Barnhardt’s Eleven Point List of Inevitability from ARSH 2008. Don’t miss number Eleven.

Posted untouched. Quod scripsi, scripsi. It’s chilling. Number Eleven….

1.  Reformation of the islamic Caliphate facilitated by the Washington DC regime

2.  Total economic war executed by the Washington DC regime against the American people, specifically the Cloward-Piven Strategy, namely driving as many people as possible out of work and onto the welfare rolls in order to collapse the system

3.  Severe price inflation, especially for food

4.  Nationalization of healthcare delivery for the purposes of controlling and coercing the masses

5.  Dissolving the Mexican border in order to bring in millions of socialist Latin Americans in order to help overwhelm the welfare system, corrupt the electoral process where it still possessed integrity, and to provide a means for soldiers of the Caliphate to invade and colonize the former United States

6.  Criminalization of Christianity

7.  Race riots/ defacto civil war with every urban area becoming its own discrete theater

8.  Complete evanesence of the Rule of Law and the ascendancy of a tyrannical, kleptocratic oligarchy

9.  Nuclear war centered on Israel

10.  Obama being assassinated by his own people in order to seize total power – the ultimate Reichstag Fire

11.  People’s Liberation Army (Red China) boots on the ground on the North American landmass, probably under the guise of “peacekeeping”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.