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Barnhardt’s Eleven Point List of Inevitability from ARSH 2008. Don’t miss number Eleven.

Posted untouched. Quod scripsi, scripsi. It’s chilling. Number Eleven….

1.  Reformation of the islamic Caliphate facilitated by the Washington DC regime

2.  Total economic war executed by the Washington DC regime against the American people, specifically the Cloward-Piven Strategy, namely driving as many people as possible out of work and onto the welfare rolls in order to collapse the system

3.  Severe price inflation, especially for food

4.  Nationalization of healthcare delivery for the purposes of controlling and coercing the masses

5.  Dissolving the Mexican border in order to bring in millions of socialist Latin Americans in order to help overwhelm the welfare system, corrupt the electoral process where it still possessed integrity, and to provide a means for soldiers of the Caliphate to invade and colonize the former United States

6.  Criminalization of Christianity

7.  Race riots/ defacto civil war with every urban area becoming its own discrete theater

8.  Complete evanesence of the Rule of Law and the ascendancy of a tyrannical, kleptocratic oligarchy

9.  Nuclear war centered on Israel

10.  Obama being assassinated by his own people in order to seize total power – the ultimate Reichstag Fire

11.  People’s Liberation Army (Red China) boots on the ground on the North American landmass, probably under the guise of “peacekeeping”

For Aggressive Distribution: “One Belt, One Road” policy in Italy – a Chinese Trojan Horse

Children, this is called “journalism”…. Read the whole thing and share.

Italy, which is saddled with crushing debt, hopes to lift its lagging economy by exporting goods to China and inviting more Chinese investment.

But opponents of the project in the Trump administration and in the European Union worry that Italy has turned itself into a Trojan Horse, allowing China’s economic — and potentially military and political — expansion to reach into the heart of Europe.

The detailed reporting on this slow takeover is expansive, and we could continue here for many paragraphs, but let us fast forward to early 2020. As China withheld information about the seriousness and spread of Wuhan corona-virus, many of these immigrants were returning- and arriving – from China. Once news of the virus became mainstream and China felt increasing backlash over the handling of the crisis, they turned to one of their major economic hubs for some help.

Italians need to demand that the racial breakdown of the deceased be released as well.

Consider: Many bishops today have never offered the Mass while NOT in a state of unrepentant mortal sin. Not once.

If you’re wondering how this can be happening, consider: a terrifying percentage of the bishops today entered seminary as active sodomites, were ordained as active, unrepentant sodomites, and have remained active, unrepentant sodomites for their entire lives.

They became bishops precisely because they were sodomites. Men like Ted McCarrick, Wilton Gregory and Donald Wuerl were specifically tapped for the episcopacy by the Freemasonic-Communist infiltrators BECAUSE they were active sodomites. The satanist Joseph Bernardin was the gatekeeper to the American episcopacy for decades.

A terrifying number of the bishops today have never been in the State of Grace since before they were ordained priests. That means that every Mass they have ever offered has been an act of sacrilege on their part. Their Masses were presumably valid, but in terms of what offering the Mass in such a state has done to their souls, and their intellects… well. It is nothing short of terrifying.

Again, Emmerich:

Among the strangest things that I saw, were long processions of bishops. Their thoughts and utterances were made known to me through images issuing from their mouths. Their faults towards religion were shown by external deformities … I saw what I believe to be nearly all the bishops of the world, but only a small number were perfectly sound.”


We’re living it. Right now.

Cold viruses are never eradicated, and can’t be contained. Sooo… do you see why they chose a cold virus as their panic vector?

The only way, at this point, to destroy the post-Christian west is by mass collective suicide.  Freely-chosen.  Just exactly as all souls that end up damned FREELY CHOOSE to go to hell; most of them absolutely insisting upon it – raging at God to the last second of their lives, and then for all eternity.  And completely unnecessarily.  Killing an entire civilization is too big a task to be done any other way, even with nukes.  The people themselves MUST be full cooperators in their auto-destruction.

Welcome to ARSH 2020.

Convince them that a cold virus is the equivalent of sarin nerve gas and that no elderly person has ever died of viral flu or cold before, and that they are themselves, FOREVER caught in an impossible-to-escape paradigm of presumed asymptomatic contagiousness and that if they so much as go outside, go to work, much less have the “spiritual pride” to pray in a church, hear Mass, or… receive Sacramental Communion, then they are premeditated mass murderers.

Cold viruses are never eradicated, and can’t be contained. In fact, they are SEASONAL.  Sooo… do you see why the Freemasonic media/government/antichurch chose a cold virus as their panic vector?

