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Satan’s H-Bomb: When disappointment is so intense that it becomes potentially lethal

Perhaps satan’s most potent weapon, the “H-Bomb” in his arsenal, is that of the scandal of personal disappointment; disappointment so intense that the word “disappointment” seems trite and insultingly inadequate when discussing it.  I have described it to others as “not even in the same galactic cluster as mere disappointment, it is so far beyond.”  We are talking about disappointment so intense that it has the capacity for, and oftentimes does result in, the death of the one inflicted by it – usually spiritual death, but sometimes also physical death as a direct result of the antecedent spiritual death.

I went through such a satanic H-bomb attack in ARSH 2015, and survived.  My attack involved, not surprisingly, the scandal of revealed sacrilegious sodomy and desecration of Holy places, although not involving any children to my knowledge.  The blow was … thermonuclear, as one could imagine. And there was a period of “fallout”, also as one could imagine.  But it passed, and I am now very strongly “inoculated” against scandal.  I’d like to share some thoughts on this in order to help anyone who might now or in the future experience something similar.

First: It is in NO WAY psychologically abnormal or immoral to assume that initial reports or revelations of grievously sinful activity by someone close to you must be false.  In fact, I would argue that to fully believe any accusation instantly upon its first hearing against someone you know, respect and even love would be PSYCHOPATHIC in and of itself.  What kind of monster instantly, at the drop of a hat, gives up on someone they love?  HAVING SAID THAT, while we should operate from a presumption of innocence, WHEN OBJECTIVE EVIDENCE IS PRESENTED, WE MUST NOT REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE IT, OR BELIEVE THE TRUTH, NO MATTER HOW AWFUL.  But to have an initial desire to believe the best about others, or to give others, especially those we know and love, the benefit of the doubt is NOT some horrible moral failing or indicative of a “cultish” mindset.  It is actually a species of fraternal charity. Beware ANYONE who attempts to vilify or cast as pathological CHARITY ITSELF.

Second:  When a massive personal disappointment happens, it is entirely normal to be sad – to MOURN.  The capacity for mourning is a pure derivation of CHARITY.  Those who do not love, do not mourn.  Satan and the demons do not mourn – they only rage. This is why Our Lord said in no uncertain terms in the Sermon on the Mount, “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.” It is a gift to be sad and to mourn when terrible things happen or are revealed, and to do so can be an extremely powerful means of entering into the Passion of Our Lord.  No suffering of man, no mourning, could ever approach the infinite sorrow of Our Lord in the Garden, feeling the burden – the DISAPPOINTMENT – of every sin ever committed by every human being ever, including one’s own sins first and foremost.  When we feel our hearts bludgeoned by disappointment, we MUST go directly to The Garden, and go face-down in the dirt next to Our Lord and weep with Him, and remember that His Most Precious Blood is already spilling there in the Garden as His capillaries burst and He sweats His Blood – in the very act of mourning. Water and Blood, Baptism and Eucharist, already bursting forth into the world in anticipation, and mixed together eternally at every Mass.  Don’t believe ANYONE who tries to gaslight you into thinking that you are “crazy” for mourning, or “a cultist” for not feeling pure, instant rage when something horrific happens or is revealed. In fact, the mourning should never end in this world.  We should, so long as we live, weep for the sins of the world, our own sins first and foremost. I keep a physical reminder of the intense scandalous disappointment I experienced in ARSH 2015.  Someone once asked me what it was and why I had it.  My response was, “I keep it, and every time I look at it, it hurts.  If the day ever comes that it DOESN’T hurt to look at it, I’ll know I’m in deep trouble. Blessed are those who mourn, NOT those who are numb. Please God, let me NEVER be numb, because you can only be numb if you are devoid of love. Let it hurt until I enter into the Beatific Vision, where there is no hurt or pain.”

