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“What will you do when THERE. IS. NO. BID?”

The “Black Swan” portion of my Economics Presentation from November of ARSH 2012.

8:05-11:10.  It is cued to start at 8:05.

Remember, Churchill was almost universally called a fear-mongering kook for most of the 1930’s for warning about Hitler and the Third Reich… until Hitler’s tanks rolled into Poland on September 1, ARSH 1939.

Barnhardt Podcast #105: Soft Interdict and Hard Truths

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Scatological Linguistic Expression Alert… again.

In this episode we not only discuss COVID-19, we also discuss the Coronavirus Pandemic which has prompted authorities in the US, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, and many more countries to lock down communities, regions, or whole countries. In eternal terms, Churches have been shut down in many areas and dispensations to not attend Sunday/Holy Day Masses are common in North America and Europe if not globally granted already. It is a Hard Truth that at some point in the future the public Sacrifice of the Mass will cease, when the Man Of Sin is ruling the world with an iron fist. Whether we live to see that or not, let us make haste in deepening an authentic prayer life, devotion for the Catholic Faith, the Sacraments (while we have them), and Sacramentals.

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A VERY timely repost on how distribution of Holy Communion is OPTIONAL

(This post is from December ARSH 2016, written in response to Antipope Bergoglio’s aggressive push for desecration of the Eucharist, but it also applies to the current situation and Private Masses. Worth a re-read.)

What is Satan playing at?  What is the goal that satan is driving towards with regards to the Bergoglian Antipapacy?

Simply put, satan wants to drag as many men into hell as he possibly can because the only way that satan can “hurt” God is to hurt us, whom God so loves. Furthermore, satan wants to “hurt” God by driving as many men into desecration of the Eucharist as possible.  This is why the Bergoglian Antipapacy has been driving since day one to ratify and encourage people to persist in mortal sin, and also to receive Holy Communion in mortal sin.  This is why Antipope Bergoglio and his satanic cadre preach a false gospel of mercy WITHOUT REPENTANCE, and why Bergoglio denies the existence of hell and eternal damnation.  What all of this is driving towards is getting as many people as possible to receive Holy Communion in mortal sin – which is an act of sacrilege. Further, he wants priests to be full, conscious cooperators in this, thus making priests agents of Eucharistic desecration, and every Mass an occasion of sacrilege.

As was fully expected, we now have Antipope Bergoglio’s, and primordially satan’s next angle of attack on the Eucharist: attempting to coerce priests into distributing Holy Communion to non-Catholics, and ultimately non-Christians.  The first wave of attack is Lutherans.  We have known this for years.  I wrote on it HERE in August.  Next will be “all Christians”.  And quick on its heels, “all men of goodwill” or some such – One. World. Religion.

I have been told that my little niche in the orthodox Catholic blogosphere is to be the person that broaches subjects first, so that others are then free to discuss them.  I’m the “icebreaker”.  I have no problem with this, and am happy to help.  So, let’s break some ice.

FAITHFUL CATHOLIC PRIESTS: There is a very simple way to protect Our Blessed Lord in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  In fact, as Dr. Peter Kwasniewski states so beautifully in footnote 7 of his essay, “The spirit of the liturgy in the words and actions of Our Lady”:

The priest is a man set apart by God and metaphysically changed by the indelible character of Christ’s priesthood, all with a view to consecrating, handling, distributing, and caring for the sacramental Body of Christ and those things that directly pertain to it (such as absolving sins that prevent us from eating the bread of life, apart from which we will die in our sins). The hands of the priest are specially anointed so that they may be worthy of performing these awesome tasks.

The emphasis is mine.  It is the duty of every priest to DEFEND THE BLESSED SACRAMENT.

We are in an unprecedented state of emergency. This is far, far worse than the Arian crisis – make absolutely no mistake.  This makes the Arian Crisis look like a Wednesday afternoon Bridge game.  I believe that Bergoglio is not MERELY an Antipope, but that he may in fact be the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, the Anti-John the Baptist, and that these days may well be the run-up to the End Times.  Again, an objective survey of history quickly puts down the argument that “all generations have said that…” Well, we have an Antipope squatting on the See of Peter, with the True Pope still living (who is himself the worst pope in history, having enabled the ascendancy of the Antipope by trying to abandon his office by making an invalid “partial resignation”), and the Antipope is attempting to execute the wholesale destruction of The Catholic Church, its sacraments, and the Divine and Natural Law by abrogating the Decalogue (with the Sixth Commandment at the point of his lance), and routinely blaspheming against the Triune Godhead, and assigning divinity to himself. He is further attempting to establish a NEW RELIGION with himself at the center, that matches EXACTLY the agenda of the satanic organization known as FREEMASONRY. Oh, and don’t forget the relentless push for Eucharistic Desecration.

