Pelosi presides at a pagan ceremony aping the sacrament of marriage, guests told to cover their faces in her presence, Pachamama later appears

So some degenerate billionaire oligarch spawn “got married” in a pagan ceremony presided over by Nancy Pelosi in the San Francisco City Hall. You can look at the Vogue magazine photo post on the abomination – everything about it, including the guests, most of whom were clearly sex perverts, screamed “luciferian”.

Two things jumped out.  First, all of the guests were packed into various venues before and after the main “marriage ceremony”, and all were totally maskless. THEN, the Vogue reportage is insistent to note that all of the guests were told to COVER THEIR FACES in Pelosi’s presence when she arrived, which they all did with the utmost piety.

Guests were asked to mask up before Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi entered the room and took her position at the microphone.

Now stop and think about this.  No one is wearing a mask until the high priestess Pelosi arrives, then all must veil their faces, clearly having NOTHING to do with even the pose of “health and safety”.  This was a PURE act of religious submission to the person and presence of Pelosi herself.  That they all veiled their faces as a LITURGICAL ACT contingent completely upon Pelosi’s presence – the guests were all seated and the venue packed with no masks until Pelosi’s entrance procession – is a clear proof of the open manifestation of Covidism AS A POLITICAL RELIGION.

Then, at the reception, guess who showed up to “bless” the couple?  Yup.  A “Pachamama”.  Here the picture of the witch, which I have cropped.  She’s basically nude from the waist down save the stripper heels, and clearly hasn’t been going to CrossFit classes, IYKWIM.

LINK TO FULL PHOTOESSAY HERE, if you want to look at a bunch of fags and hideously self-mutilated women for some reason.

I’m sure that this is just a coincidence. San Francisco billionaire oligarchs have always used Andean peasant demon motifs at their events. The whole Antipope Bergoglio Pachamama devotion, and Pelosi as the high priestess of this ceremony, is JUST A COINCIDENCE.

The only way out of this, barring supernatural intervention, is war. No amount of protesting will ever have the slightest effect.  General strikes won’t work because economic collapse is exactly what the Covigarchy wants. This can’t be settled by negotiation or diplomacy any more than a truce could ever be brokered with satan.  It will never “pass” or “burn itself out”. It will persist for exactly as long as the morally sane freely choose for it to continue, for exactly as long as the morally sane continue to delude themselves into believing that there is any way out other than the inescapably obvious.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.