Third: When horrific disappointment involves clerics, prelates, or even laymen highly active in the Church, and sacrilege is involved, we should contemplate the heresy of Donatism, and how its refutation points all the more to the incomprehensible, infinite love of Our Lord for His Church and for us.  Consider how much Our Lord loves us if, God forbid, a priest in a state of mortal sin consecrates the Eucharist.  Consider the infinite love of Our Lord who WILL NOT ABANDON US, even if that means obeying the call of a Judas Priest who calls Him down upon the altar.  Our Lord comes despite the incomprehensible blasphemy and sacrilege, He takes the scourge, so that He can come to you, and be near to you, and so that you can KNOW that He is there.  Our Lord is THERE, even when a Judas Priest sits in the confessional, or at the Baptismal Font, at someone’s deathbed, or witnessing a marriage.  He will NOT abandon us, and does not hold us responsible for that which we CANNOT know, namely the hidden sins of His ministers.  Do NOT believe ANYONE who tries to gaslight you into thinking that by NOT falling into the heresy of Donatism that you are of a “cultish” mindset, because what this actually is, is an attack on SUPERNATURAL FAITH ITSELF.

Fourth: It is essential to never, ever conflate any human being or group of human beings with Our Lord such that faith in Our Lord and His Holy Catholic Church is subject to a human being, because that is, by definition, IDOLATRY. The FIRST Great Commandment is to love GOD, and the Second Great Commandment proceeds from the First: to love others FOR GOD’S SAKE.  If we invert the ordinance of the two Great Commandments, apostasy comes quickly, because a faith which proceeds from human beings as the first cause is, by definition, proceeding from fallenness and sin, and thus will spiral into hell.  THIS is why satan’s top religion, Freemasonry, has a PUBLIC front of the worship of MAN QUA MAN.  HAVING SAID THIS, we can never abandon the Second Great Commandment as a mere “option”.  The Second Great Commandment is NOT OPTIONAL.  No matter what, we can never “give up” on humanity in toto. Like Our Lord, we must stand manfully at the pillar, take the lash, and KEEP GOING.  Like Our Lord carrying His Cross, we must KEEP GOING all the way to Calvary.  Like Our Lord crucified, we must PERSEVERE IN LOVE TO THE VERY END.  We cannot permit ourselves to descend into a state of total mistrust and suspicion.  HAVING SAID THAT, we must keep the words of Our Lord in mind to be “wise as serpents and simple as doves”.  Proper balance can and must be struck.  Never believe ANYONE who paints perseverance in love of fellow man and a refusal to embrace misanthropy and apostasy, especially in the wake of intense personal disappointment, as “cultish” or “mental illness”.

Fifth: We must remember the definition of Diabolical Narcissism: the VOLUNTARY purgation of love from the soul.  We must NEVER allow personal disappointments or scandals to cause us to say, “That’s it.  I’m done with people.  I’ll never love another human being ever again.  I’ll never trust another human being ever again.  People are the enemy.  People will only hurt or betray me.” Even if the initial intention is to go to a “just me and Jesus” mindset, it won’t last, and it will degrade into apostasy. “Love one another as I have loved you” is non-negotiable.  This is why the eremitical life is BY FAR the most advanced religious life, and is NOT something that just anyone can do.  Being able to live in earthly isolation while STILL LOVING OTHER HUMAN BEINGS, in fact loving humanity radically, is incredibly difficult, and only for souls that are truly advanced in personal sanctity. The eremitical life is not the Church’s refuge for narcissists – it is exactly the opposite.

In these dark days, I would recommend particular devotion to The Holy Face of Jesus.  In The Holy Face we see the God-Man, and cannot confuse of conflate Him with any mere human.  A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS CHRIST IS ESSENTIAL AND THE ONLY SURE FOUNDATION, AS SATAN GOES ON FULL ATTACK BY TRYING TO USE HUMAN SCANDAL AND PERSONAL DISAPPOINTMENT TO SEPARATE US FROM GOD AND HIS HOLY CHURCH.

God is the existential opposite of “disappointment”.  He is more perfect, more loving, more kind, more powerful, more merciful, more just, more beautiful, more good than anyone can possibly imagine.  While human beings can and will disappoint, sometimes catastrophically, sometimes causing pain so intense it has the capacity to kill, Christ doesn’t disappoint, and knowing and believing this could be said to be the definition of FAITH. Peter was the first Pope because of his statement of FAITH: Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God.

