Gregory Loughney, was CLEARLY a flamer. He was clearly tagged and sent to the NAC in Rome as a future bishop precisely because he was a faggot. Sodomy is vampiric, and they MUST vampirically spread their evil. Hence the top sodomitical fantasy and goal is to corrupt children and lads, and the sodomite cultivation network feeds and protects itself.

I wonder, was this wretched excuse for a man ordained in a state of unrepentant mortal sin? Probably. Has this luciferian piece of shit EVER ONCE offered the Holy and August Sacrifice of Calvary in the Mass while NOT in a state of unrepentant mortal sin? Probably not. But Our Lord comes down on the altar, and the bread and wine are transubstantiated into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, physically and substantially present so that if you or I had popped into Loughney’s parish to visit the Blessed Sacrament, Our Lord would be there waiting for us in the Tabernacle. Because LOVE.

This is why any morally sane culture would do with this satanic sodomite priest exactly what Pope St. Pius V, our father in God, ordered: laicize him, and turn him over to the civil authorities for trial, and EXECUTION upon conviction. Because these are CLEARLY capital crimes.

And yes, this goes for ANY cleric who engages in ANY species of sexual perversion, especially against children. Laicization, trial, conviction, EXECUTION.

Watch every second and look at how readily and easily evil blends into our society. These people are EVERYWHERE.

Sticky for a minute: Dr. Mazza’s Advent Mini-course on the ANTIPOPES

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Advent is SWIFTLY approaching.  Where I live, the civic Christmas street lights have been up for a week, albeit not yet illuminated. As is now tradition, Advent means that Dr. Mazza will be doing a mini-course spanning the Sundays of Advent, beginning November 28th. This year’s EXTREMELY TIMELY topic? The Antipopes – and folks, there have been DOZENS.

Not to spoil the fun, but I really hope everyone will check out this historical survey in order to gain a deeper appreciation for the fact that the Bergoglian Antipapacy is not AT ALL like any previous Antipapacy, namely in the sense that ALL PREVIOUS ANTIPOPES WERE CATHOLIC.  Jorge Bergoglio is the first manifestly NON-CATHOLIC ANTIPOPE.  Previous antipapacies, as we have discussed, revolved largely around political squabbling and power-plays between aristocratic families, but the people squabbling and jockeying with each other WERE ALL CATHOLICS.

Moreover, none of the previous Antipopes were trying to literally destroy the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church as Jorge Bergoglio clearly, obviously is. None of the dozens of previous Antipopes were trying to start a new religion – they were fighting over who was the true head of the One True Church, and, it must be said, the absolute monarch of the Papal States which covered most of central Italy.  But not one of them HATED and were out to totally DESTROY Catholicism; none of them were open Luciferians at war with Jesus Christ and His Holy Church – Antipope Jorge Mario Bergoglio stands alone astride history on that count.

So please do click over to Dr. Mazza’s page to enroll.  We’ve all been kicked off PayPal in the ideological purge, but Dr. Mazza has alternative payment instructions.  And remember, all class sessions are recorded and available for viewing at any time after the live class session to all paid enrollees, so don’t feel tied to the live class session timing in this busy time of year.


Satan’s bag of tricks is SMALL, folks. Here’s Fauci fearmongering AIDS in children from non-sexual household contact back in the day. When is this war criminal going to be stopped and held to account?

Pelosi presides at a pagan ceremony aping the sacrament of marriage, guests told to cover their faces in her presence, Pachamama later appears

So some degenerate billionaire oligarch spawn “got married” in a pagan ceremony presided over by Nancy Pelosi in the San Francisco City Hall. You can look at the Vogue magazine photo post on the abomination – everything about it, including the guests, most of whom were clearly sex perverts, screamed “luciferian”.

Two things jumped out.  First, all of the guests were packed into various venues before and after the main “marriage ceremony”, and all were totally maskless. THEN, the Vogue reportage is insistent to note that all of the guests were told to COVER THEIR FACES in Pelosi’s presence when she arrived, which they all did with the utmost piety.

Guests were asked to mask up before Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi entered the room and took her position at the microphone.

Now stop and think about this.  No one is wearing a mask until the high priestess Pelosi arrives, then all must veil their faces, clearly having NOTHING to do with even the pose of “health and safety”.  This was a PURE act of religious submission to the person and presence of Pelosi herself.  That they all veiled their faces as a LITURGICAL ACT contingent completely upon Pelosi’s presence – the guests were all seated and the venue packed with no masks until Pelosi’s entrance procession – is a clear proof of the open manifestation of Covidism AS A POLITICAL RELIGION.