A political pissing match between Italian aristocrats this most certainly is not.

Good and faithful Priests: There is a very simple way for you to defend the Blessed Sacrament, which remember, IS YOUR JOB.

If and when the time comes:


In fact, if you discern that for whatever reason, the odds of the Blessed Sacrament being desecrated are high, for example a “Gay Pride” group comes to your Mass, or, as I suspect will come quickly, groups of protestants, musloids, or atheists come to your Mass and present themselves for Holy Communion at the behest of Antipope Bergoglio and his minions, and you realize that it is highly probable that The Eucharist will be desecrated, your duty is clear: DO NOT DISTRIBUTE HOLY COMMUNION.  After you (Father) receive the Precious Blood, you go straight to the Ablutions.

Remember: the purpose of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is TO WORSHIP GOD by offering to Him the Once and For All Sacrifice of His Son on Calvary.  The Once For All Sacrifice of Calvary is miraculously and supernaturally made present in time at every Mass, and the immolation of The Sacrifice of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ is effected when the Priest consumes the consecrated Host and the Precious Blood.

The only person that MUST receive the Eucharist, and, in fact, MUST receive the Eucharist under BOTH SPECIES, is the priest celebrant.  PERIOD.

Because the Church has been infiltrated by Freemasons, Communists and sodomites, most Catholics today think that the entire point of the Mass is for them to march up to the front of the Church and receive Holy Communion, which they believe to be a mere symbol.  This is HUMANISM – the cornerstone of Freemasonry.  Catholics today have been taught for the past fifty years BY THE RUBRICS OF THE NOVUS ORDO MASS ITSELF that THEY are the center and focus of the Mass, that the Mass is celebrated FOR THEIR BENEFIT, and that the point of the Mass is the distribution of Holy Communion TO THEM.  This is why the “Shared Meal” motif – by far the LEAST theologically important aspect of the Mass, behind the SACRIFICIAL and NUPTIAL aspects, has been pushed relentlessly by the satanic infiltrators, and the Mass qua Sacrifice was intentionally hidden from the people by stripping nearly every mention of SACRIFICE from the text of the Novus Ordo itself.  After all, one cannot be said to have participated in a meal if one has not eaten – or so the infiltrators would have everyone believe, and sadly, almost all today in the western Church do.  Most Catholics today think that there is really no point in going to Mass if one does not receive Holy Communion – because they believe the Mass is all about THEM. When they see the Novus Ordo elevation, with the priest FACING THEM and holding up the consecrated Host and Chalice TOWARD THEM, they think that the Holy Sacrifice is being offered exclusively TO THEM.  It doesn’t even occur to most of them that the Body and Blood of Christ is being OFFERED TO GOD.

If and when the time comes that a priest should stop distributing Holy Communion at Mass, he can expect MASSIVE negative blowback, even if he has explained why in both sermons and in writing, presumably in a bulletin, and even though he has told his parishioners repeatedly that he will gladly distribute Holy Communion outside of Mass by appointment.  Sadly, most Catholics today are so far gone that if given the choice between desecration of the Eucharist and public distribution of the Eucharist, they will DEMAND the public distribution – because, let’s face it, almost all Catholics in the West receive Holy Communion in mortal sin anyway, thus committing sacrilege and desecration of the Eucharist anyway. We know this by the use of contraception amongst Catholics (over 90%), as well as voting trends, and perhaps most tellingly, by the near total absence of the Sacrament of Confession in Novus Ordo parishes. What this is a function of, of course, is the fact that most Novus Ordo Catholics either actively disbelieve in the Real Presence or have never heard of the Real Presence.

If the priest at my parish announced at Mass tomorrow that due to events in Rome, public distribution of Holy Communion at Mass would cease effective immediately, and that Holy Communion would be distributed only by appointment, I think I would probably weep tears of joy.  How edifying that would be.  What a spectacularly beautiful witness to The Faith, and what a manful display of self-sacrificial love for Our Blessed Lord.  I often abstain from receiving Holy Communion specifically because I need to go to confession – but I go to Mass almost every day.  On those days that I do not receive, I ask the Lord to come to me in Spiritual Communion, and to help me, and to help me make a good confession as soon as possible.  I also ask Him to come to me in Spiritual Communion because I love Him.  I go to Mass first and foremost – always – to worship God AS HE DESIRES TO BE WORSHIPED, which just so happens to be by me being present at Calvary, which He makes supernaturally present at every Mass.  Christ would suffer His entire Passion and death for us as individuals alone as many times as we assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  When someone loves you that much, you are obliged to worship and adore them.  Only God does or ever could love to that incomprehensible degree.