“Convert us, O God: and show us Thy Face, and we shall be saved.”
-Psalm 79: 4

As always, I hope and pray that this helps. For anyone who might now or in the near future experience intense personal disappointment and/or scandal, please be assured of my prayers.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Hmmmmm… Ever noticed that up until twenty months ago, HIV+ and even full-blown AIDS patients and their friends, family and caregivers never wore masks?

Full-blown AIDS is essentially to have no functioning immune system. It is the quintessence of being “immunocompromised”. Any sort of infection – even a cold, flu, or bacterial infection like strep throat can be lethal. No one “dies of AIDS” or “dies of HIV”. HIV and AIDS patients die of whatever bug or cancer that gets a foothold in their bodies because they literally have no immune system. Most of them die with a litany of viral, bacterial and fungal infections and diseases and cancers in the end. A human body with no immune system is basically a Petri dish.

So riddle me this: why can I not find a single picture of an AIDS patient or their caregivers WEARING A MASK? If masks are essential barriers to pathogens, magic force fields that block the transmission of viruses, and everyone knows this, and has known this all along, then WHY IN THE BLUE HELL haven’t AIDS wards, hospices and just HIV positive people in general been wearing masks for the past 40 years?

Why was Princess Diana hailed as a living saint for her physical closeness and skin-to-skin contact with full-blown AIDS patients?

I literally cannot find one image of an AIDS patient or caregiver wearing a mask.

Oh, right. Because the masks are a religious garment of submission, terror, ISOLATION, and dehumanization that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with “preventing the spread of pathogens or disease”.

Covidism is a luciferian POLITICAL RELIGION. A conscious, meticulously planned and premeditated lie to bring about global totalitarianism and depopulation by diabolical psychopathic power-mad Malthusian eugenicists.

REPOST: Must-Read excerpt from ARSH 2017 CoronaScam Planning Document from Johns Hopkins: Chapter 17 “Vaccine Injury”, Chapter 18, “Acknowledging Loss”

Repost update, 4 November ARSH 2021. Heartbreaking.

Folks, every bit of this has been METICULOUSLY pre-planned and anticipated down to the smallest details. Read this excerpt from the master planning document of the CoronaScam Crime Against Humanity in light of the rapidly growing numbers of the dead, maimed and injured by the DeathJab and realize that it is ALL PART OF THE PLAN.

The document is called “THE SPARS PANDEMIC 2025 – 2028: A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators” published by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security published in ARSH 2017

Folks, everything here below was published in ARSH 2017 as a FICTIONAL WAR GAMING SCENARIO which now reads as an obvious and undeniable SCRIPT for a meticulously conceived and pre-planned crime against humanity. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that what you read below is a coincidence. None.

Understand that mass injuries and death from a “vaccine” are 100% anticipated, down to the craven plans to silence the victims and mollify the masses through manipulative media coverage, sentimental gestures and financial payoffs, but that the injections MUST CONTINUE.

I have included, in full, the final three chapters of the document, which begins on document page 59, PDF page 68.

Again, remember as you read this that it was published in ARSH 2017 as a “hypothetical” war gaming scenario.



In contrast to Alyssa Karpowitz’s story, not all changes in opinion were in favor of public health messaging. As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge. Several parents claimed that their children were experiencing neurological symptoms similar to those seen among livestock exposed to the GMI vaccine. By May 2027, parental anxiety around this claim had intensified to the point of lawsuits. That month, a group of parents whose children developed mental retardation as a result of encephalitis in the wake of Corovax vaccination sued the federal government, demanding removal of the liability shield protecting the pharmaceutical companies responsible for developing and manufacturing Corovax.

