Sticky for a minute: Dr. Mazza’s Advent Mini-course on the ANTIPOPES

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Advent is SWIFTLY approaching.  Where I live, the civic Christmas street lights have been up for a week, albeit not yet illuminated. As is now tradition, Advent means that Dr. Mazza will be doing a mini-course spanning the Sundays of Advent, beginning November 28th. This year’s EXTREMELY TIMELY topic? The Antipopes – and folks, there have been DOZENS.

Not to spoil the fun, but I really hope everyone will check out this historical survey in order to gain a deeper appreciation for the fact that the Bergoglian Antipapacy is not AT ALL like any previous Antipapacy, namely in the sense that ALL PREVIOUS ANTIPOPES WERE CATHOLIC.  Jorge Bergoglio is the first manifestly NON-CATHOLIC ANTIPOPE.  Previous antipapacies, as we have discussed, revolved largely around political squabbling and power-plays between aristocratic families, but the people squabbling and jockeying with each other WERE ALL CATHOLICS.

Moreover, none of the previous Antipopes were trying to literally destroy the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church as Jorge Bergoglio clearly, obviously is. None of the dozens of previous Antipopes were trying to start a new religion – they were fighting over who was the true head of the One True Church, and, it must be said, the absolute monarch of the Papal States which covered most of central Italy.  But not one of them HATED and were out to totally DESTROY Catholicism; none of them were open Luciferians at war with Jesus Christ and His Holy Church – Antipope Jorge Mario Bergoglio stands alone astride history on that count.

So please do click over to Dr. Mazza’s page to enroll.  We’ve all been kicked off PayPal in the ideological purge, but Dr. Mazza has alternative payment instructions.  And remember, all class sessions are recorded and available for viewing at any time after the live class session to all paid enrollees, so don’t feel tied to the live class session timing in this busy time of year.


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