Be very, very careful about whom you listen to and put stock in in this situation.  Some questions to ask:

-Is/was the person a daily Mass goer?
-Does this person pray the Rosary, or do they publicly declare their hatred of the Rosary?
-Is this person addicted to social media?
-Has this person openly and publicly admitted to massive crises of faith and questioning of God’s Goodness?
-Does this person watch modern television shows and movies?
-Does this person use psychoactive drugs such as Xanax and/or Prozac or their foreign equivalents?
-Does this person have a history of intense psychological problems and behavioral disorders, difficulty holding a job or keeping friends or professional relationships?
-Has this person ever had a major exorcism rite performed on them in either the Old or New Rite?
-Does this person knowingly associate with sodomites?

This is just a very short list.  Much is becoming clear in these dark days to more and more people.

On the good news front, there are no longer any Drag Queen Story Hours happening.  And, the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica remain sodomite tour guide free!  No earthquakes or volcanic eruptions required!

Pray that the MAXIMUM GOOD come from this.  We should NOT be praying that “things go back to normal” because “normal” in today’s world was both completely intolerable and unsustainable.  I hope and pray that life is changed and changed radically by this – in only positive, counter-revolutionary ways.  Let this be the end of the revolt.

In case you haven’t seen this, here is the prophecy of St. Robert Bellarmine that we are now living:

“[S]ure signs concerning the coming of Antichrist… the greatest and last persecution, and also the public sacrifice (of the Mass) shall completely cease.”
(The Prophecy of Daniel, Pages 37-38)

Note the precision- the PUBLIC sacrifice shall cease, not the TOTAL cessation.

And yes, I heard Mass today, the Feast of St. Joseph, took you all with me, and I even stopped at the bakery and bought a delicious Italian St. Joseph pastry.

St. Joseph, terror of demons and Patron of the Universal Church, pray for us!

Notes and Updates: Petition Number 7, Polish Mystics, and Lessons in Phlebotomy

A.) My liturgical schedule is thus far essentially uninterrupted.  I hear Mass daily, and take all of you that can’t even get inside a church with me.  For many years now, my seventh petition in my after-Mass prayers has been the following:

“The Church Militant IS visible.  May I always be able to clearly see and recognize the True Church on earth, and may I always remain within easy walking distance of daily Tridentine Mass, or Divine Liturgy, until my death.”

Petition Number Seven, even though it is being continuously answered in real time, has no expiration date apart from death.

B.) Yes, we mis-spoke in Episode #105 of the Barnhardt Podcast about blood types.  Type O is the universal donor.  Type AB is the universal recipient.  All of the relics and miraculous samples Our Lord’s Blood are type AB.  I reckon this might be because type AB is so relatively rare that it speaks to the veracity of the Shroud of Turin, etc. for them all to show a blood type that is quite rare.  Considering that no one even knew about blood types until the past century, the notion that forgers could match blood types on these various relics and miraculous items is simply impossible.

C.). One of the things that is continually surprising with regards to this website and the Barnhardt Podcast is the reminder of the SIZE of the audience.  I mean this in the sense that whenever SuperNerd or I put out a request for information, expertise in a certain technical area, an answer usually comes within 24 hours.  In this case, the search for the obscure Polish Mystic who wrote on Our Lord’s pain at casual, unthinking, unprepared Sacramental Communions.  The source link is HERE.  The mystic’s name is Alicja Lenczewska.  I REALLY love the focus on ingratitude.  Ingratitude and incessant complaining is a textbook trait of diabolical narcissists – those who have purged themselves of love.  This is a very good read, indeed, and, considering who the source very well could be….

Beware of a thoughtless and indifferent receiving of Me in Holy Communion. This is a great sin and profanation of my Love and my Gift born in the Blood of Golgotha.

My Child, how much I must hide Myself so as not to burn your soul with the fire of My Love and kill your body with the might of My fatherly tenderness. But I love so much and want to be loved.

Beware of a thoughtless and indifferent receiving of Me in Holy Communion. This is a great sin and profanation of My Love and my Gift born in the Blood of Golgotha.
Do not care about the priest who offers my Sacrifice. Do not observe him, do not evaluate him. Do not choose the Sacrifice offered by your favorite priest. Do not go there for him. Come only for Me – for making a gift of yourself on the altar and accepting My gift in Communion.

Abide with Me and be tender. Compensate for the coldness of my chosen ones. I suffer humiliation when my chosen ones touch Me with a hardened heart, celebrating the Sacrifice of the Mass. Compensate Me for their cold and empty spirit that they approach Me with. Serve Me the sweet chalice of your love to salve the taste of vinegar cupped with bitterness, which many make Me drink.