The growing plaintiff cohort quickly withdrew their suit upon learning that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund (NVICTF) and an emergency appropriation of funds authorized by Congress under the PREP Act existed to provide financial reimbursement to those who were adversely affected by the Corovax vaccine in order to cover healthcare costs and other related expenses.2,3 Given the positive reaction to the federal government’s response and the fact that the majority of US citizens willing to be vaccinated had already been immunized, the negative publicity surrounding adverse reactions had little effect on nationwide vaccination rates. The focus on adverse side effects, however, resulted in a considerable increase in the number of compensation claims filed, and many grew concerned about the long-term effects that Corovax could have on their health. This concern was particularly high among some African American parents who continued to question the government’s motives regarding the Corovax vaccination campaign.

While the FDA, CDC, and other agencies were busy researching possible connections between Corovax and the reported neurological side effects, their efforts were continually undermined by epidemiological analyses produced by various non-governmental individuals and groups. A popular science blogger EpiGirl, for example, began posting interactive maps of the incidence of Corovax side effects in April 2027. To create the maps, EpiGirl collected anecdotes of adverse Corovax side effects using Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and combined them with data downloaded from the HHS Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a national vaccine safety surveillance program maintained by the CDC and FDA. EpiGirl also encouraged those among her subscribers who were Apple product users to share health data with her via Apple’s ResearchKit and HealthKit applications. EpiGirl’s maps were consequently shared widely in social media circles and even included in local and national news reports.

The federal government became concerned about the validity of EpiGirl’s anecdotal data and the widespread sharing of patient information via the internet. EpiGirl’s data showed a significantly higher incidence rate of nearly every reported side effect; however, federal officials believed that this was largely due to duplicate entries resulting from compiling data from multiple sources. Additionally, EpiGirl’s data did not seek to address the cause of the reported side effects, only the incidence rate. Publication of similar results from organizations such as Patients-Like-Me, a group closely associated with the natural medicine movement, further legitimized these independent reports. The government attempted to respond to these claims through formal press releases, but these were neither as visually appealing nor as interactive as EpiGirl’s maps and were, therefore, largely ignored.

While the federal government appeared to have appropriately addressed concerns around the acute side effects of Corovax, the long-term, chronic effects of the vaccine were still largely unknown. Nearing the end of 2027, reports of new neurological symptoms began to emerge. After showing no adverse side effects for nearly a year, several vaccine recipients slowly began to experience symptoms such as blurry vision, headaches, and numbness in their extremities. Due to the small number of these cases, the significance of their association with Corovax was never determined. As of this writing in 2030, longitudinal studies initiated by the NIH at the beginning of the vaccination program have not reached the next round of data collection, so formal analysis on these symptoms has not yet been conducted. Furthermore, these cases arose from the initial cohort of vaccine recipients—those in high- risk populations, including those with other underlying health conditions—making it increasingly difficult to determine the extent to which these symptoms are associated with vaccination.

As these cases emerged, patients began filing for compensation under the PREP Act. Due to lingering uncertainties over possible links between vaccination and reported neurological symptoms, their compensation requests were placed on indefinite hold, pending further data analysis. This cohort, many of whom adamantly supported the Corovax vaccine initially, quickly took to social media to publicize their issues.

Despite relatively few reports of neurological symptoms, the social media response was immense. After experiencing initial success with PREP Act compensation policies and working diligently to ensure transparency throughout the claim request and evaluation process, HHS was caught off guard by the new round of negative publicity. They were pressured by the public and media to award compensation to those claiming long-term effects from Corovax despite having no data to support these claims. Displaying a fundamental misunderstanding of scientific research, many demanded proof that the vaccines did not cause long-term effects. HHS Secretary Nagel firmly and vocally supported the decision to postpone evaluation of all claims of long-term side effects and invited an independent Congressional investigation to ensure that the PREP Act was being properly implemented.

In addition to demands for immediate compensation, Congress faced public pressure to increase the PREP Act emergency appropriation. While the initial allocation of funds was sufficient to provide compensation for acute side effects, the prospect of long-term effects and potentially permanent disability gave rise to concerns that additional resources would be necessary in the near future.


Communicating With the Public About Trustworthy Sources of Data and

Options for Legal Recourse in a Climate of Mistrust


1) How might advance development and testing of recovery messages that specifically address the topics of adverse side effects and the NVICTF help improve health authorities’ ability to respond to public distress about medical issues emerging after a MCM campaign? What are some messages that would warrant such testing?