If it comes to this, and a priest makes the decision to do this, I would strongly recommend dramatically expanding (or beginning) Eucharistic Exposition, Adoration, Benediction and Eucharistic Processions, as well as increasing the availability of the Sacrament of Confession.

The bottom line is this: The Eucharist is God, and precisely because He chooses to make Himself so utterly vulnerable, priests especially have the solemn duty to DEFEND HIM, and do whatever it takes to prevent desecration of The Eucharist, with the faithful backing the priests up every step of the way, including the beautiful witness and sacrifice of foregoing reception of Holy Communion at public Masses, if necessary.  It is high time that the “rights of man” once again take a back seat to the rights of God, to paraphrase Pope Leo XIII.

Good and Holy Priests, in these dark days, you have the power to utterly foil satan’s plans: I beg you, refuse to distribute Holy Communion before knowingly desecrating the Eucharist. You have a choice. Only the enemies of Christ and His Holy Church will hate you for it – and you should want to be hated by such people.

Pope St. Pius X, pray for us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

“… a safeguard and remedy, both for soul and body…”

From the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass, this is said after the Consecration of the Eucharist in the prayers before Holy Communion (with Holy Communion being, of course, obligatory by the priest, and non-obligatory to everyone else):

Let not the partaking of Thy Body, O Lord, Jesus Christ, which I, though unworthy, presume to receive, turn to my judgment and condemnation; but let it, through Thy mercy, become a safeguard and remedy, both for soul and body; Who with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

Percéptio Córporis tui, Dómine Iesu Christe, quod ego indígnus súmere præsúmo, non mihi provéniat in iudícium et condemnatiónem: sed pro tua pietáte prosit mihi ad tutaméntum mentis et córporis, et ad medélam percipiéndam: Qui vivis et regnas cum Deo Patre in unitáte Spíritus Sancti Deus, per ómnia saecula sæculórum. Amen.

Yet again, we owe Trad Inc a massive debt of gratitude for showing us how the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church has been wrong for its entire 2000 year history. Imagine that – every Mass containing error!

Finally, at long last, this two millennia of pious virtue signaling and “superstitious magical thinking” with regards to the Eucharist*** is called out for what it is!

***Honorable mention to Pharisaic/Rabbinic/Talmudic Judaism for exactly the same rhetoric.

First the Papacy, now the Eucharist! Thank you, Trad Inc! Thank you Freemasonry! Thank you Talmudic Judaism! Thank you for setting us straight!

Now, let us all return to our tee-vee shows, video games, and stage-4 social media addictions like REAL Catholics!

Have you noticed how if you point out any objective facts or irrational arguments that you are now a “murderer of old people”?

A.) My liturgical schedule is essentially uninterrupted, so far.  I hear Mass daily without any difficulty.  Be assured that I take all of you who can’t make it to Mass for whatever reason with me to Calvary and the offering of the Holy Sacrifice, and to prayer before Our Eucharistic Lord reposed in the Tabernacles.

B.) It was pointed out to me that Corona is NOT a type of influenza.  It is what we have all called, up until now, “a cold”.  That’s right.  COVID-19 is a type of cold.  For some, especially the over-80 and already co-morbid, it can develop into a nasty deep chest cold which can then progress into pneumonia.  Just like all other colds.  And, exactly like other colds, many people get it and never have any symptoms – their immune system controls it.  Some get a sniffle.  Others get it and get a legit cold.  Others get it and get a deep chest cold but self-manage it and never go to the doctor (I recall going to the doctor ONCE as an adult for a cold/flu, and it was two years ago when I had an ear infection, and I’ve had probably dozens of colds/flu since I was 17 years old).  Others get a deep chest cold sufficient for them to go to the doctor.  And like all other colds, it is contagious.  So, yes, as is so perfectly, perfectly apt, the post-Christian West is committing suicide over… a deep chest cold.

C.) Over 20,000 people have died in the United States so far this calendar year (since January 1) from H1N1 type influenza.  Including 136 children.  But… that doesn’t matter.  That’s… DIFFERENT.  Riiiiiight. Youbetcha.

D.) In the ARSH 2016-2017 flu season in Italy, 25,000 people died of influenza, which was above average, but not unheard-of.  But… that was different.

