Hmmmmm… Ever noticed that up until twenty months ago, HIV+ and even full-blown AIDS patients and their friends, family and caregivers never wore masks?

Full-blown AIDS is essentially to have no functioning immune system. It is the quintessence of being “immunocompromised”. Any sort of infection – even a cold, flu, or bacterial infection like strep throat can be lethal. No one “dies of AIDS” or “dies of HIV”. HIV and AIDS patients die of whatever bug or cancer that gets a foothold in their bodies because they literally have no immune system. Most of them die with a litany of viral, bacterial and fungal infections and diseases and cancers in the end. A human body with no immune system is basically a Petri dish.

So riddle me this: why can I not find a single picture of an AIDS patient or their caregivers WEARING A MASK? If masks are essential barriers to pathogens, magic force fields that block the transmission of viruses, and everyone knows this, and has known this all along, then WHY IN THE BLUE HELL haven’t AIDS wards, hospices and just HIV positive people in general been wearing masks for the past 40 years?

Why was Princess Diana hailed as a living saint for her physical closeness and skin-to-skin contact with full-blown AIDS patients?

I literally cannot find one image of an AIDS patient or caregiver wearing a mask.

Oh, right. Because the masks are a religious garment of submission, terror, ISOLATION, and dehumanization that have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with “preventing the spread of pathogens or disease”.

Covidism is a luciferian POLITICAL RELIGION. A conscious, meticulously planned and premeditated lie to bring about global totalitarianism and depopulation by diabolical psychopathic power-mad Malthusian eugenicists.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.