2) Despite the uncertain science about the link between Coravax and the reported neurological symptoms, why should health officials still communicate with compassion and genuine sympathy toward those in the vaccinated population who experience medical issues subsequent to being vaccinated?

3) Given growing interest in open data systems and the application of “crowd sourcing” to solve complex problems, how might public health officials take greater advantage of two-way communication with an interested public in the aftermath of the SPARS outbreak? For instance, how might input and analysis from members of the public help improve adverse event monitoring or assess the strengths and weaknesses of a specific MCM campaign?



At the request of HHS Secretary Nagel, ASPR convened a series of meetings among senior leadership of the federal health agencies to address policy and program changes being implemented as a result of a departmental review of the response to the SPARS pandemic. Among the issues considered were the implications of growing negative public opinion regarding Corovax and the government’s perceived indifference to victims of the public health response to SPARS. One senior health official argued that time and a robust medical monitoring program for vaccine recipients—the components of which were already in place—should be sufficient to determine whether public concern about long-term effects was, in fact, warranted: “We have to wait for the data. People need to understand that fact.”

One prominent attendee at these meetings was Dr. Ann Flynn, the director of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Staff from the administration’s Disaster Technical Assistance Center had recently briefed Dr. Flynn on usage data for the SAMHSA Disaster Distress Helpline over the past year, and summary reports indicated that a significant number of helpline users said that their principal worry was associated with the SPARS pandemic and, more recently, uncertainty about potential long-term effects of Corovax. Considering this new knowledge, Dr. Flynn countered the earlier claim that the public simply needed to wait until the science was clear: “Communities around the country went through what some felt was a harrowing public health emergency, only later to confront the possibility, however slim, that the medicine we promised would help them may in fact be hurting them.”

The senior leaders in attendance concluded, after much prompting by Dr. Flynn, that no top political or public health figurehead had publicly recognized the collective sense of vulnerability that the pandemic had elicited or the strength that the public exhibited under threat of grave danger. Moreover, no national leader had publicly acknowledged the public’s broad willingness to accept a prescribed countermeasure that promised to end the pandemic, but whose long-term consequences were not fully understood at the time.

Following the meeting, ASPR recommended to HHS Secretary Nagel that SAMHSA collaborate with stakeholders and devise behavioral health guidance for the states, tribes, and territories on how to strengthen the public’s coping skills, provide support for grieving individuals, encourage a forward direction, and meet other SPARS recovery needs. It was further recommended that Secretary Nagel consult with President Archer about the possibility of acknowledging the emotional toll of SPARS during a future public appearance. The primary message would be one of gratitude to the American people for remaining strong during the pandemic. Another key message would convey appreciation for adhering to public health recommendations, including vaccination, to hasten the end of the pandemic in the face of considerable uncertainty.

President Archer agreed to address the country’s resolve and recovery in the face of SPARS. Top risk communication advisors from the CDC, FDA, NIH, and SAMHSA conferred as a group about how best to frame the President’s remarks. The group vigorously debated whether it was appropriate for the President to acknowledge the sacrifice that vaccine recipients had made on behalf of their communities or to console them in their grief over that sacrifice.


Bringing a Sense of Resolution to a Period of Crisis While Striking a Balance Between the Need to Affirm Collective Grief and Loss and the Need to Move Forward


1) Given the uncertain long-term safety profile of the Corovax vaccine, why are both science and sympathy necessary when communicating about a possible correlation between vaccination and adverse events?

2) What general communication principles does the advice of Dr. Ann Flynn suggest with respect to the recovery phase of a public health emergency involving MCMs? What might pre-event planning for recovery-phase communication look like based on her guidance?



Today, nearly five years since the St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus made its global debut, there remain human cases in 14 countries across Europe, Africa, and Asia. The pandemic officially ended in August 2028, but the virus persists in domesticated animal reservoirs. WHO experts hypothesize that small, isolated outbreaks of SPARS were occurring long before the disease emerged on a global scale in 2025, and they anticipate that future outbreaks will continue to emerge unless countries maintain widespread vaccination coverage.