Then, at the reception, guess who showed up to “bless” the couple?  Yup.  A “Pachamama”.  Here the picture of the witch, which I have cropped.  She’s basically nude from the waist down save the stripper heels, and clearly hasn’t been going to CrossFit classes, IYKWIM.

LINK TO FULL PHOTOESSAY HERE, if you want to look at a bunch of fags and hideously self-mutilated women for some reason.

I’m sure that this is just a coincidence. San Francisco billionaire oligarchs have always used Andean peasant demon motifs at their events. The whole Antipope Bergoglio Pachamama devotion, and Pelosi as the high priestess of this ceremony, is JUST A COINCIDENCE.

The only way out of this, barring supernatural intervention, is war. No amount of protesting will ever have the slightest effect.  General strikes won’t work because economic collapse is exactly what the Covigarchy wants. This can’t be settled by negotiation or diplomacy any more than a truce could ever be brokered with satan.  It will never “pass” or “burn itself out”. It will persist for exactly as long as the morally sane freely choose for it to continue, for exactly as long as the morally sane continue to delude themselves into believing that there is any way out other than the inescapably obvious.

Satan’s H-Bomb: When disappointment is so intense that it becomes potentially lethal

Perhaps satan’s most potent weapon, the “H-Bomb” in his arsenal, is that of the scandal of personal disappointment; disappointment so intense that the word “disappointment” seems trite and insultingly inadequate when discussing it.  I have described it to others as “not even in the same galactic cluster as mere disappointment, it is so far beyond.”  We are talking about disappointment so intense that it has the capacity for, and oftentimes does result in, the death of the one inflicted by it – usually spiritual death, but sometimes also physical death as a direct result of the antecedent spiritual death.

I went through such a satanic H-bomb attack in ARSH 2015, and survived.  My attack involved, not surprisingly, the scandal of revealed sacrilegious sodomy and desecration of Holy places, although not involving any children to my knowledge.  The blow was … thermonuclear, as one could imagine. And there was a period of “fallout”, also as one could imagine.  But it passed, and I am now very strongly “inoculated” against scandal.  I’d like to share some thoughts on this in order to help anyone who might now or in the future experience something similar.

First: It is in NO WAY psychologically abnormal or immoral to assume that initial reports or revelations of grievously sinful activity by someone close to you must be false.  In fact, I would argue that to fully believe any accusation instantly upon its first hearing against someone you know, respect and even love would be PSYCHOPATHIC in and of itself.  What kind of monster instantly, at the drop of a hat, gives up on someone they love?  HAVING SAID THAT, while we should operate from a presumption of innocence, WHEN OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE IS PRESENTED, WE MUST NOT REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT, OR BELIEVE THE TRUTH, NO MATTER HOW AWFUL.  But to have an initial desire to believe the best about others, or to give others, especially those we know and love, the benefit of the doubt is NOT some horrible moral failing or indicative of a “cultish” mindset.  It is actually a species of fraternal charity. Beware ANYONE who attempts to vilify or cast as pathological CHARITY ITSELF.

Second:  When a massive personal disappointment happens, it is entirely normal to be sad – to MOURN.  The capacity for mourning is a pure derivation of CHARITY.  Those who do not love, do not mourn.  Satan and the demons do not mourn – they only rage. This is why Our Lord said in no uncertain terms in the Sermon on the Mount, “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” It is a gift to be sad and to mourn when terrible things happen or are revealed, and to do so can be an extremely powerful means of entering into the Passion of Our Lord.  No suffering of man, no mourning, could ever approach the infinite sorrow of Our Lord in the Garden, feeling the burden – the DISAPPOINTMENT – of every sin ever committed by every human being ever, including one’s own sins first and foremost.  When we feel our hearts bludgeoned by disappointment, we MUST go directly to The Garden, and go face-down in the dirt next to Our Lord and weep with Him, and remember that His Most Precious Blood is already spilling there in the Garden as His capillaries burst and He sweats His Blood – in the very act of mourning. Water and Blood, Baptism and Eucharist, already bursting forth into the world in anticipation, and mixed together eternally at every Mass.  Don’t believe ANYONE who tries to gaslight you into thinking that you are “crazy” for mourning, or “a cultist” for not feeling pure, instant rage when something horrific happens or is revealed. In fact, the mourning should never end in this world.  We should, so long as we live, weep for the sins of the world, our own sins first and foremost. I keep a physical reminder of the intense scandalous disappointment I experienced in ARSH 2015.  Someone once asked me what it was and why I had it.  My response was, “I keep it, and every time I look at it, it hurts.  If the day ever comes that it DOESN’T hurt to look at it, I’ll know I’m in deep trouble. Blessed are those who mourn, NOT those who are numb. Please God, let me NEVER be numb, because you can only be numb if you are devoid of love. Let it hurt until I enter into the Beatific Vision, where there is no hurt or pain.”

