Have you noticed how if you point out any objective facts or irrational arguments that you are now a “murderer of old people”?

A.) My liturgical schedule is essentially uninterrupted, so far.  I hear Mass daily without any difficulty.  Be assured that I take all of you who can’t make it to Mass for whatever reason with me to Calvary and the offering of the Holy Sacrifice, and to prayer before Our Eucharistic Lord reposed in the Tabernacles.

B.) It was pointed out to me that Corona is NOT a type of influenza.  It is what we have all called, up until now, “a cold”.  That’s right.  COVID-19 is a type of cold.  For some, especially the over-80 and already co-morbid, it can develop into a nasty deep chest cold which can then progress into pneumonia.  Just like all other colds.  And, exactly like other colds, many people get it and never have any symptoms – their immune system controls it.  Some get a sniffle.  Others get it and get a legit cold.  Others get it and get a deep chest cold but self-manage it and never go to the doctor (I recall going to the doctor ONCE as an adult for a cold/flu, and it was two years ago when I had an ear infection, and I’ve had probably dozens of colds/flu since I was 17 years old).  Others get a deep chest cold sufficient for them to go to the doctor.  And like all other colds, it is contagious.  So, yes, as is so perfectly, perfectly apt, the post-Christian West is committing suicide over… a deep chest cold.

C.) Over 20,000 people have died in the United States so far this calendar year (since January 1) from H1N1 type influenza.  Including 136 children.  But… that doesn’t matter.  That’s… DIFFERENT.  Riiiiiight. Youbetcha.

D.) In the ARSH 2016-2017 flu season in Italy, 25,000 people died of influenza, which was above average, but not unheard-of.  But… that was different.

E.) Viruses are contagious and “go around”.  It is now being said that people are “asymptomatic carriers” for a MONTH BEFORE showing any symptoms of this type of cold.  Therefore, if you leave the house you are literally Hitler killing old people.  Um, do we see the irrationality of this? Do we see how this insanity leads to no one being able to leave their home EVER EVER AGAIN because there is no way to know if you are a walking vector of death to the elderly?  Even if testing were available, between the time you take the test and the time the results come back, you could have picked up this cold virus… and since you would be asymptomatic for up to a month, there is literally NO WAY TO EVER EVER BE ASSURED that you are not a carrier of this cold virus.  Therefore, if you ever leave your house, go to Mass or engage in any human activity ever again for the rest of your life, you are Hitler.  Are we seeing what is going on here?

F.) What about pigeons and other types of birds that touch surfaces and thus can be vectors for viral surface contamination? Birds are Hitler.  (See how insane and irrational this quickly becomes?)

G.) Finally, perhaps the most important question.  From here forward, what will it be permissible for the elderly to die of?  Will we be doing this every year henceforth?  Whenever there is a spike in deaths of the elderly, as there is every year, of viral flus and colds, will we be shutting down the global economy?  This rhetorical question I have the answer to.  Where this is leading is to the only PERMISSABLE and TOLERABLE way for the elderly to die is of self-euthanasia, aka suicide.  The push will come on the heels of this Freemasonic/New World Order/Antichurch psy-op to encourage and perhaps even FIANACIALLY INCENTIVIZE (via estate taxes, etc.) people to self-euthanize at age 75 or so.  It is already called “duty to die” among the New World Order set.  The elderly and terminally ill will be told that they are a tremendous burden on the healthcare system, and vector of communicable disease, and thus it is morally incumbent upon them to commit suicide.  Watch the subtle, passive aggressive GUILT-TRIPPING of the elderly go parabolic due to this cold virus.  It has already started.  The propaganda will be “Go out on top! Do the socially responsible thing and choose death BEFORE you become ill or weak! Spare yourself, and society, any suffering caused by your old age!  At a certain point, you’ve lived long enough!”  Mark my words.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.