As the pandemic tapered off, several influential politicians and agency representatives came under fire for sensationalizing the severity of the event for perceived political gain. As with many public health interventions, successful efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic created the illusion that the event was not nearly as serious as experts suggested it would be. President Archer’s detractors in the Republican Party seized the opportunity to publicly disparage the President and his administration’s response to the pandemic, urging voters to elect “a strong leader with the best interests of the American people at heart.” A widespread social media movement led primarily by outspoken parents of affected children, coupled with widespread distrust of “big pharma,” supported the narrative that the development of SPARS MCMs was unnecessary and driven by a few profit-seeking individuals. Conspiracy theories also proliferated across social media, suggesting that the virus had been purposely created and introduced to the population by drug companies or that it had escaped from a government lab secretly testing bioweapons.

After-action reports, government hearings, and agency reviews following the pandemic were too numerous to count. Emergency funding appropriated by Congress to fight the disease became available partway through the course of the pandemic, but federal, state, and local public health agencies struggled to manage the procedural requirements to spend it. As a result, significant amounts of emergency funds remained unused as the pandemic wound down. As the investigations grew in intensity, several high-ranking officials at the CDC and FDA were forced to step down and withdraw from government in order to “spend more time with their families.” Exhausted employees of these agencies, many of whom worked long hours six or seven days a week throughout the pandemic, simply wanted to put the whole response behind them. Little desire remained on the part of decision-makers or those who served in the trenches during the response to rehash the events of the past several years.

The very real possibility of a future SPARS pandemic necessitates continued commitment to vaccination programs as well as accurate, culturally appropriate, and timely communication from public health agencies across the planet. While the communication experiences of the SPARS pandemic of 2025-2028 offer some examples for how this communication can and should occur, they also identify practices that should be avoided, or at least modified, for responses to future public health emergencies.

The tandem Rome-USA enthronement of lucifer in which future Cardinal Bernardin raped the child “Agnes” as recounted by Malachi Martin, happened in Greenville, SC. Now read this satanic bilge… from Greenville. The offering of children to satan continues apace.

Even so, Sir.

Today is the Feast of All Souls.

No sin, no impurity can enter into the unveiled presence of the Triune Godhead.  A person still attached to sin simply could not bear to be in the full presence of the Holy Trinity, could not look upon the face of God – and looking upon the Face of God is what heaven IS.  Therefore, those who die in a state of grace, in friendship with Christ, but still have attachment to sin (and almost everyone does), after their Particular Judgment, enter into Purgation to remove all remaining vestiges and attachments to sin before entering into the Beatific Vision.  C.S. Lewis explained Purgatory to me very early on in my conversion process:

“Our souls demand Purgatory, don’t they? Would it not break the heart if God said to us, ‘It is true, my son, that your breath smells and your rags drip with mud and slime, but we are charitable here and no one will upbraid you with these things, nor draw away from you. Enter into the joy’? Should we not reply, ‘With submission, Sir, and if there is no objection, I’d rather be cleaned first.’ ‘It may hurt, you know’ – ‘Even so, Sir.’

I assume that the process of purification will normally involve suffering. Partly from tradition; partly because most real good that has been done me in this life has involved it. But I don’t think the suffering is the purpose of the purgation. I can well believe that people neither much worse nor much better than I will suffer less than I or more. . . . The treatment given will be the one required, whether it hurts little or much.”

– C.S. Lewis, Letters To Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer, chapter 20, paragraphs 8-9

Here is the eighth movement, “Hostias” from Mozart’s Requiem Mass.  This is the last part of the Offertory:

Hostias et preces tibi, Domine, laudis offerimus:
We offer to Thee, O Lord, sacrifices and prayers:

Tu suscipe pro animabus illis, quarum hodie memoriam facimus:
Do Thou receive them in behalf of those souls of whom we make memorial this day.