Third: When horrific disappointment involves clerics, prelates, or even laymen highly active in the Church, and sacrilege is involved, we should contemplate the heresy of Donatism, and how its refutation points all the more to the incomprehensible, infinite love of Our Lord for His Church and for us.  Consider how much Our Lord loves us if, God forbid, a priest in a state of mortal sin consecrates the Eucharist.  Consider the infinite love of Our Lord who WILL NOT ABANDON US, even if that means obeying the call of a Judas Priest who calls Him down upon the altar.  Our Lord comes despite the incomprehensible blasphemy and sacrilege, He takes the scourge, so that He can come to you, and be near to you, and so that you can KNOW that He is there.  Our Lord is THERE, even when a Judas Priest sits in the confessional, or at the Baptismal Font, at someone’s deathbed, or witnessing a marriage.  He will NOT abandon us, and does not hold us responsible for that which we CANNOT know, namely the hidden sins of His ministers.  Do NOT believe ANYONE who tries to gaslight you into thinking that by NOT falling into the heresy of Donatism that you are of a “cultish” mindset, because what this actually is, is an attack on SUPERNATURAL FAITH ITSELF.

Fourth: It is essential to never, ever conflate any human being or group of human beings with Our Lord such that faith in Our Lord and His Holy Catholic Church is subject to a human being, because that is, by definition, IDOLATRY. The FIRST Great Commandment is to love GOD, and the Second Great Commandment proceeds from the First: to love others FOR GOD’S SAKE.  If we invert the ordinance of the two Great Commandments, apostasy comes quickly, because a faith which proceeds from human beings as the first cause is, by definition, proceeding from fallenness and sin, and thus will spiral into hell.  THIS is why satan’s top religion, Freemasonry, has a PUBLIC front of the worship of MAN QUA MAN.  HAVING SAID THIS, we can never abandon the Second Great Commandment as a mere “option”.  The Second Great Commandment is NOT OPTIONAL.  No matter what, we can never “give up” on humanity in toto. Like Our Lord, we must stand manfully at the pillar, take the lash, and KEEP GOING.  Like Our Lord carrying His Cross, we must KEEP GOING all the way to Calvary.  Like Our Lord crucified, we must PERSEVERE IN LOVE TO THE VERY END.  We cannot permit ourselves to descend into a state of total mistrust and suspicion.  HAVING SAID THAT, we must keep the words of Our Lord in mind to be “wise as serpents and simple as doves”.  Proper balance can and must be struck.  Never believe ANYONE who paints perseverance in love of fellow man and a refusal to embrace misanthropy and apostasy, especially in the wake of intense personal disappointment, as “cultish” or “mental illness”.

Fifth: We must remember the definition of Diabolical Narcissism: the VOLUNTARY purgation of love from the soul.  We must NEVER allow personal disappointments or scandals to cause us to say, “That’s it.  I’m done with people.  I’ll never love another human being ever again.  I’ll never trust another human being ever again.  People are the enemy.  People will only hurt or betray me.” Even if the initial intention is to go to a “just me and Jesus” mindset, it won’t last, and it will degrade into apostasy. “Love one another as I have loved you” is non-negotiable.  This is why the eremitical life is BY FAR the most advanced religious life, and is NOT something that just anyone can do.  Being able to live in earthly isolation while STILL LOVING OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, in fact loving humanity radically, is incredibly difficult, and only for souls that are truly advanced in personal sanctity. The eremitical life is not the Church’s refuge for narcissists – it is exactly the opposite.

In these dark days, I would recommend particular devotion to The Holy Face of Jesus.  In The Holy Face we see the God-Man, and cannot confuse of conflate Him with any mere human.  A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST IS ESSENTIAL AND THE ONLY SURE FOUNDATION, AS SATAN GOES ON FULL ATTACK BY TRYING TO USE HUMAN SCANDAL AND PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT TO SEPARATE US FROM GOD AND HIS HOLY CHURCH.

God is the existential opposite of “disappointment”.  He is more perfect, more loving, more kind, more powerful, more merciful, more just, more beautiful, more good than anyone can possibly imagine.  While human beings can and will disappoint, sometimes catastrophically, sometimes causing pain so intense it has the capacity to kill, Christ doesn’t disappoint, and knowing and believing this could be said to be the definition of FAITH. Peter was the first Pope because of his statement of FAITH: Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

“Convert us, O God: and show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved.”
-Psalm 79: 4

As always, I hope and pray that this helps. For anyone who might now or in the near future experience intense personal disappointment and/or scandal, please be assured of my prayers.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.