E.) Viruses are contagious and “go around”.  It is now being said that people are “asymptomatic carriers” for a MONTH BEFORE showing any symptoms of this type of cold.  Therefore, if you leave the house you are literally Hitler killing old people.  Um, do we see the irrationality of this? Do we see how this insanity leads to no one being able to leave their home EVER EVER AGAIN because there is no way to know if you are a walking vector of death to the elderly?  Even if testing were available, between the time you take the test and the time the results come back, you could have picked up this cold virus… and since you would be asymptomatic for up to a month, there is literally NO WAY TO EVER EVER BE ASSURED that you are not a carrier of this cold virus.  Therefore, if you ever leave your house, go to Mass or engage in any human activity ever again for the rest of your life, you are Hitler.  Are we seeing what is going on here?

F.) What about pigeons and other types of birds that touch surfaces and thus can be vectors for viral surface contamination? Birds are Hitler.  (See how insane and irrational this quickly becomes?)

G.) Finally, perhaps the most important question.  From here forward, what will it be permissible for the elderly to die of?  Will we be doing this every year henceforth?  Whenever there is a spike in deaths of the elderly, as there is every year, of viral flus and colds, will we be shutting down the global economy?  This rhetorical question I have the answer to.  Where this is leading is to the only PERMISSABLE and TOLERABLE way for the elderly to die is of self-euthanasia, aka suicide.  The push will come on the heels of this Freemasonic/New World Order/Antichurch psy-op to encourage and perhaps even FIANACIALLY INCENTIVIZE (via estate taxes, etc.) people to self-euthanize at age 75 or so.  It is already called “duty to die” among the New World Order set.  The elderly and terminally ill will be told that they are a tremendous burden on the healthcare system, and vector of communicable disease, and thus it is morally incumbent upon them to commit suicide.  Watch the subtle, passive aggressive GUILT-TRIPPING of the elderly go parabolic due to this cold virus.  It has already started.  The propaganda will be “Go out on top! Do the socially responsible thing and choose death BEFORE you become ill or weak! Spare yourself, and society, any suffering caused by your old age!  At a certain point, you’ve lived long enough!”  Mark my words.

Psalm 118 – it keeps getting better and better

I recommended Psalm 118 as a daily prayer for Lent. It is one of the longest Psalms at 176 verses, and can seem repetitive. Pretty much every verse is a praise of the Law. But as one prays it daily, it becomes clear that there is no repetition, and every verse is its own little capsule of wonderfulness.

Today, I went to Mass a bit early for a little extra time before Our Eucharistic Lord reposed in the Tabernacle, and prayed both the St. Joseph Novena and Psalm 118 before Mass. What leapt out at me today – the seventh anniversary of NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENING – was verse 165:

Much peace have they that love Thy law, and to them there is no stumbling block.

Exactly. You notice how people rooted in the Law are not having any crises of faith, not questioning or even trying to declare “wrong” 2000 years of church history and teaching, not calling God names, or blaspheming Him, not raging at people and declaring them “schismatics” for not submitting to a man they freely describe as “a type of Antichrist”, not flailing in their own illogic by insisting that Antipope Bergoglio is simultaneously the standard and principal of unity AND a vector of schism, that Antipope Bergoglio is simultaneously Christ’s Vicar AND a “type of Antichrist”.

No, when you simply focus on the Law, Canon Law, and also Divine and Natural Law, it is crystal clear what happened seven years ago tonight. Jorge Bergoglio’s antipapacy began after a totally null, invalid faux-conclave. Pope Benedict never validly resigned and remains to this day the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not.

Antipope Bergoglio is only a stumbling block or scandal if the LAW is not LOVED. The Law truly does bring PEACE, vouchsafing the sure knowledge that all of Antipope Bergoglio’s heresies, blasphemies and idolatries have nothing to do with the Papacy, but rather are clear, visible manifestations of Bergoglio’s true status as a criminal usurper of the Petrine See. And it all goes right back to Canons 188, 332.2, 359, 131.1, etc. And so we continue to pray, rooted in inexhaustible confidence, that the truth will out, and the Bergoglian Antipapacy will be publicly and officially recognized and acknowledged for what it is in God’s good time.

How GOOD The Divine Providence is.

Much peace have they that love Thy law, and to them there is no stumbling block.

More Lenten Mass Amazingness Completely Apropos the Situation…

While at Mass today, I couldn’t help but be struck by the Epistle:

Lesson from the Prophecy of Jeremias
Jer 17:5-10
Thus says the Lord God: Cursed is the man who trusts in human beings, who seeks his strength in flesh, whose heart turns away from the Lord. He is like a barren bush in the desert that enjoys no change of season, but stands in a lava waste, a salt and empty earth. Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose hope is the Lord. He is like a tree planted beside the waters that stretches out its roots to the stream: it fears not the heat when it comes, its leaves stay green; in the year of drought it shows no distress, but still bears fruit. More tortuous than all else is the human heart, beyond remedy; who can understand it? I, the Lord, alone probe the mind and test the heart, to reward everyone according to his ways, according to the merit of his deeds, says the Lord almighty.
R. Thanks be to God.

