Psalm 118 – it keeps getting better and better

I recommended Psalm 118 as a daily prayer for Lent. It is one of the longest Psalms at 176 verses, and can seem repetitive. Pretty much every verse is a praise of the Law. But as one prays it daily, it becomes clear that there is no repetition, and every verse is its own little capsule of wonderfulness.

Today, I went to Mass a bit early for a little extra time before Our Eucharistic Lord reposed in the Tabernacle, and prayed both the St. Joseph Novena and Psalm 118 before Mass. What leapt out at me today – the seventh anniversary of NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENING – was verse 165:

Much peace have they that love Thy law, and to them there is no stumbling block.

Exactly. You notice how people rooted in the Law are not having any crises of faith, not questioning or even trying to declare “wrong” 2000 years of church history and teaching, not calling God names, or blaspheming Him, not raging at people and declaring them “schismatics” for not submitting to a man they freely describe as “a type of Antichrist”, not flailing in their own illogic by insisting that Antipope Bergoglio is simultaneously the standard and principal of unity AND a vector of schism, that Antipope Bergoglio is simultaneously Christ’s Vicar AND a “type of Antichrist”.

No, when you simply focus on the Law, Canon Law, and also Divine and Natural Law, it is crystal clear what happened seven years ago tonight. Jorge Bergoglio’s antipapacy began after a totally null, invalid faux-conclave. Pope Benedict never validly resigned and remains to this day the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not.

Antipope Bergoglio is only a stumbling block or scandal if the LAW is not LOVED. The Law truly does bring PEACE, vouchsafing the sure knowledge that all of Antipope Bergoglio’s heresies, blasphemies and idolatries have nothing to do with the Papacy, but rather are clear, visible manifestations of Bergoglio’s true status as a criminal usurper of the Petrine See. And it all goes right back to Canons 188, 332.2, 359, 131.1, etc. And so we continue to pray, rooted in inexhaustible confidence, that the truth will out, and the Bergoglian Antipapacy will be publicly and officially recognized and acknowledged for what it is in God’s good time.

How GOOD The Divine Providence is.

Much peace have they that love Thy law, and to them there is no stumbling block.

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