Fac eas, Domine, de morte transire ad vitam,
Grant them, O Lord, to pass from death to that life,

Quam olim Abrahae promisisti et semini ejus.
Which Thou didst promise of old to Abraham and to his seed.

A Requiem Mass being offered for a soul by his family, who is exiting Purgatory and entering heaven and eternal bliss.

Fr. James Jackson once gave a homily on the Seal of the Confessional, specifically recommending the Hitchcock film, “I Confess”. Something to be aware of.

Many years ago before I left Colorado, Fr. James Jackson gave a moving homily on the sacrificial beauty of the Seal of the Confessional.  The reason this had come up is because the Fraternity of St. Peter had just been given custody of L’église Saint-Zéphirin-de-Stadacona in Quebec City, a truly gorgeous church, which was very famously used for the filming of the ARSH 1953 Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, “I Confess”.

“I Confess” is a film noir thriller which tells the story of a priest framed for murder and unable to defend himself because the killer immediately confessed his crime to the priest and then leveraged the Seal of the Confessional to frame the priest for the murder, knowing the priest could neither defend himself nor implicate in any way the killer.  And yes, in the end, the killer exposes himself, tries unsuccessfully to kill the priest, is shot by police, and the mortally-wounded killer asks for and receives pardon in extremis from the priest as he dies. To say that it is moving is understatement, to put it mildly.

Montgomery Clift (a truly tragic figure in real life) gives a heart-wrenching performance as the good priest, who is manfully willing to be hanged rather than violate the Seal.

One thing that I learned from my short time in Rome many years ago now is that wicked clerics and laymen, upon the arrival of a new priest who is solid, pious, and NOT “on side” with the sodomites, will immediately ask said priest to hear their confession, wherein they will reveal all of their wretched sins, not because they are sorry or have any intention of reforming their lives, but IN ORDER TO BIND THE GOOD PRIEST BY THE SEAL OF THE CONFESSIONAL.  It’s luciferian.  So the good priest becomes helpless to move against the sodomites.

Years ago, Fr. Jackson said to me once that I was somewhat intimidating to have in the nave while preaching because I was always listening with intense focus to every word that was said.  And that is true.  When someone is speaking, I watch and listen.  Intently.  I consider it a simple courtesy.  And I remember.

I’m not saying that I have any more information about Fr. Jackson’s arrest than I had yesterday, or when we recoded the half-Podcast immediately below a few hours ago, but I do remember vividly that “I Confess” was one of Fr. Jackson’s favorite films, which he urged everyone to watch.

And I also know that Fr. Jackson, like the priest in the film, would almost certainly die to protect the Seal of the Confessional.  IF a priest pleads “not guilty” to a crime, and then seemingly inexplicably clams up and refuses to defend himself, IT MUST BE CONSIDERED A POSSIBILITY that the Seal of the Confessional is being defended. Remember, in such a circumstance, the priest CANNOT EVEN BRING THE TOPIC OF THE SEAL UP.

This is just presented as something to keep in mind. Again, I have no more information than I had yesterday.

I just checked, and yes, “I Confess” is available on iTunes.

Pray for priests.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us all.

Barnhardt Podcast #158: “That you may not be scandalized”

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this episode we discuss the news from Sunday morning that Father Jackson of the FSSP has been arrested on charges related to child pornography. It would be easy to take scandal or be unduly offended by such an accusation but it’s critical to maintain peace of soul. Keep the words of Christ before your mind: “These things have I spoken to you, that you may not be scandalized” (John 16:1). And above all, PRAY FOR PRIESTS!

Urgent reminder about scandal: if you allow a scandal (real or fabricated) to destroy your faith, YOU are guilty of suicide

Never, ever, ever conflate any person or earthly institution with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is God-Man, or with the Supernatural reality that is His Holy Catholic Church. To have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is to be impervious to scandal, by definition.

“Those who commit these types of scandals are guility of the spiritual equivalent of murder, but I am here among you to prevent something far worse for you. While those who give scandal are guilty of the spiritual equivalent of murder,

those who take scandal – who allow scandals to destroy their faith – are guilty of spiritual suicide.”

– St. Francis de Sales