I thirst for the love of my children and I keep crying from the table of sacrifice: I thirst. I thirst for your hearts to fill them with My Love. I thirst for pure hearts so that only My Love is within them.

REPOST BY REQUEST: When Markets Disintegrate: Cash-Futures Delinkage

I wrote this on December 15, ARSH 2011.  The concept bears revisiting… to put it mildly.


Finally, a very simplistic explanation of how the cash commodity markets will eventually decouple from the futures markets. This is a little complex, but stay with me. I think this is important to understand because none of us who have lived our whole lives in the U.S. have ever experienced a market disintegration.

The threat (or promise) of delivery upon expiration is what keeps the futures markets tethered to the cash markets. Up until now, if an unreasonably wide spread between the futures price and the underlying physical commodity market got too out of whack, a process called “arbitrage” would kick in. Arbitrage is when a party simultaneously buys and sells on two separate but related markets in order to capture an inefficient spread between those two markets.

I’m going to use precious metals as my example commodity because there are a lot of metals guys reading this, and because the metals markets will be the big tell in term of when decoupling and thus total futures market disintegration is upon us. But these examples apply to all of the physical commodities.

Let’s say that the physical silver market is trading far lower than the silver futures price. This is what is called a WEAK BASIS. The BASIS is the relationship between the cash market and the futures market and is very simply defined as (CASH minus FUTURES). If cash silver can be bought at $25.00 per ounce and the futures are at $30.00 per ounce, the cash is $5.00 under the futures. When cash is under the futures, this is called a WEAK basis.

Up until now, what would a metals trader do? In very simple terms, he would buy the cash silver at $25.00 per ounce and then simultaneously sell the futures at $30.00. Because he has short-sold the futures, he could hold the contract to expiry and then deliver the $25.00 cash silver he bought to make good on the contract and receive his $30.00 price. So his simple net profit would be $5.00 per ounce. As many traders saw this spread and simultaneously executed this same strategy of buying the cash and selling the futures, what effect would this have? Right. It would cause the cash-futures spread to move back in toward convergence by pushing the futures price down (lots of sellers) and propping the cash market up (lots of buyers).

Now the opposite scenario: a STRONG basis. Let’s say cash silver is trading at $32.00 and the futures are trading at $28.00. A trader might take physical silver that he has in inventory and sell it in the cash market, and then immediately take those proceeds and buy back and equal number of ounces in the futures market and take delivery. Since the same number of ounces in the futures market cost $4.00 per ounce LESS, he would end up with the same number of ounces in his inventory PLUS $4.00 per ounce in CASH in his pocket. If he and many other traders saw this condition and they all sold cash silver and bought the futures, this would, again, converge the spread between the cash market and the futures market.

The lynchpin that is holding this dynamic together and keeping the futures markets tied to the underlying cash market is the fact that the futures contracts are deliverable, and a trader can either deliver or take delivery of actual physical silver via his futures position.

Are we seeing a problem yet? The futures markets have lost their viability and trustworthiness because of the MF Global collapse and theft. At some point in the not-too-distant future, people everywhere are going to realize that the delivery mechanism is not reliable. Heck, just holding cash and/or positions in a futures account is no longer reliable. If the futures market itself is not reliable, traders will no longer attempt to arbitrage these basis spreads because the risk to the trader that the rug will be pulled out from underneath them is simply too great.

And in the metals markets, the delivery process itself is . . . um . . . shall we say, easily corrupted? When you ”take delivery” of physical metals, it doesn’t get sent to your house. All you get is a certificate saying that X number of ounces are being held in a certified vault somewhere with your name on them. After the MF collapse, that sounds like a joke, right? A CERTIFICATE with my NAME ON IT? Yeah. That really is how it works.

When the arbitrageurs finally lose all confidence in the markets, the cash market will decouple from the futures because no one will be willing to take the risk of having their money, positions and/or physical metals stolen/confiscated. If no arbitrageurs are willing to trade these spreads – no matter how wide they may become – and thus there is no force causing the cash and futures to converge, we will see the basis spreads become extremely wide. As people flee the futures markets, the futures prices will drop, while the cash markets hold steady or even diverge and actually rise as all of the former paper players realize that physicals are the only remaining game to be played.

Watch for this. Watch for the gold and silver futures to sell off as people walk away from paper while the online cash dealers, seeing that market demand for their physical inventory is robust, begin to ignore the futures prices and hold their prices steady or even raise them. When you see this basis decoupling and absence of arbitrage, lo, the end is nigh.