Italian Demographics… a race to the bottom with Japan.

The vast, vast majority of the deceased and critically ill in Italy are OVER THE AGE OF 80, with pre-existing morbidity.

Let’s think about what has happened in Italian culture in the past 80 years.

How many siblings does the average Italian 80+ year old person have?  In other words, what size family did that generation come from?  Answer: 6 children on the low end, 14+ on the upper end.  Families with 14 children were not at all rare in the 1920s and 1930s in Italy.  The same goes for Catholic Germany, which carried over into the Catholic immigrant populations in the US.  If you don’t believe me, peruse the obituaries in Ellis and Trego County, Kansas to this day.  Big-time German Catholic country.  Most of those folks, born in the 1920s, 30s and 40s came from families of at least 8 children, with many families having 14+ children.

Now, how many children did the NEXT generation – the “Baby Boomers” have?  2-4 children, tops.  Ozzie and Harriet Nelson and Ward and June Cleaver were not suffering from clinical infertility.  That generation CHOSE to have 2 children.

Now, how many children have Italians been having in the “Generation X” and forward generations?  0 or 1.

Italy is the poster-child for widespread apostasy and the resulting contraceptive culture.  Total demographic implosion.  Super-top-heavy age-wise, far worse than the US.  I think perhaps only Japan is worse demographically.  Never before in human history has a population gone from 6+ children to 1 child as fast as as happened in the post-Christian West.  Never.

Also, I would also be FASCINATED to see the stats regarding the RACIAL PROFILE of the Northern Italian ill and deceased.  There is and has been a sizable East Asian population in Northern Italy that has worked in the garment and shoe manufacturing industries there for decades.  But, of course, even asking such a question is raaayyyycissss!!

More Fascinating History of Bayer Pharmaceutical, BASF and IG Farben

(Over the transom as a follow-up to my piece about the campaign by Bayer Pharma to give victims of the Spanish Flu in ARSH 1918-1919 lethal overdoses of aspirin, which killed hundreds of thousands at minimum.)

“The Crime and Punishment of IG Farben: The Unholy Alliance Between Hitler and the Great Chemical Combine”

“The corporate preparations for World War II started as early as 1925, when Bayer, BASF, Hoechst and other German multinationals formed a cartel called “IG Farben Industry”. The declared goal of this cartel was to obtain control of the global markets in the key industrial sectors of chemistry, pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals. Already in 1925, when this cartel was founded, its corporate value surpassed 11 billion Reichsmark and it employed more than 80,000 people. In 1933 IG Farben became the largest financier of the Nazis rise to power. And in the following years this German chemical/pharmaceutical cartel became the corporate accomplices in the preparations for the military conquest of Europe.

The records of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal document that Bayer, BASF and Hoechst gave more than 80 million Reichsmark to the Nazis and their sub-organizations. In return for this “investment” IG Farben took over the chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries in the countries occupied during WWII with the ultimate goal to create and dominate a “European Market” form Lisbon to Sofia.

In Auschwitz , IG Farben built the largest industrial complex in Europe to produce the chemicals and explosives for the WWII Eastern front. This 24 square kilometer industrial complex – as well as the massive expansion of the nearby concentration camps as a reservoir of slave labor – was financed with credits of almost one billion Reichsmark by Deutsche Bank. Bayer’s pharmaceutical division was using the thousands of prisoners in deadly experiments to test their patented chemicals as “chemotherapy.”

During the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal 24 managers of IG Farben Industry were tried for crimes against humanity and many of them were sentenced. US Prosecutor Telford Taylor summarized the role of this chemical cartel during the Nuremberg Tribunal in the following way: without IG Farben, the Second World War would not have been possible. With the beginning of the Cold War, some of the IG Farben executives that stood trial in Nuremberg were reinstated into the highest positions of German industry. Karl Wurster, chairman of Degesch – the manufacturer of Zyklon B for the gas chambers of Auschwitz – became chief executive of BASF. Fritz ter Meer, the Bayer and IG Farben director convicted in Nuremberg for genocide and slavery crimes committed in Auschwitz , was released from prison after only four years. 10 years after he was sentenced as a war criminal in Nuremberg he was chairman of the supervisory board of Bayer again.”